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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Last few Days...Tough Ones

Coming Back from Home, SpiceJet, Good Air Hostess, No Food, Good biscuits, Landing, Bangalore Traffic, Coming to Office, Back to Work, JHATKA in the EVENING sitting with Prashant, Talk to Pabari, Talk to Dad, Go to IIMB, Get all disappointed and comeback, Back to Office, Back to Work, Go again to IIMB, Meet the Officer with Pabari, Get all disappointed and comeback, Call Daily to IIMB, Drink Beer with Sandy and Vaibhav and Nihar, Call at IIMB, All Disappointed, Go to Siva’s Party, Drink Beer and White Rum AGAIN!!!, Go to IIMB, Get all disappointed and comeback, Final talk at IIMB…Its Over, Lots of Work, Lots of it again, But It’s over, It is Over, Another Party Yesterday, Lots of Phone Calls during these two weeks, Lots of Explanation again and again making me feel done with, Its Over, I can’t help it can’t get over it, Lots of discussion on adhesive technology and how by making the back side of a photograph rough it sticks better, How the Probability figure of 10 in 2 lakh 25 thousand was reached, How the Bands effected this and made this happen, 2nd Oct-5th Oct was almost holiday they say, but its over, no use going over it again and again and again and again and maybe again, I am tired of listening to people, maybe I am tired of Bangalore, but then I can’t do anything, its over, everything gone, just another year to look forward to, maybe I am unlucky, what maybe I am unlucky, but can’t help it can’t take it, it’s over, leave it behind they say, but I took nothing so what to leave behind, this whole thing is so different, 1000’s of thoughts lingering on your mind, 3-4 parties in a week, alcohol tasting good as never before, its changing, its confusing as ever but its another year, is it worth that much I think or is it just the weak Y-Chromosome, let me try to leave everything, let me, allow me, its not about faith they say, its about lack of it, its about mistakes its about forgetting and looking forward, its over.

In short me not giving CAT anymore.


Prasoon said...

Nobody dies a virgin - life .....

You know that statement right?
there was nothing anyone could do when it was supposed to happen this way. Koi nahi dost - therz a better plan lets believe.

Words dont help I know but then, no other things helps either.

Come down here sometime btw.

desh said...

Would do tht as nothing else to do now
anyway hope for the best next year
did anand tell u???