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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kids are the Future, they know it !!!

13th May’2002

Bangalore-Delhi Rajdhani Express

Pattu (that is me, school nickname), Addu and Niddu

Travel Purpose
Journey from Bangalore to Nagpur. Me going back home after more than a month. The time which was spent in Delhi, Nagpur, Chennai and Bangalore giving IITJEE, KCET and DA-IICT entrance, coaching and waiting for trains.

The Incident
Now something about the incident, we had a family sitting with us in Train, uncle-aunty and two kids, elder son gave KCET like us and the younger one a school kid, maybe about 10-11 years old.

The Father-Son duo (the younger son) was sitting facing each other with the train moving in the direction where the Father's back was, Kid says

"Dad, you are looking at the past, me at the future"
That time I could just manage to smile at this, today I think I couldn’t have managed more.

P.S. - Thought of blogging this after I read about Sur’s incident on the same Railway route.

P.P.S- Although it’s out of context I would like to mention that this was the first time I was traveling by Rajdhani and the food was awesome.


Naresh said...

Ishmart boy!

bhai, smone mail me whr u guys live, how to reach thr 4m marathalli n other details at
i ll come on saturday!

Smartalec said...

yep! read this in ur comment at sur's blog! some kids r way too smart!
yeah! rajdhani's food is awesome! but i guess airfare is cheaper as compared to travelling in the deluxe train...

A Little Light said...

i ve gotta travel by rajdhani..never got the tickets so far!

desh said...

its good try it once
i wud say th AC Ist class is too good, they have separate food for them...:)

desh said...

ladka heera tha (as kikad says)

yep, air deccan is kicking th AC class of railways bigtime

Shelia said...

Pretty profound.

Sur said...

reminded me of those days when AIEEE, IIT etc. meant so much.
as i said the kid was a real fundoo. apne dad ka bhi da tha voh! :P

desh said...

u meant dad ka dad shayad
anyway those days wr surely good

Cuckoo said...

Do you like train journeys?

I love to be grounded..

If not flying then I almost always travel by Rajdhani [of coz Delhi should be one of the pts ;)].
Food is not so good compared to what it was say 3-4 years back.

Only once I shrieked when I found a dead rat when I unfolded the blanket provided. ;)

My travel experiences are recorded here. Just started recording them. If you have time, go thru from the very 1st post. You'll find the rhythm I think you'll enjoy them as well. :)

desh said...

even i have had my tryst with rats in rajadhani and other good trains, its annoying
i love traveling on train, i even plan to make a movie and write a book on train travels

ok tht was too much but i love every bit of it
surely will hop thru ur travel exps.