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Friday, September 21, 2007

the resolution

Gandhi tried it, so did Ronaldo, now its our turn to do it for our Team...May India win.

Jai Dada, Jai Bharat!!!


Naresh said...

kuchh nahi hone waalaa... chhor do! ":P

Gravity said...

this time my brain refuses to support my heart.
but just like umpteen times in the past I want to be proved wrong once again .

TheQuark said...

It is the moment of truth
Will dhoni enter the hall of fame or go kabeer khan's way to chukking!

Jaanane ke liye dekhiye India vs Pakistan with a beer in your hand. Mother of all matches.

This is the stuff legends are made of. People generations over would pass the experience of watching the game. Video clips shall clog the inboxes.

Spartans on Monday we will drink in hell!!!!!!!!!!!

TheQuark said...

So the bwayjh (boys) have done it. They have written their names in golden words and huge fonts.

You bheeshma pratigya worked. Now take a wow vow for the next 4-5 years (I know you would not have lost your cherry then also so its a safe bet) and we shall see wonders with the team.

You combined preserved virility shall propel Team India to newer and newer heights

desh said...

it happened
we won
chk out the new post

Ajeet said...

really liked the post so it seems pretty clear how india pulled it thru.. well if its somebody praying so hard somebody has to give up well neways great win for india cherishable for years to come.. :)..

manoranjini said...
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