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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fir Jeet Gayi Australia

3 and still no one to stop (img soure:

It’s finally over, after a two month old, not so fascinating exercise, the cup ended in hands of deserving winners. Aussies have now 3 consecutive World Cup victories along with a 29 match winning streak, which for sure wouldn't be surpassed by any team, atleast in this century. That day I thought Jayasuriya and Sangakara almost started on a road that was quite impossible, in the end it turned out that way only.

Awesome Cricket from the Sri-Lankans too, as I certainly wouldn’t have hoped any better from any team against the Australians. Aussies are too much to reckon with. The day belonged to three people- Gilchrist, McGrath and Jayasuriya. Gillu with his awesome effort with the Bat, Glenn McGrath for an awesome career which had the best possible ending with a victory in World cup and a Man of the Series award and Jayasuriya for a knock which still highlights his fighting spirit, probably his last in an World Cup. Ponting equaled Lloyd but personally I quite dislike him for reasons quite not so in my recognition.

In a way I am happy that the Cup ended. It was growing into a boring entity which noone cared whether it even existed or not. It was a lethargic event which succumbed tyo an even more confusing and stupid ending. That Drakness Drama which unfolded was stupid and adds no pleasure in viewing, certainly. But the Final atleast looked like a Final with crowds in the stadium and an awesome atmosphere, add to that some god fighting Cricket. Certainly the closest Final after 1996 World Cup.

I am happy that it's over, sad that Gilchrist might be considering a retirement from One-Dayers after this :(

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Malavika said...

bore nahi hothe kya....mujhe tho bas cricket main interest hi nikal u sed blady record by them cannot b broken in the coming century also!...
damn!!aussies ARE good!!

desh said...

bore to ho chuka hun lekin jis chez par bachpan se lekar aajtak hazaroon ghante vyarth kiye hai usse mann uth to sakta nahi na:(
aussies too good

Smartalec said...

finally a world cup match which felt like a world cup match! but the damn rains had to play spoilsport! anyway, hats of to gilchrist... he played his natural game if not better! awesome stroke play! nothing the lankans could've done! i so hoped he'd make a double ton:(
anyway, pigeon is retiring on such a happy note! not once did his age show and he went on to claim the player of the series award too! hats off to him!
this winning streak of the aussies reminds me of schumacher's winning streak which made F1 so damn predictable and boring... we know that the giants from down-under are unbeatable and it'll take some time for them to meet their match... i so hoped the lankans would win! so much for luthra's linking nostradamus' prophecy to wc '07:p
time to move on to the better things in life!

Pingu said...

arrrrre desi...humare team ka number kab ayega...???
Jab Arjun Tendulkar,Samit Dravid khelenge tab???

Kitchy........... said...

I just wish this world cup wud have been better from India's perspective :( .. but kudos to the Ausies for their gr8 effort!!!

desh said...

@ steve mcgrath was great but i liked shane warne much more...
n as far as gilchrist is considered hear tht he goin to play for atleast 2 more yrs. me happy for tht.

@pingu humara number nahi aayega...ab chodd de yaar is cheez par mazzak main bhi mazaa nahi raha

@kitchy u alive!!!

Kitchy........... said...

yep desh !! very much alive :)

Cuckoo said...

bore to ho chuka hun lekin jis chez par bachpan se lekar aajtak hazaroon ghante vyarth kiye hai usse mann uth to sakta nahi na.. I agree. :) Main bhi aisi hoon.

Btw, for next WC they have decided what they're going to do.
1. Opening ceremony
2. Present the cup to Aussies
3. Closing ceremony

No need to play or spend so much money. Aussies are going to win it in any way. :P

desh said...

sabhi aise hi hain cuckoo
but u knw wht i did a complete boycott of th bangla series...:)
n me happy bout it
n did u see th next generation aussie players...sab saand hai
they will kill all