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Monday, April 16, 2007

Shilpa Shetty and a loose gere

Everyone likes this girl, she is quite beautiful, we all know that.

And Richrad Gere has always enjoyed on-screen with really beautiful ladies ( me and my friends discussed in college that Richard Gere and Antonio Banderas are the two guys who have had all the fun with the best of actresses).

So Mr. Gere had a little fun with Shilpa yesterday as I read it here,


Although its said to be have done for AIDS awareness, but Mr. Gere it could have been anyone, Why Shilpa???

People following regular rituals nowadays burned effigies of Richard Gere. No wonder if see Aaj Tak doing a one hour vishesh on the same tonight.

Although one thing can be said, some men are Lucky just once, some are Lucky more than once and the others are Richard Gere.

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A Little Light said...

god bless the aids awareness campaign!

desh said...

bless it for real :-)
atleast amidst so much hulla-gulla, aids gets a shout

Smartalec said...

what a fuss everyone is making over the entire episode! ok people, so u didn't get to kiss shilpa shetty, or didn't get kissed by richard gere!
sheesh! u should see the news channels making an issue out of it... replaying the scenes as in those ekta kapoor serials!
when will people grow up and behave sensibly rather than embarrassing the nation?!

desh said...

i think its comin out of mere frustration tht noone among thm was able to kiss Shilpa...
demonstrations will go on, did u forget the right to freedom of expression...:)
neway i am also jealous of tht guy...stupid guy kisses every othr good gal ;)

A Little Light said...

btw jus read tht sivaji release is postponed to june 8th :(

desh said...

omg...i really want to see tht one
mayb in chennai
heard tht watchin a rajni movie in chennai is similar n infact much more than a pilgrimage

Pingu said...

Oye Desh!
tu Rajnikant ka fan kab se ban gaya???
aur uski movie dekhne chennai aayega?!! wah! wah!:o-p

desh said...

Shilpa Shetty ki baat chal rahi thi...:)
waise i am used to slippin outta context