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Friday, April 13, 2007

Sanjaya and Shakira

Don't you see similarities,

Ok, that was the Cock's Crown hair-do, but in general the hair do resemble.

I mean just the Hair-Do's, so now we get to know where Mr. Malakar's famous Hair-Do was spotted elsewhere.Also came across this interesting blog which offers 1000$ for his hair.

Whatever it is the point is that I really regret missing Shakira's visit to Mumbai. I mean I should have gone there. I love this lady and one thing is for sure I won't miss a chance to go to Shakira Live when she comes next time to India.

This Sanjaya is hogging all the limelight nowadays, people touting him as the next Shilpa Shetty sorta thing from India, ripping apart his personal life and projecting him as the American Idol destroyer. I searched a lot though for Sanjaya Malakar's Blog and thought he might have put his thoughts and rants somewhere but couldn't find it. I think that this 17 something will win it, anyway as American version gaining popularity in India the Desi version is going to be not so good this season with the judges opting out and last year's Idol already gone into hibernation forever.

Image Source: American Idol and DNA

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anasuya said...

well i don't know much about 'sanjaya malakkar' but love dancing to the tunes of shakira... tell me, you blog a lot.... do you blog for a living???

desh said...

no no
no bloggin for livin n all, thr is just one blogger in india who lives completely on them, will send u his link sometime
anyway i dont thnk it can b a fulltime profession neway
me too a big time shakira fan, just fee like she th only gal with no bones in her Hips :)

Smartalec said...

shakira's the babe!! no doubt abt it... she's the queen of belly-dancing! she's got the oomph factor, man!
as for malakkar, he's certainly done a good job in the last couple of rounds! i guess it'll be an interesting finish!
what's this desi?! u blog for a living?! cheee :P! moonlighting!!

desh said...

Shakira Dance ki Devi hai
u shud have gone for her mumbai concert steve, surely she wud have been taken aback by ur Muskles for a sec atleast :P
no bloggin for livin n all, why such a kiddish expression btw?