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Friday, June 22, 2007

Dahi Vade and Women

An excerpt from the conversation between Pushpa and Urmila(Bindiya Goswmi) from the 1979 Hrishikesh Mukherjee classic GolMaal.
Pushpa: Le Dahi Vade kha le
Urmila: Nahi Mann nahi kar raha
Pushpa: Arre Dahi Vade khane ka Mann nahi kar raha. Agar kisi Ladki ka Dahi Vade khane ka mann nahi karta to do cheeze ho sakti hai,
  • ya to woh dheere dheere ladki se ladka ban rahi hai...
  • ya to usse PREM ho gaya hai
Ek din mujhe bhi Dahi Vade khaane ka mann nahi kiya, teen din baad pata chala ki mujhe Bunty se Prem ho gaya hai :) (and bluntly blushing)
Bol ri! Kya naam hai unka

Urmila:(sharmate hue) Lucky naam hai...continued
Some questions arising from the same,
  1. Is it true? Girls visiting the blog may share there own experiences with Dahi Vade, boys may just share there opinion?
  2. If a person doesn't it Dahi Vade how can a she become a he, and is the process reversible, maybe a new innovation in the Gender Change operations?
  3. What if a boy rejects to eat Dahi Vade, what are the possible scenarios?
  4. Why Dahi Vade, what if Sambhar Vade was the rejected entity?
That's enough for now, I am no expert on Woman... Wooooo... Man! issues like Naresh neither am I a philosopher of the rating of the quark. But I want an answer. Maybe if the theory is found to be authentic next year we will have girls throwing/eating away Dahi Vada plates in response to Valentine Divas proposals.

I have my own way of resolving issues and maybe whatever sounds complicated to me is best resolved by relating it to food. My favourite director maybe just gave me an opportunity to do the same.

Do answer the questions, additional practice for the RC section at Billi this year.

p.s.- Golmaal is one of my favourite movies, yesterday night while watching it along with Kapil and the quark, we realised this is the only sequence in the movie which didn't make sense to us. Rest of the movie we had a great time playing Karaoke with the dialogues and songs in the movie. Error rate of us getting the dialogues wrong was minimal.

Update: In the words of the quark
Regarding dahi-vade it might be post modern dilemma of love, food and women & gender... :)
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Malavika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malavika said...

oh yeah!!

girls have weird ways of proclaiming love(in movies!)

hrishida nd his sense of humor sometimes goes a lil off track,that's all it is to it :)

picture this..girl comes rushing in and says "yeah baby,i am in love vth lucky,lets eat tht dahi vade now"..lame :D

Supriya said...

so lame :|
may be it's gotta do smthing with the constantly talking and eating habits of women...
if they do not talk and eat, may be it means that they aren't well :|
but how can it mean that they're in love.. :| :|

Supriya said...

hey desh, btw, what relation does this post have with CAT.
am surprised to see this label!

Pingu said...

Rest of the movie we had a great time playing Karaoke with the dialogues and songs in the movie. Error rate of us getting the dialogues wrong was minimal.


desh said...


maybe it went off track :|
it is lame i suppose, but i like dahi vade :)


tht was wht i was askin maybe???
neway leave it
CAT, i thought this mayb good practice for an abstract RC!!!



Gravity said...

I don much abt dahi vade's relation wid women but u can surely do widout them if they r being served at Brajvasi (DAIICT canteen).

Naresh said...

Abbe Dahi Vade se tho mujhe bhi pyaar hai :D aur sambar vade tho pooch hi mat :D :D

Hrishida's humor lies in such simple n sometimes obscure sequences n itz awesome! Remember the scene Amitabh narrates botany to Jaya in Chupke Chupke... Hilarious!

desh said...

nahi re brijwasi food is quite good
u wud realise it when u come out of collg

even i am in love with both of them :)

"Jis tarah gobhi ka phool phool hokar bhi phool nahi hota, waise hi gainde ka phool bhi phool hokar phool nahi hota."

mast movie, awesome dialouges, why dont ppl dont make such movies nwdays :(

meTaL said...

the implications inherent in ur post r quite frightening. thats why its best not to dissect every dialog of a movie!

btw didnt ne1 tell you these kind of comedies would have to be very low budget to work these days?

PS :) to Vada with sambar, Dahi without Vada

desh said...

chalta hai, neway throwing around money for stupid movies neway doesnt make sense

to Vada with sambar, Dahi without Vada :D

TheQuark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheQuark said...

hrishi-da's movies where really grounded and seeped in Indian middle class with there ethos, taboos, fascinations, cotton sarees and typpical middle class upholstery. No doubts in that and an indirect self reference to movie making. e.g. in
Sapne main dekha ek sapna (song)
Amitabh's shooting sequence

( I cant recall other instance of this)

Regarding dahi-vade it might be post modern dilemma of love, food and women & gender.

Soch soch ke dimag ka dahi mat banao,
30A ko kolkata chat pe rukao
aur bade bade vade khao
Shabdon pe mat jao
Baat ko samajh jao

Yenjai Maadi

desh said...

Did you forget the female reference to Sapna i.e. Sapni, jab lata ga rahi thi, main table pe tha, woh mukhde pe thi, main antre pe tha...:), maybe that was again Hrishida exploring a surreal aspect to Gender.

Parvati ke Pati aap, aur aap ho philosophy ke baap,
dahi-vade, kachori,samose aur aaloo chaap,
aaj kolkata chaat house nahi chale to ho jaayega ghor paap

Naresh said...

They make such movies now also, Desi...

They call them Jhoom Barabar Jhoom now, ur favorite movie :P ;) :D

Malavika said...

and I own chupke chupke movie now...muahaha..bday gifts cant fet any betr [:)]

desh said...

dont talk about tht movie

I am lookin for tht CD for th weekend, this weekend its goin to be Karaoke with Chupke Chupke :)

Sur said...

funny!! i missed tht dialog in Golmaal, will watch it agn!
wow!the simplicity of the funda is enchanting! I wish it was so simple in reality too.

Supriya said...

ROFL, agree so much with naresh on JBJ :)

desh said...

and it isnt
golmaal is watchable n times, n being really large

wont tok bout tht movie frm now on

A Little Light said...

I dont know whats so special about dahi vade..i dont like it as much as pakoras or bhel puri!

Naresh said...

Golmaal bahut ho gayi... ab tag answer kar...

Parul said...

dats d most silly thing ive read in my life!(no dats exaggerated...Catcher in the Rye leaves others way behind in dat race)

Dahi vada n women n dat soppy feeling they call love?!!
dose r some movie dialogues u say...But ive heard ppl speak highly of the movie...I hope it was all deliberate humor!

Hey u dun hav the "others" option for comment..wat abt dose who dun hav blogspot, huh?!!
my active blog

desh said...

Movie is awesome, tht was just a hiccup from hrishida, but u dare say tht he does nethng stupid, he is HrishiDa after all...everythng in movie has hidden meanings and thts was i was tryin to find out, he doesnt gte this complex regularly but tht was an excpetion...

btw Catcher in the rye is an all time favourite for me bcoz i like thngs whch r said out of the blue, have mainly no sense at all but are very spontaneous types...holden caulfield is one of th best charecters i have ever come across

keep visitin, i cant do with tht others options, this blogger thng is crappy, but i dont have th time to move this thng to wordpress now...

btw ur active blog's activity wud be monitored frm now on :)

Parul said...

3 Cheers for Hrishida!
Hip Hip Hurray!!!
Happy? :P

Haulden Caulfield...yeah i liked the char too in a strange amusing way...but i fail to understnd the purpose of the book...glad dat i finally found sme1 who's read it n liked it too...
probably u culd enlighten me!

u r welcome to my passively active blog...i'll b around too... :)

Happy Blogging!
Austere Alacrity

Sandy said...

abe dahi vade to mere ko bhi pasand hain
iska matlab main ladki hoon kya?

Deep Ganatra said...

One of the worst piece of lines but yet it is my favortie.. it doesn't make any sense at all but whenever I remember this line.. I end up laughig out loudly..

Many times, dialogs does not make sense but they work well... coz those are written to make you laugh and thats what they do.. these kind of dialogs are basically well written PJs.. haha

I bumped on this 2 year old post while I was searching for this dialog on google.. (searched for dahi wada golmaal dialog.. haha)