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Monday, December 10, 2007

Jai DADA …Cuck Fhappell...Shappell Cucks...

Dada showed all of us what great player he is, along with Yuvi he broke records and showed people like Dravid and Chappell how great he is. I think now its time both of them realize that they can't destroy any cricketer's career at will and they must learn to respect people like Dada (it will be difficult as there would be no one like Dada again).

What my friend Nitesh another Dada fan said yesterday,

Darvidian Zameen par Dada ka Double Ton...

BTW This post comes from my friend who along with me and Nitesh is the biggest dada fan ever. Shameek didn't even cut his hair for a long time waiting for a dada century to happen. Shameek runs us through the Dada stroy still reminiscent in the mind of each and every cricket fan. So fresh from a hair cut and an amazing Dada knock here is what Shameek has to say,(all what I wanted to say too)

5 log jinko DADA ne us din double hundred maar kar karara jawaab diya hai :

  • Greg Chappell : said that DADA was not mentally as well as physically fit to be in the national side.
  • Kiran More : said that DADA does not fit into the scheme of things.
  • Sharad Pawar : used him as a political pawn as and when he needed against Dalmiya group.
  • Rahul Dravid : who did not support him when he needed it the most, may b the biggest mistake by Dravid.
  • Bishan Singh Bedi : duniya ka sabse kamina ex-cricketer jo apne aap ko chhodkar baaki poori duniya ko ******* samajhta hai.

Cut back to early 90s...when this young maharaja made debut, not a great one in ODIs and when rejected to carry drinks...People said his attitude is not good and cannot fit into team....He went on to become the BEST captain of INDIA....

Come to 1996....when he was selected for England tour after 5 years...people said, he was selected because of his political backing...and went on to said "He will not continue in team"...then entered the GOD of OFF SIDE making back to back 100s on debut..."Prince is born"

he never turned back and kept scoring "sexy" square cuts...lovely off drvies and those deadly sixes....and there was a time...when he was on par with another GOD of cricket....

When Azhar was out and Sachin couldn’t handle it....he took the onus...people again said.."how can he be captain of Indian team?"...awell...we all know how Indian cricket team transformed from tigers on paper to Tigers on field....

Natwest trophy, beat AUS in India and also in their back yard..beat Pakistan,Won a mini world cup,runners in WC2003 and reached to finals in almost every tournament Indian team played...

People said he can’t play in Australia....his 144 in Brisbane set the tone for Indian fight back in Australia...

Then started decline in his personal form and people started to write off him..

"This is the end of road for Sourav"

"End of an Era"

"End of Dada Giri"

"he doesnt fit into scheme of things"

were few comments...but there were many silly and humiliating jokes cooked upon him..

He was "thrown" out of them team with out any respect...

Even few of his team members who flourished and retained in team under his captaincy didn’t even go and gave a tap on his back...

the prince was left alone. deserted....lost captaincy. lost place in team...but not the hope. not the hunger...not the fire....

December 2006...when India toured needed some experience and called him back...though people said "he will face the chin music on SA pitches"

"We dont want Sourav" were the press conference words said by the then coach and captain...

But those ignorant people forgot something..."Only challenges bring best out of warriors"...

That is what exactly he proved...played an crucial role in India's Win against SA..and was highest scorer for the series..

People kept saying he is the weak link in the side...and he kept coming up with his own replies...

Now came the thunderous punch to those people...a hundred at his own home followed by trade mark sexy stylish superb 239 which not only made a world of good to him but also bailed team out of trouble along with Yuvi and pathan.

you are looking for a clue to what has helped Sourav Ganguly sustain his spectacular run in Test cricket since his return at the fag end of last year, don't bother looking at his footwork or the flow of the bat. Take, instead, a close look at his eyes while he is batting. They speak of a calmness almost bordering on serenity, and a combination of composure and resolve. You could see it in his comeback innings in Johannesburg that fetched him an unbeaten 51 and you could see it through his epic innings in Bangalore that marked a new high in his career.

People will still say..."he doesn’t have technique..." "he cant play short balls" "he is unfit" "he is weak link"....

And I am sure they will again get their replies from this great warrior....SOURAV GANGULY.... from his bat!!!!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dreaded S-Word


two kids from class 3 fighting as Abhishek watches on (still be christened with any of the present day nicknames).

bippu*- saale kutte kahi ke???
ritesh*- shocked and about to breakdown
Abhishek and rest of the audience- Haaaaauuuuuuuuu......
ritesh*- full-tu crying, I will complaint this to Ratnam Mam [My fav teacher in school, bestest teacher ever, will write about her sometime)

Pumped by anger, insult and what not ritesh decided to complaint and bippu got punished, junta was obviously shocked at bippu's behavior and happy that bippu got punished.


All of us on the playing, tiddu*-famous for not blurting out any bad word till date fires one on pattu, pattu laughs like hell and so do the others, tiddu rages and starts a bat-beating session on pattu, pattu and others still laugh and welcome another member to the gang.

[*Names have been changed to confuse identities]

Gone are those days, in primary school using the S-word (something similar to a Brother-in-law too, your wife's brother, I don't know why it became an abuse in the first place) meant that you were the full-time rowdy in class, other kids parents wanted their kids to stay away from you, and it was not at all good public behavior, you were the big time culprit of every wrong deed done in class. Slowly though, with secondary and higher education an Indian student gets graduated in profanities too.

Nowadays when I see kids using the F-word is much more than feeling, its mostly going away from our culture of using the S-Word to perfection. Although lots has been said about girls not using it but I know a few who use it nicely. But lets not get into gender aspects as of now.

Although the Hindi/desi equivalent of the F-word is considered quite crude in its usage but I don't know why people consider the formers usage as much more decent (relatively). Both are the same, a conservative may say that they are bowing to western culture, but I think its much more to do with the popularity of such terms in Hollywood, its counter-part Bollywood has been not so liberal in usage of abusive language.

I picked up foul language sometime in mid-school, when we passed school there was only one or at most two boys still away from its active usage. In my college I found only one among 200+ boys (but he had his own versions of curses, which went quite above everyone's head). The good things about using foul language are,
  • Good way to throw out your anger and frustration, go and shout from a roof/hill top, or do it after getting drunk.
  • Gives you a good time cursing your bosses, peers, any boy who roams around with good girls or mostly anyone.
  • Comes for free and is quite relieving, much more than dhyana or yoga.
The only things about it which is not good and I don't like is when its done in a seriously serious manner. People start fighting over it and makes matter stupid. When I and most of my friends do it, its mostly for fun, although we know making fun of other people is a serious crime, but everyone does it, and criminals are bound to use some foul language here and there. Some serious misapprehensions which are associated with this are,
  • it slows down with age- I think this skill mellows with age, the usage becomes more or less perfect and less hurtful to others.
  • you shouldn't say it in front of girls- ???? pointless
Although in front of parents and relatives better don't use it. I mean you can but better don't. You might have noticed it, sometimes when you are at home, and things haven't rubbed off from your tongue you feel like shouting sometimes, do it in a bathroom, safest place to do it.

By the way some unique ones which I have come across in my life are,

- Indi-Poi Indrapal- used by a schoolmate, he considered this to be the mother of all profanities
- Dusht Bijuke - Bijuke is Pure hindi for Scarecrow, my friend in college made it quite popular.

I am not mentioning lots of them which would like a bit indecent on my blog.

Whatever be it, never ever use it to hurt anyone, as long as its for fun, use it...

And for all those like the F-Word, try using the S-word!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Small City Dreams

An unshaved face, a stinking jeans, a dirty t-shirt, Kapil's wrist watch, drinking frooti just before it, this and a whole lot of superstitions, nothing worked. Six months of stupidly wasting time was followed up with disappointment and nothing more. Six months of screwing up my brain, with just 3 movies (2 were at the end of period when it was getting closer), 2-3 canceled outings, Diwali* away from home, all this amidst hell lot of work pressure at office, night outs, nothing worked. I had a realization the day I gave it, that why people leave this country, so much struggle to get anywhere that people get really pissed off. Anyway I decided on something else though.

I want to move to a smaller city, much much better than going to a country where no one knows you (this would be a bit different in my case, as I would be still Desi for them :)). So new vision statement for life was drafted,
Small City, Medium Money, Small Dreams, Lots of Happiness
Money has been kept medium as of now, but even small is Ok. I am tired of hearing about,

  • People taking EMI's to run there life, take a home in Bangalore and pay up for next 20 years. Buy a car and pay up for next 4-5 years.
  • People using credit cards to run there life.
  • People stuck in traffic for half there life and profanity-fying the condition of Bharatiya Roads.
Basically I am pissed of city life, after living 17 years in a township in Korba, Chattisgarh and four years of engineering in an extremely peaceful Gandhinagar, this is all too much for me to take. I think its better to strip down on your Monetary ambitions if you get happiness in exchange. The thing is after seeing so much, going to small place won't be much of an issue for me atleast, there maybe difficulties initially but in long term it would be much more effective. In return I get,
  • A HAPPY family life...
  • A nice home with lawn and jhoola in it :D
  • Kids who don't pass out in pubs and watch movies for 25 Rs...:)
  • Me watching movie for 25 Rs
  • Neighbors who atleast talk
  • Cheap vegetables, cheap commodities, cheap most of the things.
Even if I earn what I am earning now for the rest of my life at a small place, it surely would mean much more savings for me than me living in Bangalore. Maybe I am thinking too long term, but anyway one has to do it. Smaller towns and cities stay better as the big cities grow, the "Supposedly" successful crowd moves city wards, small remains mostly the same. although I am worried by the Mall-ification of these places too but most of them, I expect to be quite stable even in case of economic swings. Thinking about what I can do there,
  • A sarkari naukri, but extremely difficult to get that one.
  • Moving into Public Sector...
  • Moving into things like Manufacturing etc. which maybe the industries at these places.
  • Goto a small place, start my own petrol pump, a halwai shop and a hotel.
All this will come up sooner or later, lets see how this stupid MBA thing goes on, one thing is for sure, I have had it enough for a lifetime here in a city.

*Diwali Celebs were quite different this time, though I missed being at home but this is what we did for Bangalore Diwali,
  1. Got confused on Nark Chaturdashi as everyone in Bangalore celebrated that day itself :)
  2. One round of pooja at home on Lakshmi Poojan, couple of crackers bursted, prasad included Peda and Mysore Pak.
  3. Another bit of pooja at friend's house, 2-3 rounds of crackers (extremely low quality ones), and gobbled up lots of mithai
  4. Dinner menu included- Davangare Benne Dosa(Butter Dosa) from my favorite shop in NR colony. Followed up by a nice bottle of Wine.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

मैं राहुल द्रविड़, भूले तो नहीं ??

मैं राहुल द्रविड़, भूले तो नहीं ??
जो हुआ जैसे हुआ, बहुत बुरा लगता था ...
पर अब मैं तें में वापस आने के लीये बहुत मेहनत कर रहा हूँ.
कया पता फीर से “Pitch पर दीवार जैसे खड़े होने का मौका मील जाए”.
टीम के अंदर या बाहर, मैं हमेशा टीम INDIA के लीये CHEER करूँगा.
अब से जब भी हमारे लड़के खेलें तो मैं ज़रूर कहूँगा , ”HOO HAA INDIA, आया INDIA”
और आप ?? अपने “Jammy” की बात सुनेंगे ना !!!

Dada consulting Dravid now for a comeback. Although I couldn't get a classic one for Dravid like this one for Dada,

कया पता फीर से “हवा में Shirt लहराने का मौका मील जाए"

Just goes to show that he has done nothing except playing Cricket, a great cricketer who just came across as a lame and dumb captain on the field, showing no control over anyone. Although I don't care whether Dravid Dropped or he in, still I feel he is good as a batsman.

Life has just come a full circle, what he did to Dada has happened to him. Dada made him a keeper to keep him in team and he just didn't help him through his bad times.

Looking forward to Dada taking up the test captaincy, for Dravid he will be back sooner or later but right now he is as low as the Marina Trench.

Just Another Dada Fan
(Conceptualized by my friend Shameek, inspired from the famous Pepsi ad)

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Billi aur Chooha

Read this,

Billi aur Choooha

Not another Tom and Jerry though...:)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

And it changed at last...

New look DAIICT website is up and running...

Nothing is better than a change and that too after 6 years of same old boorish(as in clumsy) bluish tinge haunting our College's website. Ever since my second or 3rd year at DAIICT the question of a new website has been equivocated by Profs and students alike.

Lots has been talked about the Website in Batch of 2006 mailing list, the few good things coming out of this,

  • A good, neat and clean UI.
  • Proper info everywhere, FAQ's, Alumni pages are quite good.
  • Finally all the clubs, committees and activities in college given a proper placing on website.

etc etc.

Hope now people applying outside India won't face many issues with regards to Website as all the information has been put up quite nicely.

Kudos to the team involved!!!

Btw last few weeks our people from our batch have been quite nostalgic when it comes to college. All was triggered by this pic sent by Vivek,

This pic reminds me of the countless nightouts at DAIICT, seems to be taken around 4-5 in morning this one.

And then this website thing and then there were mails forwarding pics of Profs and all, and mails about the new E-Cell at our college...

College was great, miss it like anything... as we realized during the Bangalore Meet last month

One happy shappy pic from the meetup (courtesy: Pratyush)

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Monday, October 08, 2007


  • A prime number - the smallest with consecutive digits ...
  • Number on the T-Shirt of Michael Jordan, and off late David Beckham ...
  • Number of Chromosomes we have ...
  • Years since I made my Debut in the game of life...
40 to 50 more to go, lets see what I can do in rest of them?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bhains Ki Taang, We Won!!!

It was the Great Indian Wet Dream, having an India-Pakistan WorldCup final, and surely proved to be one. Starting with the resolution this tournament has been quite up on its sex quotient. This was twenty twenty is all about, its what Sex and Violence do to frigid cinema, its all about adding that extra much needed masala to a great game going through its worst phase after a uber-boring World Cup and suppa-disappointing Champion's Trophy last year.

It hits back badly on purists, most notably the well known Greg Chappell, last employed on the post of decimator of Indian Cricket Team, the one who thought Tendulkar lacked attitude and skill, Pathan is always low on confidence and I won't mention what he did to my favourite cricketer Dada. According to that guy this is just hitting, I just pity him now that this team which doesn't include his favourite player Suresh Raina (wtf) won the world Cup without the coach.

Match Day

Superstitions, a Mallu Star, a Mazdur and a back in Form Pathan

Venue- Quark's Den
Edibles- Veg Puffs, thums Up, Some Desi Namkeen, Some Haldiram stuff and those cheesy chips by Lays (which give me a nauseating hit)

Match started on a poor note, our Match routine which involved,

  • a can of Kingfisher for the quark.
  • a bottle of Knock Out again for quark.
  • a bottle of Fosters/Budweiser for Daisy. ( no Fosters in Australian Match)
  • Mast Mirchi Bhajji worth Rs.15.00

was missing. As if this was not enough our sitting arrangements were much more varied then the previous ones and I think that lead ton India's debacle.

Although the Pakistani Bowling was superb. Main mast moments were the opening sequence(run out appeal against Yusuf Pathan), six hit again by him and Rohit Sharma's mast knock. I like this guy because his favourite dish is Kanda Poha which his family was telling the recipe on AajTak. I love Poha(also called Pouva someweher). Just one of many reasons why I simply adore Shara-Pova ;-)...

The second one was the real thing, RP was up right from the word go, it just took an innovative profanity(read Mayawati ka Bhai) to generate that spark and make him pick up the first wicket.

Sreesanth according to me was the real match winner for us, offlate we have compared him to a dangai (rowdy or something, the one involved actively in riots) who can't even throw stones properly. They are all over the place. The Mallu Star is as unpredictable as one could get. Ok he is a match winner if can bowl well, but that rarely happens as it happened against Australia. But I don't really see him out of the team too. surely we have next Ajit Agarkar ready.

Anyway in case these kinds of bowlers are more popularly known as Rhythm bowlers, who bowl when they are Rhythm, utter crap, even I can bowl 6 yorkers an over if I am in Rhythm. Also I think Agression is OK as long as you have stuff within, a samosa without aloo can't even become a papdi.

So such a bowler didn't even hear to all the profanities flying all around the room like charms were in Howgarts (refer final few chapters The Deathly Hallows). In came a new idea to call on Sankatmochan and a round of Hanauman Chalisa brought calm and produced a maiden and another good over.

Similar chants were fixed for each and every bowler,

  • Irfan- Jai Dada, with dashes of Jai Dona-Dada
  • Sreesanth- Hanuman Chalisa
  • Bhajji- Nothing really worked, we tried everything from Jai Siddhu to Jai Monty Panessar to Jai Bhajji himself.
  • Joginder- Main Mazdur mujhe devo ki basti se kya- "Ramdhari Singh Dinkar". Refer Bal Bharti NCERT, Class VII. It seems people identified him as a Mazdur from that poem.

We were damn superstitious with sitting arrangements fixed, a particular person locked inside a room and me diving at every lofted bowl to the foot of TV stand.

Anyway all this crap somehow worked till the deadly bhajji over and then it were the Indians who won the game. Although I should Pakistanis were an awesome side. Misab is surely the new age Miandad (he almost did a name change from Joginder to Chetan...)

The end would have been surely a disastrous one, all the mantras failed in final four overs, so our brave Sreesanth didn't find his Rhythm and jerked of few forgettable ones. He took a wicket later with a sensible one. RP's next over was again a mast one.

Then came the final one, I have backed Joginder throughout this tournament, according to me belongs to the league of Gavin Larsen/Chris Harris kinda bowlers who can suck of the runs in the middle overs for opposition by their slow line length bowling. Although when his first wide happened, I thought its over, and then a six and it WAS over.

The End couldn't have been this bigger, bigger than the Jim Morrison the end or a Hindi Cinema The End. Or much ironical as Sreesanth held on to an awesome catch (whatever it be it was still awesome for me). In the words of one of my friends company mate,

Misbah thought he was sending the ball to a place where there was no one. He did not know that there is a Malayali in every corner of the world!!!

Anyhow no qualms against Sreesanth as of now, he is the part of the best cricketing moment we ever witnessed. Pathan's comeback has been the most delightful thing which happened, amazing comeback to prove his strength as a bowler and fowl all attempts made by Chappel to destroy his career. Also RP has been awesome throughout the tournament. all in all our bowling looked nice and quite non-scrappy.

What we witnessed was the Best Blue Film ever with 11 Men in Blue completely You-Know-What the pakistanis...

Post Match

It was surreal, completely unbelievable, we were dancing, hugging each other, the neighbours and their kids came out to the balconies, everyone was dancing running around, firecrakcers all around, millions of SMS's being sent around. And when Dhoni lifted the Cup, it was just so GREAT.

Shoaib Malik's post match comments etc...hmm, they were extremely disappointingly. I won't reiterate the same but with so much ire back home it must have been something to avoid it. Pakistan has always been my favourite team when it comes to any tournament (obviously after India) and the only thing I sometimes not so like about them is the importance religion takes in the proceedings. Cricket is the last thing we want to be hampered by such differences. Also I think that it would be better if players are allowed to speak in language of their own choice, it avoids confusion and players can speak out what they feel properly. With Ravi Shastri up their a normal conversation could have been struck and maybe what Shoaib actually wanted to say would have been much more clearer. Even French, Russians, Chinese etc. do it in every game, I think Cricket should get past its colonial hangover of English usage.

Aur Main Ban Gaya Dhoni!!!

Dhoni is here to stay, after Dada he looks the only guy who suits the job. Dravid's captaincy should be forgotten as a pathetic phase in Indian Cricket(though I don't have anything against Dravid the batsman). Dhoni is calm on field, he TALKS, shows less of emotional jhol jhaal, has loads of ads under his tummy (he too has one) and quite unlike most of the Captain brigade he is much more fit.

He has lead India to its greatest victory after 83 world Cup, the first big Indian victory in my life span and many others. Add to that the batting by Yuvraj and comeback of Pathan and you egt the best three things to India this World Cup.

What Next???

Nothing let us roll our Aussies in India, about Ganguly, Dravid and Tendulkar I won't comment much, but for people already starting to shout in favour me not so much in agreement with them.

All in all a great victory and a moment to cherish throughout our lifetime. But all this makes the next year for me and few of my friends so much difficult following celibacy as fallout of the victory.

Never mind anything for the country...:)

* Originally Posted on Pen The Game

Pics from WorldTwentyTwenty

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Friday, September 21, 2007

the resolution

Gandhi tried it, so did Ronaldo, now its our turn to do it for our Team...May India win.

Jai Dada, Jai Bharat!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

the two month itch...

Almost two months without a blog post...horrible.

I haven't been busy at all, because being busy means - watching movies every week, going for food outings in Bangalore, playing volleyball in office, meeting new people, writing a few stupid blogposts now and then, talking nonsense most of the times, going home and getting stuck in 4-5 books at a time.

Nothing like that happening, the only good things that have happened for sometime now,

  • Billi form reached safely, hope 1st October goes fine too(when the form is rejected/accepted)...
  • I tasted almost the Best Wine of my life, some Italian stuff, we had that along with some Port wine from Pondicherry. Awesome stuff which went well with Pizza and Maggi, now I know why people love wine so much. By the way vows have been already broken once. Also maggi is always good, although same can't be said about Pizza. We watched Golmaal with it and again got into a debate regarding dahi-vade it might be post modern dilemma of love, food and women & gender... :)

  • Some good test series scores, some not so good ones.

  • Our project team getting like 2-3 awards within a week.

  • Me scoring a goal, yes a GOAL in my company's annual football tournament. Believe it or not it was a last minute goal hit from half-line. It was fun. Followed it up with a penalty too.

  • I have somehow rekindled my interest in Mathematics, its a lot more fun nowadays, like the good old days of school.

  • Saw Chak De...awesome movie, Shahrukh is Baap of Bollywood.
Although most of the changes can be attributed to following factors,

  • Billi, padhai has taken me over quite a lot, I have started studying quite a lot, though the scores are not hitting a good tone, but still atleast I am giving it a shot. Have joined a test series plus a coaching and its eating up most of it, i.e. time.

  • Work at office, that speaks for itself.

  • Me shifting from up to down at home (because of Nihar and Sandy moving out), although that has made no difference at all.

  • No Sandy at workplace is a lot boring...:(

  • I have had my Sardi Khasi month of the year ( a period where I can be spotted in sweater, with a hanky, smelling of Vicks Vaporub, gargling with hot water before sleeping, popping Sinarest, Crocin at a threatening pace, choking in dreams etc etc...)
And some of the things I have chucked due to work, Billi etc.
  • A trip to Cochin and nearby villages, to attend one of my team-mate's wedding. All my bags were packed, my tickets were booked, but Billi came in...:(((

  • A trip to Ooty and a nearby Forest Reserve, staying at a resort, going for midnight forest tours with rangers and ofcourse Ooty tour. Btw all free of cost as a part of Happa's Party (he going to Stanford...:))) again billi came in the way of me watching the Big Billi...:(((

  • A burrp meet which I said would go but didn't show due to office...:((, imagine me missing loads of bak-bak and good food...:((

  • Partner, Transformers, Cricket Matches(although I hate Cricket nowadays), Hey Baby, RGV ki Aag etc etc

  • Blogging, no more of it.

  • Haven't started the seventh Harry Potter book yet, somehow crazily wrapped up all the other six in one month, and then didn't read the last one.

  • Started and chucked, Henry Kissinger's -Ending the Vietnam war, Harper Lee's To kill a mocking bird, Moby Dick and some Peter Drucker book.

Things that will never change,

  • Me not having a Girlfriend.

  • Kapil not having a Girlfriend.

  • Stupid lunch time discussions dealing with Nihilism, work life balance, sex life of IT professionals, extreme programming, signal processing, mother boards, bluetooth, Who will die when you cry, cheap bollywood stuff, how great Satyen Kappu was, How pathetic was the food today, why cheese goes well with wine, there are three kinds of things in this world argument, why postpone GRE dates, why some people don't work, Why grass is green, Why Public Policy is hot, I want to work for UN, I don't want to work at all....huh

    Although Nihilism is quite interesting, enjoyed reading a bit about it. Thanks to the quark for triggering half of the above mentioned discussions. And also Kapil and Akshat for chipping in...

  • Sleep and alaasya live on...
Moral of the story, get a girlfriend, get a good college for higher education, get a job with high paying salary and you will start watching movies and India will start playing cricket.

p.s.- Don't think I have gone insane, just that I am not getting time to do my stuff, I am used to talking nonsense, so that would keep happening.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ashtumaadi, 8 facts waalah tag done...

Tagged by Steve and Naresh, I thought I better fullfill this one (I missed the last one I was tagged with). The title is Ashtumaadi a term quite often used by my school time pal Shameek which in Kannada means just do it (bas itna hi karo to be more specific). Also Asht reminds me of 8 so I put that particular title, add to that I just did it. Me quite busy so have put around some real random facts real quickly,
  • I don't like my work, but I still go and do it. There is this keeda in me to show others that I can do it, add to that I am too bad in rejecting work given to me, something of which Prashant aka lamboo was a champ of (when he was working, now he studying). Add to that I don't like most others that what I want to do, Billi is just an escape route and a window for sorting things out.

  • I don't eat that much, as my PM puts I am rather a connoisseur of food rather than a glutton. I like the variety in food and maybe in future I want to study it, I would have been better as chef I believe.

  • I drink mostly to please my friends, my only fascination with liquor is that I like to experiment with it as I do with food. But I think I don't really like it. That's why its less of it nowadays. I feel non-alcoholic meetups are much less exciting. And I want to kick those people who sit on the sidelines during a drinking session, gobbling up all the liquor-goodies.

  • I like traveling in Trains, if a ever direct a movie the plot would be set in a Train, I just love the Sleeper Class journeys, travelling alone, traveling with friends, the food stalls, chaiwaalahs, the debates with TTE, the fights, the auntyjiswho ask you to exchange the berths, the stinking toilets, the magazine stalls, the smell of the metal railings of window(yes they do smell), basically everything.

  • I always have had a sorta crush on Madhuri Dikshit, I always had it in my mind that I should have been born 20 years ago to shrink that age difference, if she was not married till now maybe I could have still given her a shot. By the way having a girlfriend in the girlfriend sense of it is still pending...Also as I mentioned Madhuri I would like to mention that I love watching movies, any kind of movies.

  • I detest watching Cricket nowadays, given a chance I would throw Rahul Dravid into a gutter, I feel that he along with that stupid Chappel made Cricket what it is today-Boring. Dada and Tendulkar are the bestest players ever and I will always worship them. I also watch all kinds of sports- tennis, Golf, NBA, football, Badminton etc etc in no particular order. I play too btw ...

  • I have a good enough memory, its a bit out of order but still quite in place, the pages in memory shift with time, in 90's it was all the Tennis matches with all their set scores which I remembered, add to that the cricket matches, I have a tag based mechanism for searching through my memory. It's complex to understand.

  • I don't remember my dreams and I don't try to because I get weird dreams sometimes, I feel its a sin to interpret dreams, they should be left alone as a cleanup job for mind.
Some good posts for the same tag I came across were by- Naresh, Supriya, Steve and Sur. I wont tag anyone, this one is a bit old now.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Long Live the Aam Aalsi Aadmi

If R.K.Laxman gave The Common Man (Aam Aadmi) to World, we give the world the Aam Aalsi Aadmi. Some of the charecteristics of AAA,
  • He is Aam, Aam as in Aam- the Common.
  • He is Aalsi
  • First two sentences prove that He is a Aadmi
Also rather than being a silent witness to most of the events around him and having an opinion about it, AAA is suppose to save his energy by having an opinion but not being at the site of incident. AAA is gifted with a strong sense of instinct which helps them form opinions without even observing an incident.

The Cartoon character is still under design but he is supposed to look quite shabby due to his Aalasya preventing him from taking a bath.

We are in talks with Air Deccan for replacing their mascot with ours once its designed, the Aalsi theme much in sync with their timings...:)

This character is truly inspired from one person whom I consider to be the human incarnation of the Aam Aalsi Aadmi. In his own words,

alasya kabhi marta nahin hai...bas so jaata hai

meTaL or LKP (its pronounced as ल क प ) is the true representative of the Aam Aalsi Aadmi, one who inspires everyone to Billi glory. From the sleepy hostels of DA-IICT to the irky dorms of IIM-Indore he effuses laziness in its full glory. In his company I have spent countless hours just doing nothing and creating some silly things like the once famous DTC (DA-IICT Tond Club). He is a true inspiration for millions of us showing that sleeping is far more superior mechanism of nutrition than food itself. Sleep gives us more energy than Carbs to basically do nothing and save it for future, quite important as the world moves towards an imminent Energy Crisis.

Other members which truly deserve the company of ल क प,
  • Inzamam-ul-haq aka Inzy, former Cricket Captain of Pakistan.
  • Sarat aka TTY (read as तू तो यार), aalasya and intelligence zipped in one file, currently lazying out at IIIT Hydbad
  • JD who is heading to IIIT HydBad :) (We will all miss you at office, volleyball, home and Bangalore :( )
Me leaving myself out, I am aalsi but not in the league of these extraordinary Gentlemen.

p.s.- No offense meant against any of the above-mentioned individuals, I think they are truly all amazingly intelligent individuals...(including the great RK Laxman). And all of you take bath for sure...maybe!!! Thanks to Jaine for telling me the famous quote of LKP to work on...:)

p.p.s- The character will be copyrighted by me soon, so no infringement...:)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Dahi Vade and Women

An excerpt from the conversation between Pushpa and Urmila(Bindiya Goswmi) from the 1979 Hrishikesh Mukherjee classic GolMaal.
Pushpa: Le Dahi Vade kha le
Urmila: Nahi Mann nahi kar raha
Pushpa: Arre Dahi Vade khane ka Mann nahi kar raha. Agar kisi Ladki ka Dahi Vade khane ka mann nahi karta to do cheeze ho sakti hai,
  • ya to woh dheere dheere ladki se ladka ban rahi hai...
  • ya to usse PREM ho gaya hai
Ek din mujhe bhi Dahi Vade khaane ka mann nahi kiya, teen din baad pata chala ki mujhe Bunty se Prem ho gaya hai :) (and bluntly blushing)
Bol ri! Kya naam hai unka

Urmila:(sharmate hue) Lucky naam hai...continued
Some questions arising from the same,
  1. Is it true? Girls visiting the blog may share there own experiences with Dahi Vade, boys may just share there opinion?
  2. If a person doesn't it Dahi Vade how can a she become a he, and is the process reversible, maybe a new innovation in the Gender Change operations?
  3. What if a boy rejects to eat Dahi Vade, what are the possible scenarios?
  4. Why Dahi Vade, what if Sambhar Vade was the rejected entity?
That's enough for now, I am no expert on Woman... Wooooo... Man! issues like Naresh neither am I a philosopher of the rating of the quark. But I want an answer. Maybe if the theory is found to be authentic next year we will have girls throwing/eating away Dahi Vada plates in response to Valentine Divas proposals.

I have my own way of resolving issues and maybe whatever sounds complicated to me is best resolved by relating it to food. My favourite director maybe just gave me an opportunity to do the same.

Do answer the questions, additional practice for the RC section at Billi this year.

p.s.- Golmaal is one of my favourite movies, yesterday night while watching it along with Kapil and the quark, we realised this is the only sequence in the movie which didn't make sense to us. Rest of the movie we had a great time playing Karaoke with the dialogues and songs in the movie. Error rate of us getting the dialogues wrong was minimal.

Update: In the words of the quark
Regarding dahi-vade it might be post modern dilemma of love, food and women & gender... :)
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Bahut kuch ho raha hai...

Its been a while since I have blogged at length, I mean they haven't been one -liners as posted on the quark, but not much of self-generated data (don't take it literally as people do tend to assume in my case) these days.
Recently its been lots of work <===> Putting my legs in too many boats
Still Billi rules the priority list. Had an amazing weekend with sleep, LOTR, good food and finally no Bangalore outing (though still had a short one to newly opened McD). I am quite sick of moving around Bangalore now, especially the buses are hopeless and the autowaalas looking like looteras (no offense meant).

Friday as usual was movie day, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (rhyming with Shakalaka Boom Boom, both in name and content) was quite simple horrendous. Actually its the worst movie I have ever seen. Maybe not as I only saw half of it, don't know what stopped me till interval. I simply hate my namesake (not because he took ash, but chumma[1] I hate him).

Anyway last week I met Puneet Rajkumar on the sets of Milana. Amazing guy and so down to earth being quite a big star in Kannada Cinema. We talked a bit about places we come from and Kannada Cinema. Mast person!

Along with him was the actress Parvathi, and as I heard its her first Kannada flick after a small stint in Mallu cinema. Amazing Girl :) !!! And the handshake was really amazing ;).

(Parvathi on the sets of Milana)

This pic posted just to jalofy the male readers (me not sharing my pic with her though ;)). In the movie Puneet plays a Radio Jockey. Oh by Radio last week something else also happened,

12th June, 2007 will be remembered as a day when Desi or Daisy achieved media moksha, finally. In the words of Kapil who broke the news,
Desi popular ho gaya, sahi hai

Desi(National)se ab InDesi (International) ho gaya :)

Today morning after a long wait and persistent efforts desi was able to talk to RJ Vasanti (Radio City). He has given correct answer of a movie question and won some prize too. Desi was on radio city around 8'O'clock whole Bangalore was listening to him. (ab tak ham hi sunte the)

Anyway it was not Vasanthi but Aviva who I met. I was just out of bath and listening to Radio as Aviva asked this on Radio,

Whats common in the movies Cheeni Kum, RDB, Delhi Heights and Khosla ka Ghosla?
Fir ekdum se dimmag ki ghanti baji and I SMSed 4646 as I have done for so many times this past year in Bangalore. Answer was that all the movies either fully or partly have been shot in Delhi. While ironing my shirt I got a call from Aviva, here is how the conversation went thereafter,

Aviva- Hello!
Me- Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! (a girl calling me at 7:40 AM :O)
Aviva- This is Aviva from Radio City and blah blah blah...
and it went on...I won't bore you with the rest of it. But just two things,
  • I forgot most of what I was supposed to speak, I was Live on air yaar.
  • It was Aviva and not Vasanthi, I would have loved to talk with Vasanthi but it was fun talking too Aviva too.
Ok the post is getting too long maybe and turning a bit baasi now. So closing it off.

[1] chumma doesnt mean a Kiss, it means just like that in Tamil, some say its written as summa but who cares, its pronounced as chumma.

p.s.- hamesha hi bahut kuch hota hai, nothing new about it. And I am desperate to watch Sivaji, someone please get me tickets.

p.p.s- Also met Naresh this Friday, it was great meeting him after a long time.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary

For one year in Bangalore and one year at work...
I thought I would be out of Bangalore till now, but its ok. Maybe next year! Things have started turning a bit boring nowadays but its OK, will manage.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Had an internal appraisal last week carried out by few of my friends. Process was kicked off by quark. Got some good enough comments,

  • A man with a lot of PJs is surely connected to Desi with less than 3 links in between.

  • Desi is a person who has all nodes as outgoing and all data is generated in his mind.

  • Well for our Daisy, that would contradict the fifth law of Thermodynamics - "Data cannot be created nor destroyed ".

  • Daisy is the only "Organism" who can spread voice data (remember data is not information) even in vacuum.

Looks more like a Theory of Desi Networks. Anyway appraisal certainly Above Expectation :).

P.S.- Daisy is another addition to the never ending list of my nicknames, coined by Nitesh under possible influence of C2H5OH.

List is certainly not exhaustive...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Thodi si, a bit of it, it is difficult but kya kare...

In school people could have easily related the act of Padhai with me. I enjoyed padhai, it was just another thing which was necessary for me to live, like food and sleep. Now it seems like a burden.

Billi Season-3 is up, but given my capricious nature I am toggling too much between things. Office, Work, Blogs, Mails, Food, Sleep, Phone, Ayn Rand, Books, Weekend timepass, just too many things clogging my mindmap at the moment. I need to be focused, Billi is much more than getting a degree, its my last attempt to enjoy studies, to be a part of that world which seems even farther from Neverland. To put in a bit simpler terms, it's escape route from working.

Inspiration: The Great Escape (1963)

Just want to runaway like Steve McQueen, just hoping that after getting out of here I do a bit better than facing Nazi Guns. Have seen the movie around 10 times.

Maybe I am trying to hide it behind the pretext of my poor run in the last two seasons but the reality is that my Mind has rusted. Still looking for a good way to Galvanize and save it, because what has gone of it won't come back.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Quark's Law

Moore's law, Murphy's Law, this law, that law.

Now comes Quark's Law...!!!

read more | digg story

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kids are the Future, they know it !!!

13th May’2002

Bangalore-Delhi Rajdhani Express

Pattu (that is me, school nickname), Addu and Niddu

Travel Purpose
Journey from Bangalore to Nagpur. Me going back home after more than a month. The time which was spent in Delhi, Nagpur, Chennai and Bangalore giving IITJEE, KCET and DA-IICT entrance, coaching and waiting for trains.

The Incident
Now something about the incident, we had a family sitting with us in Train, uncle-aunty and two kids, elder son gave KCET like us and the younger one a school kid, maybe about 10-11 years old.

The Father-Son duo (the younger son) was sitting facing each other with the train moving in the direction where the Father's back was, Kid says

"Dad, you are looking at the past, me at the future"
That time I could just manage to smile at this, today I think I couldn’t have managed more.

P.S. - Thought of blogging this after I read about Sur’s incident on the same Railway route.

P.P.S- Although it’s out of context I would like to mention that this was the first time I was traveling by Rajdhani and the food was awesome.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Liverpool Jeetega

Hope Steven Gerrad(my favourite football player) and his boys do it again. Last time it was a miracle, hoping for such kind of a game again. But somewhere inside I have a feeling that the Work-Ex of Milan Uncles(Gattuso, Seedorf, Maldini) along with another uncle (kaka) will do it.

But go Liverpool win it...make it Red

For those who didn't find the context read this,

Champion's League Final

Wiki Page on this year's UCL

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Taj Mahal Needs a Facial

Great, even Taj Mahal gets into the Shahnaz Hussain regime. Read this news on Time- The Taj Mahal Needs a Facial.

Interesting way to resolve the chores of India's only member in the Seven Wonders of the World club. The website quotes,
The parliamentary report suggests applying a special mud treatment to the building to bring it back to life. "To restore the pristine glory of the Taj Mahal, as a conservation measure, the clay pack treatment which is non-corrosive and non-abrasive [should be] carried out for the removal of the accretionary deposits,"it says.
Good that given our Parliament's way of doing things, they didn't go for a detergent clean-up!!!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Stuck in Book Traffic courtesy Ms. Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is surely a genius. She has made a mess out of my reading habits. I am no way a book addict like pingu but I have read some 30 odd books in the 11 months after coming to Bangalore. But it was only after I read Fountainhead that things have started messing up.

After Fountainhead I started with Harry Potter to pacify my thoughts. I mean Harry and company surely are much more simpler to comprehend in action and thoughts than Howard Roark and troupe.

As if Roark, Gynand, the stupid acts of Dominique, the light year long dialouges of Elssworth Toohey weren't enough, I started my interaction with John Galt. Although still somewhere in middle Dagny sounds much more rationale than Dominique.

Ayn Rand has started given me bad dreams too. I once saw Ayn Rand in my dream and here is how the conversation went,

Me- Hi Ayn.
Ayn Rand- Hi Desh! There is no reason why we are talking, but should there be a reason. You can do whatever you want but let me make my home as I want to to. And then I will blast it. There is nothing known as love for the house but an animal like desire for the ones whom I never loved. It hurts me if someone thinks that profits are worthless. Philanthropy is just a juxtaposition of randomly disordered thoughts which were never objectivist in nature. Its better to eat from someone's palter rather than cook for him blah blah blah...(to infinity)
And then you wake up with her bakbak still rumbling in my small brain.
Whatever I say Ayn Rand surely makes you think and maybe that's why she is that popular. Anyways by book traffic I mean I am reading the following books at the same time and not able to complete any of them,
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter-1,2,3 happened in one-two weeks, third is certainly the best of the lot)
  • Atlas Shrugged
  • Short Story Collection by Satyajit Ray (quite simple stories
  • Freakonomics
  • Shantaram (read some 600 pages of it few months back and after that have had 3 failed attempts to restart it again)
Trying for a non-congested book affair. Any suggestions?

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kalam Chacha- Tussi Na Jao

One of my friends today sent me a link to vote (some kind of a online petition) to let APJ Abdul Kalam, the honorable President of the India to stick to his job. I quite liked the initiative as I find him the Best President till date, quit energetic and Junta Pleasing than his previous mundane successors. A person who truly has redefined the role of President. If you find him good too Vote for him.

(APJ Abdul Kalam. Img Source:

I quite appreciate the work done by Kalam Sir and am very fond his books (Wings of Fire and Ignited Minds). I don't want him away from this job and as such the other names in consideration are quite scary.

So vote for him and if you haven't visited President's website yet do visit it. It's great fun to read his speeches and lectures.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fir Jeet Gayi Australia

3 and still no one to stop (img soure:

It’s finally over, after a two month old, not so fascinating exercise, the cup ended in hands of deserving winners. Aussies have now 3 consecutive World Cup victories along with a 29 match winning streak, which for sure wouldn't be surpassed by any team, atleast in this century. That day I thought Jayasuriya and Sangakara almost started on a road that was quite impossible, in the end it turned out that way only.

Awesome Cricket from the Sri-Lankans too, as I certainly wouldn’t have hoped any better from any team against the Australians. Aussies are too much to reckon with. The day belonged to three people- Gilchrist, McGrath and Jayasuriya. Gillu with his awesome effort with the Bat, Glenn McGrath for an awesome career which had the best possible ending with a victory in World cup and a Man of the Series award and Jayasuriya for a knock which still highlights his fighting spirit, probably his last in an World Cup. Ponting equaled Lloyd but personally I quite dislike him for reasons quite not so in my recognition.

In a way I am happy that the Cup ended. It was growing into a boring entity which noone cared whether it even existed or not. It was a lethargic event which succumbed tyo an even more confusing and stupid ending. That Drakness Drama which unfolded was stupid and adds no pleasure in viewing, certainly. But the Final atleast looked like a Final with crowds in the stadium and an awesome atmosphere, add to that some god fighting Cricket. Certainly the closest Final after 1996 World Cup.

I am happy that it's over, sad that Gilchrist might be considering a retirement from One-Dayers after this :(

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gillu Bhai Jio!!!

Gilchrist is awesome. His 149 proved that he is one of the bestest player of our generation and he is one of my personal favourites too. Among the Bestest of Best, I was expecting him to make a double, but sadly it didn't happen.

So 281 is what Sri Lanka need in 38 overs. I think its mostly over with the exception of a miracle from Jayasuriya.

Bestest crowd in the Cup so far, and lots of entertainment, it feels like I am seeing atleast a World Cup game.

Once again, Hats off to Gilchrist.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Desi aur Uski Pyari Billi

Billi Do Hazaar Saat
Ek Lagan Nayi

Sawaal- Billi Do Hazaar Che main kya hua, diya kyon nahi?
Jawaab- No Comments!

Sawaal-Kya is baar Fotu Chipkega?
Jawaab- Ji haan chipkega!

Sawaal-Billi swasth ke liye kyon zaroori hai?
Jawaab- Billi nahi nikli to Bill bharne mushkil ho jaayenge, hamara swasth to thik hi hai lekin kahi mansik swasth na kharab ho jaaye. Aji ho hi jaayega. Billi main nahi hona swasth ke liye hanikarini rahega.

Sawaal-Bangalore main to itne saare kutte hai, fir Billi hi kyon?
Jawaab- Kisi mahaan vyakti ne kaha hai,
Bangalore main agar patthar faiko to ya to kutte ko lagega ya fir abhiyanta ko lagega.
Humen socha kutto ka to yaha khatma ho raha hai, to ab hume hi patthar lagenge, to humne Billi ko chuna. Billi hume Bangalore ki takniki duniya se door jaane ka suvarna mauka degi.

Sawaal-Billi ke liye aajkal junta main utsukta kafi jyada hai?
Jawaab- Ji haan, Billi kafi garma-garam ho chuki hai. Kuch varsho pahle yeh nahi tha. Bharat ki nayi artha-vyavastha main in naukriyon ko kafi badhawa mila hai.

Sawaal-Aap kya sochte hai kya is baar aap "Billi ka Tod" ya "Billi ki Ghanti" prapt karne main safal honge?
Jawaab- Pata nahi, dekhiye kuch kah nahi sakte, baat yun hai ki aajkal Billi badi anishchit ho gayi hai, yeh ek aisa khel hai jiska nirnay hamare uttaro aur bhagwaan ke aashirwaad ke alawa, mananiya nyayalaya, kuch dangayi aivam mantri bhi nirikshan-parikshan karne ke baad ghoshity karte hai. Yahi saal le lijiye abhi tak Billi ke nirnay latke hue hai.

Sawaal-Aap to teesri baar Billi dene ki taiyari kar rahi hai, kuch hamare darshako ke liye sandesh?
Jawaab- Ganit aur Anglya Bhasha prayog hi zaroori nahi hai, lagan aur mehnat zaruri hai. Dete rahiye, ek na ek din Billi aapke kadam choomegi. Jai Hind!!!

Kya Desi Billi prapt kar payenge.

SMS kijiye Desi Y (haan ke liye) ya Desi N(na ke liye) 242424 par


Pichle Varsh ke Desi ke Billi-Adventure

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Girls just Love me, and boys love ...

"Girls Just Love Me" and boys love Jamola (couldn't think of another name which won't be offensive to anyone)

If you know me as desh, click here

If you know me as desi, click here

If you know me as pattu, click here

If you don't know me click anywhere

Awesome one, have send it to around 30 people with a modified link.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Google vs. God

'Google can't satisfy every search'...

Got this one from digg, just to emphasize that Google ain't the end of world.

Also check out the comments on the googlified link. Awesome :)

Googlified Story | digg story

Monday, April 16, 2007

Shilpa Shetty and a loose gere

Everyone likes this girl, she is quite beautiful, we all know that.

And Richrad Gere has always enjoyed on-screen with really beautiful ladies ( me and my friends discussed in college that Richard Gere and Antonio Banderas are the two guys who have had all the fun with the best of actresses).

So Mr. Gere had a little fun with Shilpa yesterday as I read it here,


Although its said to be have done for AIDS awareness, but Mr. Gere it could have been anyone, Why Shilpa???

People following regular rituals nowadays burned effigies of Richard Gere. No wonder if see Aaj Tak doing a one hour vishesh on the same tonight.

Although one thing can be said, some men are Lucky just once, some are Lucky more than once and the others are Richard Gere.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Sanjaya and Shakira

Don't you see similarities,

Ok, that was the Cock's Crown hair-do, but in general the hair do resemble.

I mean just the Hair-Do's, so now we get to know where Mr. Malakar's famous Hair-Do was spotted elsewhere.Also came across this interesting blog which offers 1000$ for his hair.

Whatever it is the point is that I really regret missing Shakira's visit to Mumbai. I mean I should have gone there. I love this lady and one thing is for sure I won't miss a chance to go to Shakira Live when she comes next time to India.

This Sanjaya is hogging all the limelight nowadays, people touting him as the next Shilpa Shetty sorta thing from India, ripping apart his personal life and projecting him as the American Idol destroyer. I searched a lot though for Sanjaya Malakar's Blog and thought he might have put his thoughts and rants somewhere but couldn't find it. I think that this 17 something will win it, anyway as American version gaining popularity in India the Desi version is going to be not so good this season with the judges opting out and last year's Idol already gone into hibernation forever.

Image Source: American Idol and DNA

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shakalaka boom boom: Aaaa Thhuuu

Its better if this thing falls on your head,

Rather than you watching this,

But one should take a note that even shit has some purpose, but movies like Shakalaka Boom Boom are just made without purpose.

Some bug got into my head yesterday that I went for the movie, actually was getting quite bored so went, but the 30 bucks spent on this movie quite tooooooo much.

If you are expecting a review don't expect one, because there is nothing to talk about. The one good thing, the title track was nowhere in the movie and came at the end. the movie is complete Dragon Dung or even can be called Dinosaur Dung, because such kind off dung is extinct.

Bobby Deol is completely out of match pratice, no movies for him nowadays. Upen Patel is yuk. his voice has been done by it seems the same guy who dubs for every English movie's Hindi version. Celina Jaitely, OMG!!! when she speaks it feels like her school teacher had given her such a beating that she will never come out of it, and will someone please tell her the importance of wearing clothes.

The real disappointment was Kangana Ranaut because I had really heard good things about her. Most of the movie she had a face like Geisha (White with Red) and was wearing stupid clothes. God help her with better movie selection next time. Anyway me too a culprit to have missed her earlier movies like Gangster and Woh Lamhe but maybe she is good.

And my sympathies for Anupam Kher, a great actor who had to appear in such a dud. God knows why he agreed?

Suneel Darshan sir why did you make this movie. I mean don't you know even after making so many movies what a movie is like. But I pity him, because he must have watched it like 4-5 times during editing and all, me quite lucky then in some sense.

The High Point of the movie was Bobby Deol going Deaf in the end and demons or some alien like creatures coming and eating him up from somewhere. Also the Guruji of Bobby Deol, Govind Namdeo was a nice character because he never taught anything but only heard to what Bobby said. I had a headache after watching the movie for real. One more thing to add we were about 20 odd people in the theater.

The only thing you realize after watching Shakalaka Boom Boom is that what a good movie can never be. Never watch it even if someone offers it to you for free. Even my spit will get dirty if I spit at this movie.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

It was IIT time again...

Yesterday was IITJEE day. This time 2.5 lakh people appeared for it compared to 1.5 lakh which sat for screening when I gave it. Nice to read that they gave a Multiple Choice questions based easier exam. Now its time when people will start searching for IITJEE 2007 solutions everywhere and start comparing them with what they have put up in papers. In my days there were two phases, now its one which takes away a bit of pressure from the students. Screening sorted out some 25K people for mains. But giving the final main exam was quite an affair.

I still remember the day, 5th May 2002. Me and niddu had lodged up in a nice hotel at Sitabardi, Nagpur. Both of us back from a month long Crash Course at Delhi, quite tired of studies. Actually we both were with quite less expectations but still there is always that hope.

Niddu left for his centre in morning, I guess it was LNIT. Mine was CP Berrar College, and as I heard it was quite far. Amol Kaka, my dad's cousin bro came to pick me up in the morning. It was quite hot, I had a really short haircut that time and I still remember my head burning. My kaka left me with some stuff to eat(chips, a coke and biscuits) at that was quite a remote place. Ok now it was exam time.

So it started with Chemistry, giving the paper I was feeling lie god, I could solve almost all the stuff in paper and felt like GOD!!! You know those days solving everything really meant that. All the 12 questions, I think I did well with 10 of them. The thing was the first half was marred by Band-Baaja waalahs and as people in Nagpur told me later CP Berrar was there area. In middle of first paper I asked the invigilator for telling them to stop. They stopped after sometime but when you are playing well nothing matters.

When I came out of the hall, I heard that everyone has done well, I shouldn't say I was disappointed but I felt a bit foolish and becoming so happy and all. Ok, next was Physics, Ok Physics, now here was a subject I never really understood quite well, I mean for 2 years I had done mostly mathematics and neglected Physics quite a lot. Before that I munched through biscuits, chips and a boiling Coke or maybe it was Pepsi. Ok then Physics started and it was horrible, I looked around and saw 3-4 guys even sleeping, I thought its OK you will make it, no thermodynamics, OMG then what will I do, a simple lab experiment based question, yes done, at least one done. Somehow I managed to crack a question on Mechanics which surprised me. I was sweating heavily and it was getting quite hot, sweat fell on the answer sheet and rubbed off a bit of ink from one of the answers I had put, the bench was Ok as compared to other exams I have given but they started feeling uncomfortable. You see I quite literally put my sweat in IITJEE. It was the longest time I had spent thinking useless things and seeing around and solving something here and there but I knew this was over. But I saw 5-6 guys sleeping around me in the hall this time and I thought maybe I am doing not so bad, you know that hope never dis in an Indian Brain.

Amol Kaka brought me lunch in the break and asked how did it go? I said ok, there were a few people I knew around, mostly my school seniors but I avoided talking to people that day, quite unlike me. Also my Kaka told me that the temperature was something like 48-49 C that day. God! I thought maybe it was not that bad and I was sweating due to the heat only. The last paper was Mathematics which I enjoyed as much as the Chemistry paper, the difference being that there wasn’t much noise this time round. Also the first half was damn hot, when I thought the temperature was around 50 and I was sweating again, the second hour hot wind started blowing and all the doors and windows of CP Berrar started banging themselves like stupid Rock show headbangers. Someone’s answer sheet also flew across the room and all.

It ended, I went back to hotel, had a chat with Niddu and we both knew it was over. We had to leave for Bangalore the next day and needless to say we were both a bit disappointed. A month later I think they sent me a report card which said rank something 7050. Anyway it ended but it was quite a nice experience. Those were the last days when I enjoyed studying a bit.

Anyway I hope all the students enjoyed giving exams, and not everyone will get in, but for those who don’t still giving the JEE will remain a good memory stored somewhere in there brains.

Caught one blogger putting up the experience of JEE 2007

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