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Thursday, September 06, 2007

the two month itch...

Almost two months without a blog post...horrible.

I haven't been busy at all, because being busy means - watching movies every week, going for food outings in Bangalore, playing volleyball in office, meeting new people, writing a few stupid blogposts now and then, talking nonsense most of the times, going home and getting stuck in 4-5 books at a time.

Nothing like that happening, the only good things that have happened for sometime now,

  • Billi form reached safely, hope 1st October goes fine too(when the form is rejected/accepted)...
  • I tasted almost the Best Wine of my life, some Italian stuff, we had that along with some Port wine from Pondicherry. Awesome stuff which went well with Pizza and Maggi, now I know why people love wine so much. By the way vows have been already broken once. Also maggi is always good, although same can't be said about Pizza. We watched Golmaal with it and again got into a debate regarding dahi-vade it might be post modern dilemma of love, food and women & gender... :)

  • Some good test series scores, some not so good ones.

  • Our project team getting like 2-3 awards within a week.

  • Me scoring a goal, yes a GOAL in my company's annual football tournament. Believe it or not it was a last minute goal hit from half-line. It was fun. Followed it up with a penalty too.

  • I have somehow rekindled my interest in Mathematics, its a lot more fun nowadays, like the good old days of school.

  • Saw Chak De...awesome movie, Shahrukh is Baap of Bollywood.
Although most of the changes can be attributed to following factors,

  • Billi, padhai has taken me over quite a lot, I have started studying quite a lot, though the scores are not hitting a good tone, but still atleast I am giving it a shot. Have joined a test series plus a coaching and its eating up most of it, i.e. time.

  • Work at office, that speaks for itself.

  • Me shifting from up to down at home (because of Nihar and Sandy moving out), although that has made no difference at all.

  • No Sandy at workplace is a lot boring...:(

  • I have had my Sardi Khasi month of the year ( a period where I can be spotted in sweater, with a hanky, smelling of Vicks Vaporub, gargling with hot water before sleeping, popping Sinarest, Crocin at a threatening pace, choking in dreams etc etc...)
And some of the things I have chucked due to work, Billi etc.
  • A trip to Cochin and nearby villages, to attend one of my team-mate's wedding. All my bags were packed, my tickets were booked, but Billi came in...:(((

  • A trip to Ooty and a nearby Forest Reserve, staying at a resort, going for midnight forest tours with rangers and ofcourse Ooty tour. Btw all free of cost as a part of Happa's Party (he going to Stanford...:))) again billi came in the way of me watching the Big Billi...:(((

  • A burrp meet which I said would go but didn't show due to office...:((, imagine me missing loads of bak-bak and good food...:((

  • Partner, Transformers, Cricket Matches(although I hate Cricket nowadays), Hey Baby, RGV ki Aag etc etc

  • Blogging, no more of it.

  • Haven't started the seventh Harry Potter book yet, somehow crazily wrapped up all the other six in one month, and then didn't read the last one.

  • Started and chucked, Henry Kissinger's -Ending the Vietnam war, Harper Lee's To kill a mocking bird, Moby Dick and some Peter Drucker book.

Things that will never change,

  • Me not having a Girlfriend.

  • Kapil not having a Girlfriend.

  • Stupid lunch time discussions dealing with Nihilism, work life balance, sex life of IT professionals, extreme programming, signal processing, mother boards, bluetooth, Who will die when you cry, cheap bollywood stuff, how great Satyen Kappu was, How pathetic was the food today, why cheese goes well with wine, there are three kinds of things in this world argument, why postpone GRE dates, why some people don't work, Why grass is green, Why Public Policy is hot, I want to work for UN, I don't want to work at all....huh

    Although Nihilism is quite interesting, enjoyed reading a bit about it. Thanks to the quark for triggering half of the above mentioned discussions. And also Kapil and Akshat for chipping in...

  • Sleep and alaasya live on...
Moral of the story, get a girlfriend, get a good college for higher education, get a job with high paying salary and you will start watching movies and India will start playing cricket.

p.s.- Don't think I have gone insane, just that I am not getting time to do my stuff, I am used to talking nonsense, so that would keep happening.


Naresh said...

ha ha... sex life of IT guys, n tht too guys like us... Stop talkin of non-existent things dude :P

waise, studying hard, eh?! All The Best, mate! iss baar chhornaa nahi hai... Phod denaa!

Pingu said...


dada creating dhamaal in englnd...india actually not snatching defeat frm d jaws of victory... blogger desi despite being ravaged by Common cold/admishun test Fever surfacing for a bit...hmmmmm
bahut kuch ho raha hai...hmmmmm

aur is baar pooch lena un bewkoofon se ki m-seal/fevicol/cellotape/rubber cement use karna padega kya fotu chipkane ke liye...:@

all d best

P.S: post made me laff...thnx...laffing after quite a long time
take care

Pingu said...

re-read..form reached safely...oh i can forget the list of adhesives i was trying to make

desh said...

okie wont tok :)
u aint an it professunal any more

or are u???

i have heard some news here!!!

desh said...


form has just reached OK, still to be ACCEPTED

and is baar back to the desi GUM, so tht it doesnt lead to any more GAM

remember those pink colored gum tubes we used as kids for in our school :)

aur yaar i was goin out of sorts, now back to normal, or maybe not !!!

Kapil Barve said...

Girl Friend topic again Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Insanity has attacked him... Devils from various B-Schools are coming every night (don't know about day dreaming habits) in his dream. His Terra byte data base is malfunctioning. Beware of Desi for sometime.

TheQuark said...

remove that snapon thingy it is irritating.

hmmm great post, but does adding links to your own blog increases page ranks?

Prasoon said...

Yeah - remove the snap-on thingy..

Btw, went rotflol over the gf topic n especially u mentioned Kapil - i can imagine his face drooping like a sukha hua patta :P
nice comment by Pingu too - fevicol/mseal etc etc. Tune Fevi quik n extra photos nahi daale form mein ki kam padein to kam se kam wo khud hi chipka lein?

Zyada padhai mat karna dekh - tera terrabyte db under stress aaya to sab band karwa denge tera ya billi ke saath affair coz we can't tolerate the db malfunction u see.

Supriya Narang said...

nice to see this post after suchha long time :)

studying.. cool yaar :)
:P even i can be spotted with sinarest and crocin these days..matching matching :|
all the best for billi!!!!!
PS and hey will change the template next time u feel like writing a post :P ie, after the CAT may be :P

Sandy said...

me too missing u :(

Gravity said...

every veteran blogger is laying emphasis not to 'JOB' till you can .Is it that bad ?

Red said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Smartalec said...

haha! neat post! dude, u've become billi-centric... like so many of us! but damn i've been getting bad reviews about the life in bschools from all our bhailog :(
been very busy myself... haven't been to the gym for like 2 months (unbelievable?! believe it :p)
keep posting, man!
keep track of ur form and bell the damn billi this time round ;) atb

desh said...


I need no one's advice on using my Terra Bites :)

no oracle, no sybase, no nothing

and dont be hutt, u wud get grlfrnd for sure at Zurich (sethi wud find one ;)))


wud remove snapon, loads of complaints

lots of referencing, its just the way i speak, loads of same bull-bull shit again n again :P

desh said...


dont say a word, when it comes to girlfrnd we all think about u:P

abt fevi stik n all, next yr better wud try itch guard or something on it :D

db ok hai, thoda slow ho gaya hai, teri company ke mainframe pe chalta hoga :P

desh said...


messed up the aimcat this time around, anyway the template u using with all due respect is simply HORRIBLE


:(((, sob sob again


harshal bhai, bahut buri hoti hai, abhi se padhai ka plan bana

desh said...


isnt the angoor khatte hai concept highlighted :P

discussed the same thng with jassu the other day

no gym, wht r u up too :O