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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Broke the Vow the Night India lost...

This thing getting blogged a couple of weeks later after it happened. Ok something finally went inside after a gap of almost 3 months(last time it happened). The occasion deserved it though. I met Motu aka Dimpy aka Shameek after a gap of four years I think, the time I was not into the Ethanol business and he had just started. Things have changed, he is no longer Motu, I have got into the biz and left it and both have started earning a bit.

For those of you having not a bit of idea of what me talkign about there was a vow, a vow against C2H5OH. For details you can check out the To-Do's for New Year.

But it was great. I mean sitting and gulping on the terrace of Pratik's home is always great. So me, Prateek, Shameek and Sushant had a real blast, which was the same time when India was loosing it out against Bangladesh and Pakistanis against Ireland. So in went a bit of Vodka followed by Whisky and loads of stuff to eat.

The next day was great too with Neha coming into the town from Hyderabad. I think I met her after 5 years. Also was my friend Milan whom also I met after a long time. So we all went for a walk followed by CCD followed by Mast Kalandar at Kormanagala which I should say is an awesome place for having food.

Milan, Shameek, Neha and Me( I do look drowsy)

That was followed by another round with me and Shameek involved again. I must say one thing everything was getting damn heavy after so much of liquor.
Meeting old pals is always great and about breaking the vow, kabhi kabhi ho jata hai.

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Prasoon said...

Ah - nice to see something about some reunion.

Cool pic and wait - u broke your vow - I knew it would've happened and am sure, it'll happen again n again and again !

desh said...

okie...will try not to break it again. u know i have stuck to it quite well but still wud try.