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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary

For one year in Bangalore and one year at work...
I thought I would be out of Bangalore till now, but its ok. Maybe next year! Things have started turning a bit boring nowadays but its OK, will manage.


Ashley said...

We all think the same ... but the city will never let you go and one fine day you will discover that you don't want to go anywhere else :-)

Naresh said...

Hang on in the same city until u crack cat this season, n who knows, u may crack it n end up here itself in iim b :)

Smartalec said...

congrats desi!! and to all our bhai-log in mindtree :D!
and season 3 is our lucky one... all are going to make it big :D

Soup said...

agree wid naresh :P

Cuckoo said...

Why boring ? Concentrate on good things & your cat & you'll find no time to get bored. :)

And yeah, in between go & have a blast. It'll rejuvenate you.
Have a nice week ahead. :)

P.S.- I am in the middle of two trips, just trying to hop into some blogs.

desh said...

2 years for u now from wht I remember n it seems thts ur story too
lets see hw my love story with bangalore grows

sahi , tty
iimb is too far fetched dude, let me get a call this time atleast

desh said...

lets c, hope it goes bttr this season 3

hmm, i have replied him so same stands for u
neway keep visiting:)

desh said...

yes thts wht i am planning to do, so many thngs to kill time
and this weekend was the one without any blast, and it was good :)

and u need no reason to come here btw, njoi ur trip