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Friday, June 22, 2007

Dahi Vade and Women

An excerpt from the conversation between Pushpa and Urmila(Bindiya Goswmi) from the 1979 Hrishikesh Mukherjee classic GolMaal.
Pushpa: Le Dahi Vade kha le
Urmila: Nahi Mann nahi kar raha
Pushpa: Arre Dahi Vade khane ka Mann nahi kar raha. Agar kisi Ladki ka Dahi Vade khane ka mann nahi karta to do cheeze ho sakti hai,
  • ya to woh dheere dheere ladki se ladka ban rahi hai...
  • ya to usse PREM ho gaya hai
Ek din mujhe bhi Dahi Vade khaane ka mann nahi kiya, teen din baad pata chala ki mujhe Bunty se Prem ho gaya hai :) (and bluntly blushing)
Bol ri! Kya naam hai unka

Urmila:(sharmate hue) Lucky naam hai...continued
Some questions arising from the same,
  1. Is it true? Girls visiting the blog may share there own experiences with Dahi Vade, boys may just share there opinion?
  2. If a person doesn't it Dahi Vade how can a she become a he, and is the process reversible, maybe a new innovation in the Gender Change operations?
  3. What if a boy rejects to eat Dahi Vade, what are the possible scenarios?
  4. Why Dahi Vade, what if Sambhar Vade was the rejected entity?
That's enough for now, I am no expert on Woman... Wooooo... Man! issues like Naresh neither am I a philosopher of the rating of the quark. But I want an answer. Maybe if the theory is found to be authentic next year we will have girls throwing/eating away Dahi Vada plates in response to Valentine Divas proposals.

I have my own way of resolving issues and maybe whatever sounds complicated to me is best resolved by relating it to food. My favourite director maybe just gave me an opportunity to do the same.

Do answer the questions, additional practice for the RC section at Billi this year.

p.s.- Golmaal is one of my favourite movies, yesterday night while watching it along with Kapil and the quark, we realised this is the only sequence in the movie which didn't make sense to us. Rest of the movie we had a great time playing Karaoke with the dialogues and songs in the movie. Error rate of us getting the dialogues wrong was minimal.

Update: In the words of the quark
Regarding dahi-vade it might be post modern dilemma of love, food and women & gender... :)
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Bahut kuch ho raha hai...

Its been a while since I have blogged at length, I mean they haven't been one -liners as posted on the quark, but not much of self-generated data (don't take it literally as people do tend to assume in my case) these days.
Recently its been lots of work <===> Putting my legs in too many boats
Still Billi rules the priority list. Had an amazing weekend with sleep, LOTR, good food and finally no Bangalore outing (though still had a short one to newly opened McD). I am quite sick of moving around Bangalore now, especially the buses are hopeless and the autowaalas looking like looteras (no offense meant).

Friday as usual was movie day, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (rhyming with Shakalaka Boom Boom, both in name and content) was quite simple horrendous. Actually its the worst movie I have ever seen. Maybe not as I only saw half of it, don't know what stopped me till interval. I simply hate my namesake (not because he took ash, but chumma[1] I hate him).

Anyway last week I met Puneet Rajkumar on the sets of Milana. Amazing guy and so down to earth being quite a big star in Kannada Cinema. We talked a bit about places we come from and Kannada Cinema. Mast person!

Along with him was the actress Parvathi, and as I heard its her first Kannada flick after a small stint in Mallu cinema. Amazing Girl :) !!! And the handshake was really amazing ;).

(Parvathi on the sets of Milana)

This pic posted just to jalofy the male readers (me not sharing my pic with her though ;)). In the movie Puneet plays a Radio Jockey. Oh by Radio last week something else also happened,

12th June, 2007 will be remembered as a day when Desi or Daisy achieved media moksha, finally. In the words of Kapil who broke the news,
Desi popular ho gaya, sahi hai

Desi(National)se ab InDesi (International) ho gaya :)

Today morning after a long wait and persistent efforts desi was able to talk to RJ Vasanti (Radio City). He has given correct answer of a movie question and won some prize too. Desi was on radio city around 8'O'clock whole Bangalore was listening to him. (ab tak ham hi sunte the)

Anyway it was not Vasanthi but Aviva who I met. I was just out of bath and listening to Radio as Aviva asked this on Radio,

Whats common in the movies Cheeni Kum, RDB, Delhi Heights and Khosla ka Ghosla?
Fir ekdum se dimmag ki ghanti baji and I SMSed 4646 as I have done for so many times this past year in Bangalore. Answer was that all the movies either fully or partly have been shot in Delhi. While ironing my shirt I got a call from Aviva, here is how the conversation went thereafter,

Aviva- Hello!
Me- Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! (a girl calling me at 7:40 AM :O)
Aviva- This is Aviva from Radio City and blah blah blah...
and it went on...I won't bore you with the rest of it. But just two things,
  • I forgot most of what I was supposed to speak, I was Live on air yaar.
  • It was Aviva and not Vasanthi, I would have loved to talk with Vasanthi but it was fun talking too Aviva too.
Ok the post is getting too long maybe and turning a bit baasi now. So closing it off.

[1] chumma doesnt mean a Kiss, it means just like that in Tamil, some say its written as summa but who cares, its pronounced as chumma.

p.s.- hamesha hi bahut kuch hota hai, nothing new about it. And I am desperate to watch Sivaji, someone please get me tickets.

p.p.s- Also met Naresh this Friday, it was great meeting him after a long time.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary

For one year in Bangalore and one year at work...
I thought I would be out of Bangalore till now, but its ok. Maybe next year! Things have started turning a bit boring nowadays but its OK, will manage.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Had an internal appraisal last week carried out by few of my friends. Process was kicked off by quark. Got some good enough comments,

  • A man with a lot of PJs is surely connected to Desi with less than 3 links in between.

  • Desi is a person who has all nodes as outgoing and all data is generated in his mind.

  • Well for our Daisy, that would contradict the fifth law of Thermodynamics - "Data cannot be created nor destroyed ".

  • Daisy is the only "Organism" who can spread voice data (remember data is not information) even in vacuum.

Looks more like a Theory of Desi Networks. Anyway appraisal certainly Above Expectation :).

P.S.- Daisy is another addition to the never ending list of my nicknames, coined by Nitesh under possible influence of C2H5OH.

List is certainly not exhaustive...