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Thursday, September 04, 2008

City 3-tier

After two and a half months at SP, it seems I have slowly started realising the fact that most my bakbak, most of my stupid and sometimes interesting jokes (although I try to relate them with loads of real life examples), most of ideas relate to 3-tier cities. Thanks to one of my friends here who made me realise the importance of Small City Dreams again.

You talk of a Loreal and I move to Chik Shampoos, talk of Britannia and I talk about the reach of Parle-G, someone mentions a detergent and there I start with Karsanbhai and Nirma. It seems brans with huge mass appeal and great reach attarct me more than glossy and high end brands. Nothing against any of them, just that I somehow realte easily to the mass-brands.

It comes from my upbringing at Korba, that small town which nobody has heard of (people find it difficult even to locate Chattisgarh at times) and the diversity I witnessed there. Just came back from 1st Ganapati visarjan here at Versova Beach which reminded me of my days there, still crave for the Ganesh Chaturthi get-togethers and the Durga Pooja Pendal excitement.

In between loads of padhai-likhai for which I have been completely uninterested for the past few days, I think this is something which will keep me a bit motivated for 2 years.

All that old song singing, recalling DD serials during free time, talking about politics (which many consider small-townish), talking about regular dal-aata issues rather than using MacroEconomics to dissect issues and complicate them, or even hating to pay so much for movies it comes naturally to me.

Lets take the Tata Nano issue for instance, everyone ta my college (that issue super hot, in classes, outside it too) have been cribbing about Tata not being able to succed and W.Bengal not taking advantage of a great oppurtunity. Having had the oppurtunity to live in Bengal for few days I have a slight idea what people there think, how people there work and I can judge the situation with some better clarity. I won't put my judgement here though, thats another issue.

Whatever it is, slowly its getting difficult to assimilate so much happening in class, I think its better I slowly start building upon my interests and giving it some direction.

Destination 3-Tier surely looks promising again.