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Monday, December 10, 2007

Jai DADA …Cuck Fhappell...Shappell Cucks...

Dada showed all of us what great player he is, along with Yuvi he broke records and showed people like Dravid and Chappell how great he is. I think now its time both of them realize that they can't destroy any cricketer's career at will and they must learn to respect people like Dada (it will be difficult as there would be no one like Dada again).

What my friend Nitesh another Dada fan said yesterday,

Darvidian Zameen par Dada ka Double Ton...

BTW This post comes from my friend who along with me and Nitesh is the biggest dada fan ever. Shameek didn't even cut his hair for a long time waiting for a dada century to happen. Shameek runs us through the Dada stroy still reminiscent in the mind of each and every cricket fan. So fresh from a hair cut and an amazing Dada knock here is what Shameek has to say,(all what I wanted to say too)

5 log jinko DADA ne us din double hundred maar kar karara jawaab diya hai :

  • Greg Chappell : said that DADA was not mentally as well as physically fit to be in the national side.
  • Kiran More : said that DADA does not fit into the scheme of things.
  • Sharad Pawar : used him as a political pawn as and when he needed against Dalmiya group.
  • Rahul Dravid : who did not support him when he needed it the most, may b the biggest mistake by Dravid.
  • Bishan Singh Bedi : duniya ka sabse kamina ex-cricketer jo apne aap ko chhodkar baaki poori duniya ko ******* samajhta hai.

Cut back to early 90s...when this young maharaja made debut, not a great one in ODIs and when rejected to carry drinks...People said his attitude is not good and cannot fit into team....He went on to become the BEST captain of INDIA....

Come to 1996....when he was selected for England tour after 5 years...people said, he was selected because of his political backing...and went on to said "He will not continue in team"...then entered the GOD of OFF SIDE making back to back 100s on debut..."Prince is born"

he never turned back and kept scoring "sexy" square cuts...lovely off drvies and those deadly sixes....and there was a time...when he was on par with another GOD of cricket....

When Azhar was out and Sachin couldn’t handle it....he took the onus...people again said.."how can he be captain of Indian team?"...awell...we all know how Indian cricket team transformed from tigers on paper to Tigers on field....

Natwest trophy, beat AUS in India and also in their back yard..beat Pakistan,Won a mini world cup,runners in WC2003 and reached to finals in almost every tournament Indian team played...

People said he can’t play in Australia....his 144 in Brisbane set the tone for Indian fight back in Australia...

Then started decline in his personal form and people started to write off him..

"This is the end of road for Sourav"

"End of an Era"

"End of Dada Giri"

"he doesnt fit into scheme of things"

were few comments...but there were many silly and humiliating jokes cooked upon him..

He was "thrown" out of them team with out any respect...

Even few of his team members who flourished and retained in team under his captaincy didn’t even go and gave a tap on his back...

the prince was left alone. deserted....lost captaincy. lost place in team...but not the hope. not the hunger...not the fire....

December 2006...when India toured needed some experience and called him back...though people said "he will face the chin music on SA pitches"

"We dont want Sourav" were the press conference words said by the then coach and captain...

But those ignorant people forgot something..."Only challenges bring best out of warriors"...

That is what exactly he proved...played an crucial role in India's Win against SA..and was highest scorer for the series..

People kept saying he is the weak link in the side...and he kept coming up with his own replies...

Now came the thunderous punch to those people...a hundred at his own home followed by trade mark sexy stylish superb 239 which not only made a world of good to him but also bailed team out of trouble along with Yuvi and pathan.

you are looking for a clue to what has helped Sourav Ganguly sustain his spectacular run in Test cricket since his return at the fag end of last year, don't bother looking at his footwork or the flow of the bat. Take, instead, a close look at his eyes while he is batting. They speak of a calmness almost bordering on serenity, and a combination of composure and resolve. You could see it in his comeback innings in Johannesburg that fetched him an unbeaten 51 and you could see it through his epic innings in Bangalore that marked a new high in his career.

People will still say..."he doesn’t have technique..." "he cant play short balls" "he is unfit" "he is weak link"....

And I am sure they will again get their replies from this great warrior....SOURAV GANGULY.... from his bat!!!!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dreaded S-Word


two kids from class 3 fighting as Abhishek watches on (still be christened with any of the present day nicknames).

bippu*- saale kutte kahi ke???
ritesh*- shocked and about to breakdown
Abhishek and rest of the audience- Haaaaauuuuuuuuu......
ritesh*- full-tu crying, I will complaint this to Ratnam Mam [My fav teacher in school, bestest teacher ever, will write about her sometime)

Pumped by anger, insult and what not ritesh decided to complaint and bippu got punished, junta was obviously shocked at bippu's behavior and happy that bippu got punished.


All of us on the playing, tiddu*-famous for not blurting out any bad word till date fires one on pattu, pattu laughs like hell and so do the others, tiddu rages and starts a bat-beating session on pattu, pattu and others still laugh and welcome another member to the gang.

[*Names have been changed to confuse identities]

Gone are those days, in primary school using the S-word (something similar to a Brother-in-law too, your wife's brother, I don't know why it became an abuse in the first place) meant that you were the full-time rowdy in class, other kids parents wanted their kids to stay away from you, and it was not at all good public behavior, you were the big time culprit of every wrong deed done in class. Slowly though, with secondary and higher education an Indian student gets graduated in profanities too.

Nowadays when I see kids using the F-word is much more than feeling, its mostly going away from our culture of using the S-Word to perfection. Although lots has been said about girls not using it but I know a few who use it nicely. But lets not get into gender aspects as of now.

Although the Hindi/desi equivalent of the F-word is considered quite crude in its usage but I don't know why people consider the formers usage as much more decent (relatively). Both are the same, a conservative may say that they are bowing to western culture, but I think its much more to do with the popularity of such terms in Hollywood, its counter-part Bollywood has been not so liberal in usage of abusive language.

I picked up foul language sometime in mid-school, when we passed school there was only one or at most two boys still away from its active usage. In my college I found only one among 200+ boys (but he had his own versions of curses, which went quite above everyone's head). The good things about using foul language are,
  • Good way to throw out your anger and frustration, go and shout from a roof/hill top, or do it after getting drunk.
  • Gives you a good time cursing your bosses, peers, any boy who roams around with good girls or mostly anyone.
  • Comes for free and is quite relieving, much more than dhyana or yoga.
The only things about it which is not good and I don't like is when its done in a seriously serious manner. People start fighting over it and makes matter stupid. When I and most of my friends do it, its mostly for fun, although we know making fun of other people is a serious crime, but everyone does it, and criminals are bound to use some foul language here and there. Some serious misapprehensions which are associated with this are,
  • it slows down with age- I think this skill mellows with age, the usage becomes more or less perfect and less hurtful to others.
  • you shouldn't say it in front of girls- ???? pointless
Although in front of parents and relatives better don't use it. I mean you can but better don't. You might have noticed it, sometimes when you are at home, and things haven't rubbed off from your tongue you feel like shouting sometimes, do it in a bathroom, safest place to do it.

By the way some unique ones which I have come across in my life are,

- Indi-Poi Indrapal- used by a schoolmate, he considered this to be the mother of all profanities
- Dusht Bijuke - Bijuke is Pure hindi for Scarecrow, my friend in college made it quite popular.

I am not mentioning lots of them which would like a bit indecent on my blog.

Whatever be it, never ever use it to hurt anyone, as long as its for fun, use it...

And for all those like the F-Word, try using the S-word!!!