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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Had an internal appraisal last week carried out by few of my friends. Process was kicked off by quark. Got some good enough comments,

  • A man with a lot of PJs is surely connected to Desi with less than 3 links in between.

  • Desi is a person who has all nodes as outgoing and all data is generated in his mind.

  • Well for our Daisy, that would contradict the fifth law of Thermodynamics - "Data cannot be created nor destroyed ".

  • Daisy is the only "Organism" who can spread voice data (remember data is not information) even in vacuum.

Looks more like a Theory of Desi Networks. Anyway appraisal certainly Above Expectation :).

P.S.- Daisy is another addition to the never ending list of my nicknames, coined by Nitesh under possible influence of C2H5OH.

List is certainly not exhaustive...


Prasoon said...

Loved this post..

Cheers :)

evilution said...

cool post! sacchi theory hai..:D

meTaL said...

Daisy??? LOL

desh said...


shayad sachi hi hai :)


Pingu said...

Dear Daisy,

u have been tagged!

Naresh said...

Daisy bhai... The best known, never-ending Bakar machine I ever knew :P

Moron said...

"Daisy" :O
Never knew this nick name of yours!
Mast hai :)

desh said...

yaar abhi busy gimme a bit of time

thnqs :)
lets meet today and play sm bak-sport

haan mast hai
looking fwd to the return of moron gospel :)

Gravity said...

mast post
ekdum deshi istyle!!!

desh said...

arre yaar tu bhi blogger
sahi hai dost

nitesh said...