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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Liverpool Jeetega

Hope Steven Gerrad(my favourite football player) and his boys do it again. Last time it was a miracle, hoping for such kind of a game again. But somewhere inside I have a feeling that the Work-Ex of Milan Uncles(Gattuso, Seedorf, Maldini) along with another uncle (kaka) will do it.

But go Liverpool win it...make it Red

For those who didn't find the context read this,

Champion's League Final

Wiki Page on this year's UCL

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dk said...

inzaghi uncle ki hai ho
kaka will rule the world for years to come!
and will win the winning goal in 2027 final :)

dk said...

correction: will hit the winning goal :)

desh said...

goin by AC Milan tradition he can play till then

no points for guessing tht maldini will lift the cup :P

Naresh said...

Forza Milan....

Inzhagi ne kar dikhaayaa ki uncles bhi football khel sakte hai... :D

desh said...

uncles khele bhi aur jeet bhi gaye
inzaghi was acting like big time stupid, i have never liked tht player