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Thursday, October 11, 2007

And it changed at last...

New look DAIICT website is up and running...

Nothing is better than a change and that too after 6 years of same old boorish(as in clumsy) bluish tinge haunting our College's website. Ever since my second or 3rd year at DAIICT the question of a new website has been equivocated by Profs and students alike.

Lots has been talked about the Website in Batch of 2006 mailing list, the few good things coming out of this,

  • A good, neat and clean UI.
  • Proper info everywhere, FAQ's, Alumni pages are quite good.
  • Finally all the clubs, committees and activities in college given a proper placing on website.

etc etc.

Hope now people applying outside India won't face many issues with regards to Website as all the information has been put up quite nicely.

Kudos to the team involved!!!

Btw last few weeks our people from our batch have been quite nostalgic when it comes to college. All was triggered by this pic sent by Vivek,

This pic reminds me of the countless nightouts at DAIICT, seems to be taken around 4-5 in morning this one.

And then this website thing and then there were mails forwarding pics of Profs and all, and mails about the new E-Cell at our college...

College was great, miss it like anything... as we realized during the Bangalore Meet last month

One happy shappy pic from the meetup (courtesy: Pratyush)

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Naresh said...

It sure was one awesome place to live in, man! Miss it more than anything else!

TheQuark said...

i still remember the night out (and black out) before OS exam when I lied on the bumper in the road behind D Wing!

meTaL said...

Can't agree more with Phodu! thr'll never be another experience like it. Ever. F#&%...i wud've cried if i werent feeling so sleepy!!

TheQuark said...

The plan to change website existed for quite a while. Initially the plan was
to check the intranet and display it to the Lords and then slowly build the
capability to handle institute's external website also. Nobody in it made
even a single HTML tag let alone a webpage or a site :)

I think later it was taken by BullDog but paranoid that I am against rabies I
didnt join it. Good to see things happening there.

Smartalec said...

coooooooool! sexy site! remember shiv once mentioned that ppl in the states considered our college's ex-website as the worst there is around :o and it was believed that many of our colleagues were denied admissions in top-notch colleges because of the pathetic website.
oh well! this one rocks! good work indeed!!

and boy! nostalgia strikes again, eh? hey desi! why can't we get nostalgic next time we talk rather than discussing cat or anything :p?

Gravity said...

missing u all as wellfgu

desh said...

@naresh and metal

mast timepass of 4 years, will never get such thalua time again...i too feel like crying :((

desh said...

BulldoG kya karta, anyway good tht it changed

Before anothr exam (i dont remember which one) a guy(not named:P) drank a bottle of Desi Gin and me n maddy chased him thruout the campus, at the same time he was tokin to some gal frm chennai

bahut saare kisse hai :)

desh said...


miss u 2 sir with all the ewing thr :(

desh said...


we are not toking about CAT nemore!!!

thts final :)

and shiv says a lot of things, but tht time he was spot on