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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

मैं राहुल द्रविड़, भूले तो नहीं ??

मैं राहुल द्रविड़, भूले तो नहीं ??
जो हुआ जैसे हुआ, बहुत बुरा लगता था ...
पर अब मैं तें में वापस आने के लीये बहुत मेहनत कर रहा हूँ.
कया पता फीर से “Pitch पर दीवार जैसे खड़े होने का मौका मील जाए”.
टीम के अंदर या बाहर, मैं हमेशा टीम INDIA के लीये CHEER करूँगा.
अब से जब भी हमारे लड़के खेलें तो मैं ज़रूर कहूँगा , ”HOO HAA INDIA, आया INDIA”
और आप ?? अपने “Jammy” की बात सुनेंगे ना !!!

Dada consulting Dravid now for a comeback. Although I couldn't get a classic one for Dravid like this one for Dada,

कया पता फीर से “हवा में Shirt लहराने का मौका मील जाए"

Just goes to show that he has done nothing except playing Cricket, a great cricketer who just came across as a lame and dumb captain on the field, showing no control over anyone. Although I don't care whether Dravid Dropped or he in, still I feel he is good as a batsman.

Life has just come a full circle, what he did to Dada has happened to him. Dada made him a keeper to keep him in team and he just didn't help him through his bad times.

Looking forward to Dada taking up the test captaincy, for Dravid he will be back sooner or later but right now he is as low as the Marina Trench.

Just Another Dada Fan
(Conceptualized by my friend Shameek, inspired from the famous Pepsi ad)

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nitesh said...

australia jayenge sab ko le kar jayenge

TheQuark said...

Sounds more like a saas bahu serial plot!

indian selection is a closely watched and scrutinized process as Indians are a nation of movie reviewers and cricket specialists :)

Supriya Narang said... U're tagged :) happy diwali ............

Marutham said...

Hahaa... Yet another fan!

Nice read... well written :)

Dada is one good player in the team..

desh said...

abhi tak to aaya nahi
aussie tak aa jaayega


tht is without an end :)
just want to see them go 20 yr fwd and still see dada n dravid battlin it out

desh said...

welcome to dada fan club, let us all stand with him :)

keep visitin


baad main :|

Sur said...

nice one! though I am neither a dada nor a dravid fan! :)
its been long, CAT is also over, post something!