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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fir Jeet Gayi Australia

3 and still no one to stop (img soure:

It’s finally over, after a two month old, not so fascinating exercise, the cup ended in hands of deserving winners. Aussies have now 3 consecutive World Cup victories along with a 29 match winning streak, which for sure wouldn't be surpassed by any team, atleast in this century. That day I thought Jayasuriya and Sangakara almost started on a road that was quite impossible, in the end it turned out that way only.

Awesome Cricket from the Sri-Lankans too, as I certainly wouldn’t have hoped any better from any team against the Australians. Aussies are too much to reckon with. The day belonged to three people- Gilchrist, McGrath and Jayasuriya. Gillu with his awesome effort with the Bat, Glenn McGrath for an awesome career which had the best possible ending with a victory in World cup and a Man of the Series award and Jayasuriya for a knock which still highlights his fighting spirit, probably his last in an World Cup. Ponting equaled Lloyd but personally I quite dislike him for reasons quite not so in my recognition.

In a way I am happy that the Cup ended. It was growing into a boring entity which noone cared whether it even existed or not. It was a lethargic event which succumbed tyo an even more confusing and stupid ending. That Drakness Drama which unfolded was stupid and adds no pleasure in viewing, certainly. But the Final atleast looked like a Final with crowds in the stadium and an awesome atmosphere, add to that some god fighting Cricket. Certainly the closest Final after 1996 World Cup.

I am happy that it's over, sad that Gilchrist might be considering a retirement from One-Dayers after this :(

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gillu Bhai Jio!!!

Gilchrist is awesome. His 149 proved that he is one of the bestest player of our generation and he is one of my personal favourites too. Among the Bestest of Best, I was expecting him to make a double, but sadly it didn't happen.

So 281 is what Sri Lanka need in 38 overs. I think its mostly over with the exception of a miracle from Jayasuriya.

Bestest crowd in the Cup so far, and lots of entertainment, it feels like I am seeing atleast a World Cup game.

Once again, Hats off to Gilchrist.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Desi aur Uski Pyari Billi

Billi Do Hazaar Saat
Ek Lagan Nayi

Sawaal- Billi Do Hazaar Che main kya hua, diya kyon nahi?
Jawaab- No Comments!

Sawaal-Kya is baar Fotu Chipkega?
Jawaab- Ji haan chipkega!

Sawaal-Billi swasth ke liye kyon zaroori hai?
Jawaab- Billi nahi nikli to Bill bharne mushkil ho jaayenge, hamara swasth to thik hi hai lekin kahi mansik swasth na kharab ho jaaye. Aji ho hi jaayega. Billi main nahi hona swasth ke liye hanikarini rahega.

Sawaal-Bangalore main to itne saare kutte hai, fir Billi hi kyon?
Jawaab- Kisi mahaan vyakti ne kaha hai,
Bangalore main agar patthar faiko to ya to kutte ko lagega ya fir abhiyanta ko lagega.
Humen socha kutto ka to yaha khatma ho raha hai, to ab hume hi patthar lagenge, to humne Billi ko chuna. Billi hume Bangalore ki takniki duniya se door jaane ka suvarna mauka degi.

Sawaal-Billi ke liye aajkal junta main utsukta kafi jyada hai?
Jawaab- Ji haan, Billi kafi garma-garam ho chuki hai. Kuch varsho pahle yeh nahi tha. Bharat ki nayi artha-vyavastha main in naukriyon ko kafi badhawa mila hai.

Sawaal-Aap kya sochte hai kya is baar aap "Billi ka Tod" ya "Billi ki Ghanti" prapt karne main safal honge?
Jawaab- Pata nahi, dekhiye kuch kah nahi sakte, baat yun hai ki aajkal Billi badi anishchit ho gayi hai, yeh ek aisa khel hai jiska nirnay hamare uttaro aur bhagwaan ke aashirwaad ke alawa, mananiya nyayalaya, kuch dangayi aivam mantri bhi nirikshan-parikshan karne ke baad ghoshity karte hai. Yahi saal le lijiye abhi tak Billi ke nirnay latke hue hai.

Sawaal-Aap to teesri baar Billi dene ki taiyari kar rahi hai, kuch hamare darshako ke liye sandesh?
Jawaab- Ganit aur Anglya Bhasha prayog hi zaroori nahi hai, lagan aur mehnat zaruri hai. Dete rahiye, ek na ek din Billi aapke kadam choomegi. Jai Hind!!!

Kya Desi Billi prapt kar payenge.

SMS kijiye Desi Y (haan ke liye) ya Desi N(na ke liye) 242424 par


Pichle Varsh ke Desi ke Billi-Adventure

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Girls just Love me, and boys love ...

"Girls Just Love Me" and boys love Jamola (couldn't think of another name which won't be offensive to anyone)

If you know me as desh, click here

If you know me as desi, click here

If you know me as pattu, click here

If you don't know me click anywhere

Awesome one, have send it to around 30 people with a modified link.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Google vs. God

'Google can't satisfy every search'...

Got this one from digg, just to emphasize that Google ain't the end of world.

Also check out the comments on the googlified link. Awesome :)

Googlified Story | digg story

Monday, April 16, 2007

Shilpa Shetty and a loose gere

Everyone likes this girl, she is quite beautiful, we all know that.

And Richrad Gere has always enjoyed on-screen with really beautiful ladies ( me and my friends discussed in college that Richard Gere and Antonio Banderas are the two guys who have had all the fun with the best of actresses).

So Mr. Gere had a little fun with Shilpa yesterday as I read it here,


Although its said to be have done for AIDS awareness, but Mr. Gere it could have been anyone, Why Shilpa???

People following regular rituals nowadays burned effigies of Richard Gere. No wonder if see Aaj Tak doing a one hour vishesh on the same tonight.

Although one thing can be said, some men are Lucky just once, some are Lucky more than once and the others are Richard Gere.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Sanjaya and Shakira

Don't you see similarities,

Ok, that was the Cock's Crown hair-do, but in general the hair do resemble.

I mean just the Hair-Do's, so now we get to know where Mr. Malakar's famous Hair-Do was spotted elsewhere.Also came across this interesting blog which offers 1000$ for his hair.

Whatever it is the point is that I really regret missing Shakira's visit to Mumbai. I mean I should have gone there. I love this lady and one thing is for sure I won't miss a chance to go to Shakira Live when she comes next time to India.

This Sanjaya is hogging all the limelight nowadays, people touting him as the next Shilpa Shetty sorta thing from India, ripping apart his personal life and projecting him as the American Idol destroyer. I searched a lot though for Sanjaya Malakar's Blog and thought he might have put his thoughts and rants somewhere but couldn't find it. I think that this 17 something will win it, anyway as American version gaining popularity in India the Desi version is going to be not so good this season with the judges opting out and last year's Idol already gone into hibernation forever.

Image Source: American Idol and DNA

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shakalaka boom boom: Aaaa Thhuuu

Its better if this thing falls on your head,

Rather than you watching this,

But one should take a note that even shit has some purpose, but movies like Shakalaka Boom Boom are just made without purpose.

Some bug got into my head yesterday that I went for the movie, actually was getting quite bored so went, but the 30 bucks spent on this movie quite tooooooo much.

If you are expecting a review don't expect one, because there is nothing to talk about. The one good thing, the title track was nowhere in the movie and came at the end. the movie is complete Dragon Dung or even can be called Dinosaur Dung, because such kind off dung is extinct.

Bobby Deol is completely out of match pratice, no movies for him nowadays. Upen Patel is yuk. his voice has been done by it seems the same guy who dubs for every English movie's Hindi version. Celina Jaitely, OMG!!! when she speaks it feels like her school teacher had given her such a beating that she will never come out of it, and will someone please tell her the importance of wearing clothes.

The real disappointment was Kangana Ranaut because I had really heard good things about her. Most of the movie she had a face like Geisha (White with Red) and was wearing stupid clothes. God help her with better movie selection next time. Anyway me too a culprit to have missed her earlier movies like Gangster and Woh Lamhe but maybe she is good.

And my sympathies for Anupam Kher, a great actor who had to appear in such a dud. God knows why he agreed?

Suneel Darshan sir why did you make this movie. I mean don't you know even after making so many movies what a movie is like. But I pity him, because he must have watched it like 4-5 times during editing and all, me quite lucky then in some sense.

The High Point of the movie was Bobby Deol going Deaf in the end and demons or some alien like creatures coming and eating him up from somewhere. Also the Guruji of Bobby Deol, Govind Namdeo was a nice character because he never taught anything but only heard to what Bobby said. I had a headache after watching the movie for real. One more thing to add we were about 20 odd people in the theater.

The only thing you realize after watching Shakalaka Boom Boom is that what a good movie can never be. Never watch it even if someone offers it to you for free. Even my spit will get dirty if I spit at this movie.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

It was IIT time again...

Yesterday was IITJEE day. This time 2.5 lakh people appeared for it compared to 1.5 lakh which sat for screening when I gave it. Nice to read that they gave a Multiple Choice questions based easier exam. Now its time when people will start searching for IITJEE 2007 solutions everywhere and start comparing them with what they have put up in papers. In my days there were two phases, now its one which takes away a bit of pressure from the students. Screening sorted out some 25K people for mains. But giving the final main exam was quite an affair.

I still remember the day, 5th May 2002. Me and niddu had lodged up in a nice hotel at Sitabardi, Nagpur. Both of us back from a month long Crash Course at Delhi, quite tired of studies. Actually we both were with quite less expectations but still there is always that hope.

Niddu left for his centre in morning, I guess it was LNIT. Mine was CP Berrar College, and as I heard it was quite far. Amol Kaka, my dad's cousin bro came to pick me up in the morning. It was quite hot, I had a really short haircut that time and I still remember my head burning. My kaka left me with some stuff to eat(chips, a coke and biscuits) at that was quite a remote place. Ok now it was exam time.

So it started with Chemistry, giving the paper I was feeling lie god, I could solve almost all the stuff in paper and felt like GOD!!! You know those days solving everything really meant that. All the 12 questions, I think I did well with 10 of them. The thing was the first half was marred by Band-Baaja waalahs and as people in Nagpur told me later CP Berrar was there area. In middle of first paper I asked the invigilator for telling them to stop. They stopped after sometime but when you are playing well nothing matters.

When I came out of the hall, I heard that everyone has done well, I shouldn't say I was disappointed but I felt a bit foolish and becoming so happy and all. Ok, next was Physics, Ok Physics, now here was a subject I never really understood quite well, I mean for 2 years I had done mostly mathematics and neglected Physics quite a lot. Before that I munched through biscuits, chips and a boiling Coke or maybe it was Pepsi. Ok then Physics started and it was horrible, I looked around and saw 3-4 guys even sleeping, I thought its OK you will make it, no thermodynamics, OMG then what will I do, a simple lab experiment based question, yes done, at least one done. Somehow I managed to crack a question on Mechanics which surprised me. I was sweating heavily and it was getting quite hot, sweat fell on the answer sheet and rubbed off a bit of ink from one of the answers I had put, the bench was Ok as compared to other exams I have given but they started feeling uncomfortable. You see I quite literally put my sweat in IITJEE. It was the longest time I had spent thinking useless things and seeing around and solving something here and there but I knew this was over. But I saw 5-6 guys sleeping around me in the hall this time and I thought maybe I am doing not so bad, you know that hope never dis in an Indian Brain.

Amol Kaka brought me lunch in the break and asked how did it go? I said ok, there were a few people I knew around, mostly my school seniors but I avoided talking to people that day, quite unlike me. Also my Kaka told me that the temperature was something like 48-49 C that day. God! I thought maybe it was not that bad and I was sweating due to the heat only. The last paper was Mathematics which I enjoyed as much as the Chemistry paper, the difference being that there wasn’t much noise this time round. Also the first half was damn hot, when I thought the temperature was around 50 and I was sweating again, the second hour hot wind started blowing and all the doors and windows of CP Berrar started banging themselves like stupid Rock show headbangers. Someone’s answer sheet also flew across the room and all.

It ended, I went back to hotel, had a chat with Niddu and we both knew it was over. We had to leave for Bangalore the next day and needless to say we were both a bit disappointed. A month later I think they sent me a report card which said rank something 7050. Anyway it ended but it was quite a nice experience. Those were the last days when I enjoyed studying a bit.

Anyway I hope all the students enjoyed giving exams, and not everyone will get in, but for those who don’t still giving the JEE will remain a good memory stored somewhere in there brains.

Caught one blogger putting up the experience of JEE 2007

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Friday, April 06, 2007


Tarantino movies are generally a tough enough nut to crack. Whether be it the Pulpy fiction he created or the Reservoir Dogs he went off with. Sometimes it well over the head and full of khoonkharaba Kill Bill ishtyle.

Today heard about his new one, Grindhouse and as usual is totally hatke.

This time we have a double feature film with trailers in it. So we not one but two feature films in one- Planet Terror followed up with Death Proof. And he teams up with some guy named Robert Rodriguez in it. So waiting for this fultu exploitation movie whenever this comes to theaters.

GrindHouse on IMDB

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Received this one as a forward today. Nice picture.

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I Broke the Vow the Night India lost...

This thing getting blogged a couple of weeks later after it happened. Ok something finally went inside after a gap of almost 3 months(last time it happened). The occasion deserved it though. I met Motu aka Dimpy aka Shameek after a gap of four years I think, the time I was not into the Ethanol business and he had just started. Things have changed, he is no longer Motu, I have got into the biz and left it and both have started earning a bit.

For those of you having not a bit of idea of what me talkign about there was a vow, a vow against C2H5OH. For details you can check out the To-Do's for New Year.

But it was great. I mean sitting and gulping on the terrace of Pratik's home is always great. So me, Prateek, Shameek and Sushant had a real blast, which was the same time when India was loosing it out against Bangladesh and Pakistanis against Ireland. So in went a bit of Vodka followed by Whisky and loads of stuff to eat.

The next day was great too with Neha coming into the town from Hyderabad. I think I met her after 5 years. Also was my friend Milan whom also I met after a long time. So we all went for a walk followed by CCD followed by Mast Kalandar at Kormanagala which I should say is an awesome place for having food.

Milan, Shameek, Neha and Me( I do look drowsy)

That was followed by another round with me and Shameek involved again. I must say one thing everything was getting damn heavy after so much of liquor.
Meeting old pals is always great and about breaking the vow, kabhi kabhi ho jata hai.

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