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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Me Too...

While writing this short writeup on Me Too Brands, I realise its already 03:52 AM.

Me Too is sad today because,

1) India out of T20 World Cup
2) India out of T20 World Cup
3) Me got pissed of in class today, my so called Intellectual Class can show all sensually charged ads, but giggles kiddishly when Freud was discussed
4) India out of T20 World Cup
5) Some regular no sleep syndrome after doing tonners of clerikal work
6) Writing a writeup for another irrelevant assignment, few will read, no one ever implements anything here
7) India out of T20 World Cup
8) India out of T20 World Cup
9) We couldn't work properly on another bplan contest, again!!! :(
10) Haven't met one of my friend for ages, the dinner got canceled, and now she is nowhere to be found!!! btw she is in this college too :((
11) India out of T20 World Cup
12) India out of T20 World Cup
13) Memory getting worse
14) India out of T20 World Cup
15) India out of T20 World Cup

Last time when we lost in 2007, it was sought of ajeeb types bad...

Me Too was sad today, as many others, I just hope I get some sleep tomorrow in class, and then Me Too can dream of the next world cup...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Speaking as someone else...

Every new stage in the life introduces you to lot of new things. This one has brought an environment Cultural shifts, a maturity level in establishing relationships, mood swings arising from a hectic schedule. And as everything else in this program, it fails to be consistent.

People swing from extreme forms of conservatism to the radical, and hardly any stand is conservative. Stupid-Dumb to the extremely intelligent, laziness to diligence, I fail to understand most of it.

And people it, from giggling on everything "Sensual" shown in class, to justifying the rationale behind "sex sells", I hardly find a strand of conviction. One second they are the all progressive kinds, hailing from metros, the other they cant digest petty things here, leave alone someone's freedom of expression.

I still am caught in the small town idiosyncrasies of conservatism and rigid thinking, but I think its sometime better than switching so much....

And Respect, well I have my biases, which everyone has, but atleast something is left.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Influencing People and all the other things...

It can be an extremely simple act, you want people to do what you want, to induce yourself in them. All of you which is Good, Bad or Ugly tries to penetrate them. We need a mirror everywhere, we want to see self in everyone.

And the preys, well they are freely available, vulnerable souls waiting for someone to take control.

I sometimes wish I could be a prey, but I am not at all that types, I sometimes tend to be blatantly expectant and try to be the hunter.

Leave me though, I am not relevant. I see the few influenced ones around me, and just wish that they were better off. Changing patterns in their life keeps them away from normal, way away.

Let things be simple and normal. Again.

Simplicity would be the way to happiness, maybe not eternal bliss, but just to keep things normal.