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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ashtumaadi, 8 facts waalah tag done...

Tagged by Steve and Naresh, I thought I better fullfill this one (I missed the last one I was tagged with). The title is Ashtumaadi a term quite often used by my school time pal Shameek which in Kannada means just do it (bas itna hi karo to be more specific). Also Asht reminds me of 8 so I put that particular title, add to that I just did it. Me quite busy so have put around some real random facts real quickly,
  • I don't like my work, but I still go and do it. There is this keeda in me to show others that I can do it, add to that I am too bad in rejecting work given to me, something of which Prashant aka lamboo was a champ of (when he was working, now he studying). Add to that I don't like most others that what I want to do, Billi is just an escape route and a window for sorting things out.

  • I don't eat that much, as my PM puts I am rather a connoisseur of food rather than a glutton. I like the variety in food and maybe in future I want to study it, I would have been better as chef I believe.

  • I drink mostly to please my friends, my only fascination with liquor is that I like to experiment with it as I do with food. But I think I don't really like it. That's why its less of it nowadays. I feel non-alcoholic meetups are much less exciting. And I want to kick those people who sit on the sidelines during a drinking session, gobbling up all the liquor-goodies.

  • I like traveling in Trains, if a ever direct a movie the plot would be set in a Train, I just love the Sleeper Class journeys, travelling alone, traveling with friends, the food stalls, chaiwaalahs, the debates with TTE, the fights, the auntyjiswho ask you to exchange the berths, the stinking toilets, the magazine stalls, the smell of the metal railings of window(yes they do smell), basically everything.

  • I always have had a sorta crush on Madhuri Dikshit, I always had it in my mind that I should have been born 20 years ago to shrink that age difference, if she was not married till now maybe I could have still given her a shot. By the way having a girlfriend in the girlfriend sense of it is still pending...Also as I mentioned Madhuri I would like to mention that I love watching movies, any kind of movies.

  • I detest watching Cricket nowadays, given a chance I would throw Rahul Dravid into a gutter, I feel that he along with that stupid Chappel made Cricket what it is today-Boring. Dada and Tendulkar are the bestest players ever and I will always worship them. I also watch all kinds of sports- tennis, Golf, NBA, football, Badminton etc etc in no particular order. I play too btw ...

  • I have a good enough memory, its a bit out of order but still quite in place, the pages in memory shift with time, in 90's it was all the Tennis matches with all their set scores which I remembered, add to that the cricket matches, I have a tag based mechanism for searching through my memory. It's complex to understand.

  • I don't remember my dreams and I don't try to because I get weird dreams sometimes, I feel its a sin to interpret dreams, they should be left alone as a cleanup job for mind.
Some good posts for the same tag I came across were by- Naresh, Supriya, Steve and Sur. I wont tag anyone, this one is a bit old now.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Long Live the Aam Aalsi Aadmi

If R.K.Laxman gave The Common Man (Aam Aadmi) to World, we give the world the Aam Aalsi Aadmi. Some of the charecteristics of AAA,
  • He is Aam, Aam as in Aam- the Common.
  • He is Aalsi
  • First two sentences prove that He is a Aadmi
Also rather than being a silent witness to most of the events around him and having an opinion about it, AAA is suppose to save his energy by having an opinion but not being at the site of incident. AAA is gifted with a strong sense of instinct which helps them form opinions without even observing an incident.

The Cartoon character is still under design but he is supposed to look quite shabby due to his Aalasya preventing him from taking a bath.

We are in talks with Air Deccan for replacing their mascot with ours once its designed, the Aalsi theme much in sync with their timings...:)

This character is truly inspired from one person whom I consider to be the human incarnation of the Aam Aalsi Aadmi. In his own words,

alasya kabhi marta nahin hai...bas so jaata hai

meTaL or LKP (its pronounced as ल क प ) is the true representative of the Aam Aalsi Aadmi, one who inspires everyone to Billi glory. From the sleepy hostels of DA-IICT to the irky dorms of IIM-Indore he effuses laziness in its full glory. In his company I have spent countless hours just doing nothing and creating some silly things like the once famous DTC (DA-IICT Tond Club). He is a true inspiration for millions of us showing that sleeping is far more superior mechanism of nutrition than food itself. Sleep gives us more energy than Carbs to basically do nothing and save it for future, quite important as the world moves towards an imminent Energy Crisis.

Other members which truly deserve the company of ल क प,
  • Inzamam-ul-haq aka Inzy, former Cricket Captain of Pakistan.
  • Sarat aka TTY (read as तू तो यार), aalasya and intelligence zipped in one file, currently lazying out at IIIT Hydbad
  • JD who is heading to IIIT HydBad :) (We will all miss you at office, volleyball, home and Bangalore :( )
Me leaving myself out, I am aalsi but not in the league of these extraordinary Gentlemen.

p.s.- No offense meant against any of the above-mentioned individuals, I think they are truly all amazingly intelligent individuals...(including the great RK Laxman). And all of you take bath for sure...maybe!!! Thanks to Jaine for telling me the famous quote of LKP to work on...:)

p.p.s- The character will be copyrighted by me soon, so no infringement...:)