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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vada-Pav, Totos and ... Girls :)

Vada Pav is God's Own Food in Mumbai. Have gulped thousands of them since being in Mumbai, it comes in various formats and my favorite one is one near NM (Vile Parle) and at Shetty's in front of my college gate.

This place in Bandra, Totos- Garage Pub is really quite nice. The first time I was there back in Aug'08 with my friend we ended up standing on a small table on the side, enjoying the view of tonnes of good looking girls on the Table on View, and obviously having Beer :). I really like the place, a Chicken Roll near Carter Road CCD and a Brownie nearby always precedes the events at Totos. Overall good place...

Girls... well I hardly have had any luck with them... lets not talk... ;)


Sometime in August, me along with two of my friends, goto Totos. We drink a bit and then come across few of my friends juniors from his college. So we sit and share the table. Enter this girl, who we all know has to be good (otherwise the story won't be told :)), who comes and sits with us (seems she knows someone among the Juniors). So everyone is talking and fortunately I get a seat in front of her which gives me the freedom to talk with her for ages (it was just two hours:)). Ahha, and her boyfriend too ... he was sitting next to me. But who cares, the girl was good, enough :D

So when all the bills were cleared, she leaves a Rs. 10 tip (or maybe 20, I was drunk, but my bill was already cleared) . I told her why Tip, I think I brought a Pitcher to the Table too, why not Tip me.

"What would you do with this?"... kuch nahi, mujhe tip do, isse vada-pav khaaunga :)

Shocked and Stunned, she Tipped me :), my friend who was the closest linked to her was hiding his face and all other laughing. Don't know why they were, because I kept the note and had an awesome vada-pav of it the next day :)...


She is a nice and pretty girl, (self claimed hottie, which I dont agree :P), He is the CUTEst kid in the batch (so much so kid that he was asked for AGE proof at Totos :)). I thought will do them both a favour.

I two years of Vada Pav- for Preety Girl given that she takes Cutest Boy and introduces him to the CUTEst girl at Totos and helps him to hit on the Cutest Girl :). (No one knows who the CUTEst Girl was, rest two are friends )

Cutest Girl was sitting in a corner (with no boys around). So again will the vada pav make it, or break it. I offered Pretty Girl Beer, she refused, but then when I offered her Vada Pav, she agreed. So she took him to meet the CUTEst girl, and the rest as they say was LEGEN...DARY (Barney Stinson's Blog)

Kissa 3:

My friend enginerd was roaming in Bombay it was the day of Chatt and thousands were performing Pooja on Juhu Beach, enginerd was there too, to have a glimpse of Priyanka Chopra who apprantely was there too. I divert him to this party of bloggers (also on hosted by my once favorite blogger (once because I hardly read anything nowadays :)). As I was lucky enough to get invited, I thought if I am in Bangalore why doesn't my friend get the chance to have a bit of fun.

But the passing of invite came at a cost, I asked enginerd to buy 4 vadpavs from NM (or mithibai) get them packed and hand it over to the hostess. Surely something that she would remember for quite some time :) (in a party where people are bringing wine and flowers over, that was surely a differentiating factor :)).

2 years later at my college canteen I see her sitting ( i never met her but wrote for her blog sometimes long back), so I go and meet her, and remind her of the vada-pav. She recognises me on the basis of Vada Pav :) and then she remembers me as desh and then we talk :).


Girls come and go, a vada-pav is forever :P

Friday, January 16, 2009

Who Enjoys It?

Some are doing it, some do not. I always seem to fall in the latter. They do different things, different activities and seem to enjoy it all. For me somehow once the Primary activity starts turning a bit and infact a lot boring I seem to shed the other added ones too.

Some stand up and like giving motivational speeches, which I think are mostly worthless, some do all the work in life and you never know, and some write sitting in their 3 seater room ... :-|

I sometimes end up drinking along with my similarly-bored friend, same Old Monk with dry peanuts, Chakli and watery green chutney and discuss the same things over and over again. Its all about thinking about those great days of Work. Did I say great???

It was thinking about BTech days while being at work, although I thought that the next degree would be back to that kind of fun, but I miss something.

Miss TIME, just to be, just to roam around, discuss stupid stuff with people, read some nice stuff, read books, watch cricket all simple things in life. Taking walks during night-time through the dusty lanes here, me and another of seemingly lost friend, talk about not getting what we wanted here and what we will get after here, thats one of those simple things, but not much otherwise.

I am sick of those same old jargons, I am bored of people not knowing and saying anything about anything without thinking (ha, they call it thinking on the feet), tired of the same old classroom, excel sheets, mera DELL and writing the most stupid pieces of assignments in the history of assignments.

New Year, already half a month past and still to add that much needed freshness, because all things tend to become same over a period, especially when you are in this corner of Mumbai.

Desperately looking forward to March, time for escape to Villages and it would be fun for sure.

People think that I am frustu, but its just the lack of time and senselessness of what I am doing, I know that I need, a new pair of lenses to view the world.

Literally, these specs are old and loose now :D