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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dhoom 2oo Good

Half way into the movie my friend suggests best GUI ever, I agree. Movie ends, a sneezing coughing already choked for air me, comes out of the theatre into the crappy Bangalore street traffic, I thought I will suffer an Asthma attack. This movie should carry a warning that it can leave you breathless. My obvious expression after every scene, “yaar saans hi nahi lene de rahe”, referring to the alternate switching scenes between icantseehercontinouslyotherwisemewillgoblind(a new adjective soon to be compiled by Webstar) Bipasha and a dunnawhattosaygaspingmouthbreathlesslungs( a new adjective soon to be compiled by Oksford) Aishwarya.

Dhoom-2 marks the return of the Great Masala Movie to Bollywood, though this time round it’s packed in Silver-foil rather than green shabby polythene covers. Infact Masala entertainers are what everyone wants after years of crappy NRI pleasing glycerine overdosed K-JO genre movies.

Hide Uday Chopra’s face and you get the most beautiful starcast assembled in modern times. Though Uday Chopra was one the biggest surprises for me in the movie as he walked away with the best lines and was the perfect thing a sidekick could ever dream of becoming. Doesn’t matter.

Abhishek Bachchan known to add the cool factor in movies like Bluffmaster etc is perfectly in compliance with the norms. He was the perfect thanda in the movie which had not much for him anyway. Doesn’t matter.

Bipasha hmm, throughout my life I have stuck to the fact that Bengali gals are the most beautiful in the country, the moment when Bipasha appears in the orange colored costume for the Touch Me number , that made orange my favourite fruit, orange my favourite colour and Holland my favourite football team for life. Second half's much talked about bikni sequence is a gracefully executed sequence which would otherwise have been turned crappy by other filmmakers. She looks athletically sexy, oozing and oomphing all kind of gasps possible. But she was close to crap in the second half. Doesn’t matter.

People say that she isn’t that great as she is talked about, agree. People say she can be dumb as an actress agree. But what you want to see you get it. Agree? Aish as Sunahari is a tribute to the beautiful Aishwarya as we have never seen before. Awesomely toned body, great dances, nicely executed graceful ishtyle. Acting, role. Doesn’t matter.

In my highly biased opinion Hrithik is the next best thingy after Amitabh and Shahrukh. I think though many flow along
this bias positively. After years we have got a Hero who does all with a soothing halo of sincerity around him, and with such panache which will put the best thinking and puzzled. Even I am puzzled how to create sentences as of now but Hrithik is sometimes too graceful to be a Bollywood hero, maybe that’s what puts him apart from the rest. Maybe he can’t act, he overacts or whatever crap people come up with, but there is hardly anyone at the moment who can challenge his screen presence. And that’s what matters maybe.

And the Hrithik-Ash pair is something to look out for, they click like anything together, leave the kissh out but the scenes together even Hrithik and Ash coming together gives you that feeling that someone has put smoldering embers under you on the seat. Looking forward to much more from the pair, it's definitely better than she gets along with the Baccha Bachchan.

Anyway nice watch, it’s time we realize that those critics cribbing about good stories are mostly wrong, one can create great entertainers even without a story.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hu Ha India...gaya India!!!

I don't know why we always pin hopes on our boys. Maybe its blind optimism. Maybe it's the hope that show us( or the ads). Anyway South Africa tours have been generally this way only. 157 run loss is just the first in series. I don't see the tide turning anyway further in the competition.
So what has been wrong, a recent interview with Wasim Akram on some news channel said it all. According to him we chop-n-change too much, add to that our inexperienced bowling attack. But someone told me Kumble has went for the tour, for what playing kho-kho with the team.
It will be better if Indian team does some batting practice, rather than playing kho-kho and kabbadi which may have left Yuvraj out for the World cup.
With due respects Dravid is a great batsman, but when it comes to captaincy, everyone agrees he could be a bit vocal. Rather than showing his presence on the field he remains a bit laid-back. agree that's his style but even with bowlers bowling all places on field he doesn't seem to wither a bit. He should start doing that otherwise its tough days ahead for him. Ganguly and even Azhar in the past have shown their dominance by having a great field presence which maybe important for a captain to have.
The only special thing yesterday was the knock by Sachin. He is GOD!!! Nothing more I can say about the GOD.
Also another good thing was the television presentation on ESPN, bringing back the great memories of days when commentary used to be on cricket not on spaghetti straps. Also the great atmosphere on the ground and the good pitch added to the presentation, quite a refreshing change from the recently concluded boring Champions trophy.
It seems like Kaif and Raina have to do something, Raina especially isn't a hitter and no great innings to his name. Kaif should stop basking in the glory of past achievements which are long lost in the past.
Dinesh Mongia seems to be a good thing for team. His bowling is quite good but its still puzzling why he was under bowled.
As far as Greg Chappel is considered I completely agree with Durga Puja pendal guys in Kolkata who created a deity of Durga with Mahishasura where the ASURA was Greg Chappel. With him in picture first time it seems Indian cricket operates not from field but from outside it.
Please say bye-bye to experiments, Cricket is a lazy man's game, let it be that way.
Anyway check out this amazing post on the same issue,
Kaho Na Massacre Hai

Disclaimer: I am a hardcore DADA (Sourav Ganguly) fan, so this article may not be considered neutral by few, still this is my personal opinion.
Also the title is not against India, it's against the Indian Cricket team. Still if the title offends any I apologise and will change it.

*This one was originally blogged at Sportolysis

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another Sachin and Kambli !!!

Just came across this article from Mohandas Menon,

When about 19 years back two Acherakar boys from Mumbai's Shardashram had a 664 run partnership noone would have thought that one of them would be then would go on to become Sachin Tendulkar. The thing is that one of them was Sachin Tendulkar was such an historic event that it overshadows most of the events of that decade and maybe even that century. Noone can deny the god like status Sachin has achieved today but even God shows their best as kids. About Kambli people remember more for his stupid hairstyles (or no-hairstyles) and his crying after the SriLanka semi-final loss at Eden Garden's 1996 rather than his double double centuries against England. He was a good enough batsman always there but never so much there.

Now its the turn of two kids from Hyderabad, India's new sporting hot-pot( Sania and Saina emerging from there) to give us Mohammad Shahbaz Tumbi and B Manoj Kumar. These two non-teenagers have broken one of the longest standing records in Under-18 cricket( Infact highest partnership in CLASS of Cricket) in India scoring 721 runs in a partnership for their school and hope they continue the good efforts till they grow up and play for India one day.

Hoping that both of them goes the Sachin way, not his friends way.

*This one was originally blogged at Sportolysis

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Youtube Band for today

This is what I was just thinking about yesterday. What if Youtube shuts down for a while or forever what will happen to all me dependent blogposts. They are also shutdown.

And this is what happened today...
It's high time I stop depending on external content for my posts. It's much better to just scribble anything of my own.

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I wanted to be here...

Last to last week I had a reunion at my place with all my college ke friends (40 of them) having a great time. But somehow I miss my school ki junta too much. Last week three of them niddu(Swapnil), rippu(Ripunjai) and Abhishek(Sona, quite ironically me listening to oh mere sona re...) had a reunion at IIM indore(IIM-I hate that word now...huh) followed by Abhishek's home. It must have been great. All throughout my college lives I have missed these guys too much. Anyway me planning to go to Hyderabad with Pratik and there I hope to catch a few but I really hope next time I am a part of these pictures,

Rippu, Abhishek and Niddu

At niddu's room I presume

At Rock show

Next time I will be there pakka.

Going crazy with Youtube...

This is too much. What a day. A bug fix, a community meet, my team's anniversary celebrations and some 30 odd videos on Youtube. I can say I am a Youtube addict now. What else I made 5-6 members in my team addict with the help of Sandy. Whether is the stupid Chiranjeevi video, or Shammi Kapoor's twisting 60's, or Boot Polish songs, or Mughal-e-azam and Sholay sequences I can see everything here.
I am into it. Kya mast cheez hai. No wonder Google paid 1.6 Billion $ for the thing.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Children's Day ...!!!

It's 14th November. It's Chacha Nehru's Birthday.


14 years back in history me as a standard 2 student would have been receiving chocolates packed along with Poppins, a Lollipop and Kismi all wrapped with a Parle-G at school. And there would have been a function celebrating the same.
Nowadays don't know what is happening with kids. I mean media covers everyday as some big thing but me completely out of sync with what happens in school on Children's Day now. Radio stations cribbing on it all day along with all the news channels.

Being a kid is not so easy anymore maybe. Right from peer-pressure (don't know when that thing originated in India), padhai likhai ka pressure, affairs in school(things like stupid MMS DPS RKP scandal put us down) and the much talked about super-kid syndrome.

But this is the story of kids who can afford to be super, for so many kids across the country it's still a struggle for livelihood, making a living, saving themselves from crime, selling chai, working at homes or in factories. The recent bill on banning the use of Child Labour at Domestic and commercial establishments is a step in the right direction but it is more or less a Vicious Circle which I discussed here,
Vicious Circle of Social Reforms

Whatever be it there is nothing better in life than being in your childhood. I had a stupid discussion couple of days back with my friend on this and almost all seem to agree. Anyway its Children's Day so all the baccha log enjoy.

I am putting one of my favourite song's up here for the occasion, from the 50's Nehuvian style Raj Kapoor classic. Even Nehru loved the movie very much.


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Michael Jackson khub royega ...:-)

When I first saw the Thriller video as a kid I swear I was scared. I still remember seeing it first time at my Dad's friend house eating Salted Pistacho's when I was a kid. Strangely it's the only thing I remember about his home. But it is one of the bestest video ever. But wait till you see this. Oh God Chiranjeevi on the Rocks. Enjoy this,

I hope Michael Jackson doesn't see this. I don't know whether he will be able to take the shock. But this one is definitely their in my favourites list now...:-)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Shiv Visvanathan goes on and on and on...

My four years in college were nothing without the presence of my favourite profs, one of the most influential members of that list being Prof. Shiv Visvanthan. Seeing him on Headlines Today 2-3 days back, when Shiv had his Way on Sex and Single Men brought back memories of the amazingly stupendous discussions and lectures we went through in college along with the countless afternoons we spent with him in his room sipping coffee and glaring at his amazing collection of Chocolate and Cookie boxes.

I suppose we were the only Engineering College let alone a college in India discussing Playboy Posters and pornography in classroom. Add to that the amazing series of lecture we went through in the Cinema and Modernity course ripping apart Picasso and Duchamp and then going through lengthy discussions on Apocalypse Now, Citizen Kane, German movies of Leni Riefenstahl, the Indian Anti-Hero from Amitabh to Shahrukh and lots of it. No one would ever forget the lecture given by him on Urban Planning in one of the sessions on Environment Science.

Recently with his articles on Gandhi as a Management Guru neither has he once again echoed his thoughts on me but connected me back to my college that I miss so much. He is one person of whom I will tell my Grandchildren about, don't know whether they will be able to connect to a person of such a different epoch, but then Shiv is much much ahead of our times.

Check this by enginerd If you have missed it,

Sex and Single Men

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Last few Days...Tough Ones

Coming Back from Home, SpiceJet, Good Air Hostess, No Food, Good biscuits, Landing, Bangalore Traffic, Coming to Office, Back to Work, JHATKA in the EVENING sitting with Prashant, Talk to Pabari, Talk to Dad, Go to IIMB, Get all disappointed and comeback, Back to Office, Back to Work, Go again to IIMB, Meet the Officer with Pabari, Get all disappointed and comeback, Call Daily to IIMB, Drink Beer with Sandy and Vaibhav and Nihar, Call at IIMB, All Disappointed, Go to Siva’s Party, Drink Beer and White Rum AGAIN!!!, Go to IIMB, Get all disappointed and comeback, Final talk at IIMB…Its Over, Lots of Work, Lots of it again, But It’s over, It is Over, Another Party Yesterday, Lots of Phone Calls during these two weeks, Lots of Explanation again and again making me feel done with, Its Over, I can’t help it can’t get over it, Lots of discussion on adhesive technology and how by making the back side of a photograph rough it sticks better, How the Probability figure of 10 in 2 lakh 25 thousand was reached, How the Bands effected this and made this happen, 2nd Oct-5th Oct was almost holiday they say, but its over, no use going over it again and again and again and again and maybe again, I am tired of listening to people, maybe I am tired of Bangalore, but then I can’t do anything, its over, everything gone, just another year to look forward to, maybe I am unlucky, what maybe I am unlucky, but can’t help it can’t take it, it’s over, leave it behind they say, but I took nothing so what to leave behind, this whole thing is so different, 1000’s of thoughts lingering on your mind, 3-4 parties in a week, alcohol tasting good as never before, its changing, its confusing as ever but its another year, is it worth that much I think or is it just the weak Y-Chromosome, let me try to leave everything, let me, allow me, its not about faith they say, its about lack of it, its about mistakes its about forgetting and looking forward, its over.

In short me not giving CAT anymore.