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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shakalaka boom boom: Aaaa Thhuuu

Its better if this thing falls on your head,

Rather than you watching this,

But one should take a note that even shit has some purpose, but movies like Shakalaka Boom Boom are just made without purpose.

Some bug got into my head yesterday that I went for the movie, actually was getting quite bored so went, but the 30 bucks spent on this movie quite tooooooo much.

If you are expecting a review don't expect one, because there is nothing to talk about. The one good thing, the title track was nowhere in the movie and came at the end. the movie is complete Dragon Dung or even can be called Dinosaur Dung, because such kind off dung is extinct.

Bobby Deol is completely out of match pratice, no movies for him nowadays. Upen Patel is yuk. his voice has been done by it seems the same guy who dubs for every English movie's Hindi version. Celina Jaitely, OMG!!! when she speaks it feels like her school teacher had given her such a beating that she will never come out of it, and will someone please tell her the importance of wearing clothes.

The real disappointment was Kangana Ranaut because I had really heard good things about her. Most of the movie she had a face like Geisha (White with Red) and was wearing stupid clothes. God help her with better movie selection next time. Anyway me too a culprit to have missed her earlier movies like Gangster and Woh Lamhe but maybe she is good.

And my sympathies for Anupam Kher, a great actor who had to appear in such a dud. God knows why he agreed?

Suneel Darshan sir why did you make this movie. I mean don't you know even after making so many movies what a movie is like. But I pity him, because he must have watched it like 4-5 times during editing and all, me quite lucky then in some sense.

The High Point of the movie was Bobby Deol going Deaf in the end and demons or some alien like creatures coming and eating him up from somewhere. Also the Guruji of Bobby Deol, Govind Namdeo was a nice character because he never taught anything but only heard to what Bobby said. I had a headache after watching the movie for real. One more thing to add we were about 20 odd people in the theater.

The only thing you realize after watching Shakalaka Boom Boom is that what a good movie can never be. Never watch it even if someone offers it to you for free. Even my spit will get dirty if I spit at this movie.

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Moron said...

hehe.. nice post.
hey watch namesake.. its very good!

btw.. great new design - looks like enginerd's work..!!

desh said...

hey bhagwaan...its my work sir...completely
u can see glitches here n thr so tht prooves its my work

i mean took some template n modified it

n plz dont watch this movie

namesake th book was quite good, will have a look at th movie

a blue eyed girl said...

did u like namastey london? ;)thanks for the warning, was thinking about seeing sbb this wknd. :)

A Little Light said...

the fotos got me ROTFL!!!

enginerd said...

20 odd people!!! I was under the impression that you seven had a special screening all for yourself!

Thanks for the faith and the publicity. You just won yourself a free redesign of "Morons Gospel" ;)

desh said...

@blue eyed girl
yep namaste london was kinda good, i mean th story too typicallish n all, but still akshya kumar was thr
btw i thnk u gaurav's pal???

@a little light
it was an extreme comparison :-), i thnk my blog started stinkin aftr tht :)

no some ppl came in as they didnt get a ticket for Munagu Male in eshwari
btw tell them tht this template is a my work, hwever copy paste it maybe

enginerd said...

I hereby declare that this template (April 07) is a pure Desh work. I have made absolutely no contribution towards the redesign of this blog.
Thank you.

desh said...

come back i have to take ur help though for twitching it a lot

Smartalec said...

lol! and i thought the hitavada's review of the movie was the best of the lot! good job! me keeping away!
waise bheja fry was nice! check it out!

desh said...

bheja fry chkd out yday...:)
its nice
this one though was bheja kill

desh said...

plz sendme ovr th hitavada review though