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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Taj Mahal Needs a Facial

Great, even Taj Mahal gets into the Shahnaz Hussain regime. Read this news on Time- The Taj Mahal Needs a Facial.

Interesting way to resolve the chores of India's only member in the Seven Wonders of the World club. The website quotes,
The parliamentary report suggests applying a special mud treatment to the building to bring it back to life. "To restore the pristine glory of the Taj Mahal, as a conservation measure, the clay pack treatment which is non-corrosive and non-abrasive [should be] carried out for the removal of the accretionary deposits,"it says.
Good that given our Parliament's way of doing things, they didn't go for a detergent clean-up!!!

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Varsha said...

Cool...Facial..heh heh heh

desh said...

pity it can go for a pedicure n manicure :)

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm.. now don't say it needs a full body massage as well.

Heyy I liked that word 'Haat' in ur comment on my blog. See my reply there.

desh said...

saw it replied it
keep flyin around cuckoo

A Little Light said...

Cleaning up the extremely polluted yamuna flowing right beside & closing down the numerous industries in agra emitting waste could help!

Naresh said...

probly the parliament hasnt been in tune wid the phrase 'Surf Excel hai na!' ;)

Malavika said... excel works magic on marble!!...a lil abrasive though!!

desh said...

@lil light
hope maya aunty doesnt screw up th thngs thr this time
i thnk yamuna near taj not tht screwed up :|

good to c u
u in bangalore kya???
n stick to it, probably u will get thru UniLever sometime :)

wonder ppl have even tried it out, pity though RIN is now Surf Excel, one brand kicked off
will be interested in knwin th usage details :)

Smartalec said...

in the loose news serial, they made a suggestion that tooth-paste brands should be given a chance to demostrate their superiority! so publicity ka publicity, aur taj mahal free me chamakne bhi lagega!!

desh said...

i thnk u tokin about th show by Bir Das, its really good
toothpaste bhi laga lo, log kafi kuch try karne ka suggest kar chuke hai :)
looks like HLL will earn big time profits frm it :P