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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ashtumaadi, 8 facts waalah tag done...

Tagged by Steve and Naresh, I thought I better fullfill this one (I missed the last one I was tagged with). The title is Ashtumaadi a term quite often used by my school time pal Shameek which in Kannada means just do it (bas itna hi karo to be more specific). Also Asht reminds me of 8 so I put that particular title, add to that I just did it. Me quite busy so have put around some real random facts real quickly,
  • I don't like my work, but I still go and do it. There is this keeda in me to show others that I can do it, add to that I am too bad in rejecting work given to me, something of which Prashant aka lamboo was a champ of (when he was working, now he studying). Add to that I don't like most others that what I want to do, Billi is just an escape route and a window for sorting things out.

  • I don't eat that much, as my PM puts I am rather a connoisseur of food rather than a glutton. I like the variety in food and maybe in future I want to study it, I would have been better as chef I believe.

  • I drink mostly to please my friends, my only fascination with liquor is that I like to experiment with it as I do with food. But I think I don't really like it. That's why its less of it nowadays. I feel non-alcoholic meetups are much less exciting. And I want to kick those people who sit on the sidelines during a drinking session, gobbling up all the liquor-goodies.

  • I like traveling in Trains, if a ever direct a movie the plot would be set in a Train, I just love the Sleeper Class journeys, travelling alone, traveling with friends, the food stalls, chaiwaalahs, the debates with TTE, the fights, the auntyjiswho ask you to exchange the berths, the stinking toilets, the magazine stalls, the smell of the metal railings of window(yes they do smell), basically everything.

  • I always have had a sorta crush on Madhuri Dikshit, I always had it in my mind that I should have been born 20 years ago to shrink that age difference, if she was not married till now maybe I could have still given her a shot. By the way having a girlfriend in the girlfriend sense of it is still pending...Also as I mentioned Madhuri I would like to mention that I love watching movies, any kind of movies.

  • I detest watching Cricket nowadays, given a chance I would throw Rahul Dravid into a gutter, I feel that he along with that stupid Chappel made Cricket what it is today-Boring. Dada and Tendulkar are the bestest players ever and I will always worship them. I also watch all kinds of sports- tennis, Golf, NBA, football, Badminton etc etc in no particular order. I play too btw ...

  • I have a good enough memory, its a bit out of order but still quite in place, the pages in memory shift with time, in 90's it was all the Tennis matches with all their set scores which I remembered, add to that the cricket matches, I have a tag based mechanism for searching through my memory. It's complex to understand.

  • I don't remember my dreams and I don't try to because I get weird dreams sometimes, I feel its a sin to interpret dreams, they should be left alone as a cleanup job for mind.
Some good posts for the same tag I came across were by- Naresh, Supriya, Steve and Sur. I wont tag anyone, this one is a bit old now.


Joshua said...
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Smartalec said...

Haan beta! Blame the drinking habit on friends :p
Ditto on the train journeys, hate for cricket...
somehow i also forget most of my dreams as soon as i get up... i'd so like to analyze them!
waise chef desi wont be a bad profession for u :D

Shameek said...
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Shameek said...

Sorry,i actually forgot to add something so had to delete the earlier comment so that i can present off a consolidated one...thanks for dedicating this blog of urs to me.......i never knew that me Ashthu maadi wud inspire u so much.......anyways i would lik to comment on ur blog in a more systematic way(point wise as we did in school) :

1.i can list so many ways in which u can reject work frm ur seniors, its actually very easy n it wud even seem as if u r not takin up d task coz u r real busy. comments on ur appetite.

3.even i dont like ppl sitting along with drunkards n gobbling up all d snacks......its not bcoz they consume d eatables but its more of their crapping d next morning blaming the innocent boozers that it is due 2 them that hav to live lik this.

4.i believe that metal parts in contact in a train causes friction n thus d smell.

5.when did mrs. madhuri nene(sorry but that is d truth) become ur crush...i hope it is not because she is one famous "MARATHI" actresss...coz i dont think u r so regionalistic.

6.doesnt suit u cursing dravid keepin in mind d fact that u r at his home land......but ya dada n sachin r gud(was dat "bestest" a spellin mistake or was it an overexpression of ur feelings).

7.tag mechanism of scanning thru memory really sounds "i" (complex.i hope u remember this)

8.dreams r important in life as atleast somewhere u can b wat u actually u dreamt 4 yourself.

i know dat u wont b leaving w/out commenting on my most welcome!!!!keep blogging!!!

Malavika said...

lots of new info..more frm the comments..regionalistic?? :)

desh said...

chef deis wud have been better than th CODER desi for sure :), anytime
dreams ko bhul jaana hi better hai btw

desh said...

good tht u got tht info :)
regionalistic, i have never been, although i have been accused to be too much into every region's habits and culture when i get thr :)

desh said...

point wise as roy chaudhry mam told us to do it :-)

1. i wont say anythng

2. appetite, u havnt seen the reality so much

3. agree sir, they hsud be kicked out, those non-drinking snack gobblers

4. they smell bcoz they havnt been washed for ages, i dont know anybody other than me analyzed tht smell before :)

5. madhuri dikshit was alwys thr, waiting for her next movie

6. dada n sachin are the bestest :)

7. LOL :), back to good old sasta days

8. i have dreamt of myself stuffing towel in my mouth after laffin off crazily on a PJ :P:P:P


Naresh said...

three cheers for the liquor thing... itz da same for me :D

waise, Vasanti calld me on tht Epic Movie contest day... She askd whtz da epic moment n i msgd in syng Epic Moment is when Vasanti calls me but she dint call yet :P talk of ways to get her to call u ;)

n she did :D

desh said...


on liquor everyone agrees

and everyone agrees u r a genius now :)

wht all did u tok bout??? and wht bout ur prize???

epic movement...:D

Supriya said...

wow.. nice TAGGED mechanism haan... and i dont trust u on the drinking part :P :P

thanks for mentioning my name in the nice tags list :)

desh said...

wht r ur thoughts on drinking btw ;)

Sur said...

u were tageed twice so u shld have mentioned 16 random facts! :P
nice one! got to know some things abt u, I share with u the love for trains and Mads. Was so sad that I missed her episode on Koffee with Karan, saw it on youtube later.
Chef..ahm..ahm! :P
and haan abt dreams,I like remembering and analysing them, but there are very few dreams tht u can actually remember.
and thanks for mentioning my tag as good, who doesn't like praise! :)

meTaL said...

sorry to burst your bubble but anyone and everyone whos tried to look outside a train window has smelled the railings. i personally dont like analyzing smells :P

madhuri dixit proves that the only chnce of getting a trophy wife in this life is settling abroad and minting money thr :D

desh said...

Trophy of a wife, do u remember when we drew a list of expectations(things we want our wife wud do, while we wud be lazying around), yeah but thtas a pattern, arun nayar, vikram chatwaal etc etc

even i dont like analyzing smells, i think u lost ur sense after stayin in ur HOSTEL room for so long :P

TheQuark said...

ditto for trains. You get to see the real india as mohan got his revelation in swades

That smell is typical of Indian trains even characterize them.

Well for booze I would say aaj peena hai kya?

Of all the teetotallers who gobble up snacks I hate the ones who come only for that, they take good hard look at the stuff, pry on that and on the opportune moment pounce upon it.

The others are those which find drunk people a case study of why i never drank, see that poor fellow.

Well madhuri what can I say. She has an amazing smile. A complete era belongs to her

Lost in Translation said...

do u really think dravid is bad??

rethink !!

may be u nt good enuff at makin a judgement :P

Lost in Translation said...

hey desh write somethin abstract..i wud like to hear smethin


Lost in Translation said...

I don't remember my dreams and I don't try to because I get weird dreams sometimes, I feel its a sin to interpret dreams, they should be left alone as a cleanup job for mind.


wat was that??
elaborate...dreams and all ...ufff :P

TheQuark said...

we need more posts from u doode

Naresh said...

Waiting for new post....

meTaL said...

when ur that rich u'll hv ppl to do stuff for you. trophy wives don't do shit! otherwise they wouldnt be trophy wives!

i prolly stayed in ur room more than my own :P

PS is there a unit to measure smell...specifically body odour?

Cuckoo said...

Why no new posts for quite sometime ?

desh said...

trophy wives are quite in nwdays, footballers get them, so do the F-1 guys, why don't us...:)

desh said...

@quark, cuckoo, naresh

new one up :)