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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Thodi si, a bit of it, it is difficult but kya kare...

In school people could have easily related the act of Padhai with me. I enjoyed padhai, it was just another thing which was necessary for me to live, like food and sleep. Now it seems like a burden.

Billi Season-3 is up, but given my capricious nature I am toggling too much between things. Office, Work, Blogs, Mails, Food, Sleep, Phone, Ayn Rand, Books, Weekend timepass, just too many things clogging my mindmap at the moment. I need to be focused, Billi is much more than getting a degree, its my last attempt to enjoy studies, to be a part of that world which seems even farther from Neverland. To put in a bit simpler terms, it's escape route from working.

Inspiration: The Great Escape (1963)

Just want to runaway like Steve McQueen, just hoping that after getting out of here I do a bit better than facing Nazi Guns. Have seen the movie around 10 times.

Maybe I am trying to hide it behind the pretext of my poor run in the last two seasons but the reality is that my Mind has rusted. Still looking for a good way to Galvanize and save it, because what has gone of it won't come back.


Naresh said...

Life has come a full circle so soon, eh?! u started bloggin abt padhai... :P

Malavika said...

ahha!!...billi needs to b tamed!

same waiting game for me..the reason for not blogging!

desh said...

see ppl dont associate me with padhai nemore :)
chalta hai yaar kabhi kabhi

so u too after billi???
dint get u on th waiting game

himanshu said...

I have been givig for "billi" for last two years and scored quit good like 90.7
and 95.94 percentile ,but cound't make through a decent college ,
now before starting for the next hunt I feel like do I really want to do a MBA
or am I also running in a blind race ..........
anyways I feel that I like the course of CAT and I can score better,
so its better to fight for it than thinking becoz thinking is such a waste of time

Pingu said...

haan saal baad me too out of touch wid padhai...too lazy to do nethg...but u r a yung baay wid lot of motivashun..just one yr since u left shud b easier fer u to get bck to it :P

Irresistible Desires.. said...

maar do billi nu is baar..haha...nice post ya...

Anirudh Singh said...

atleast u were gud enuff to be associated wit padhai....kash mere engg college wale bhi merko padhai se hi associate karte!...;)

desh said...

dont worry pal u will get thru this yr n so will I :)

kya yaar mingu the billi ke baad ab tujhe billi deni chahiye :)

@--- desires
maar denge bhai
thnx for tht
keep visiting

tu to bol hi mat...Ahmdbad kaun jaa raha hai????? :X

Smartalec said...

fared poorly in both seasons, did u say?! u didnt even appear for the billi in season 2, mate:p
like prashant was telling us, "desi plans to stick 2 photos on the form, one on top of the other, this time"! better do that!
let's bell the cat this time:D

Sur said...

even i had plans of writing billi but ditched it! ;)
all the best to u! billi ke gali main ghanti bandh lena is baar

desh said...

lets do it steve, is baar ghanti bandh hi lete hai

hope is baar billi rasta nahi kaategi
thnks n reditch ur plans :)

Prasoon said...

** Padhai ** - ye title dekhte hi main to behosh ho gaya.

Aage waise main to kuch nahi bol raha :|

meTaL said...

its a sad fact but it takes very little time for a brain to get rusted :(

Never thot there'd come a day when we'd think abt padhai in pref to watever we're upto.

Moron said...

tame the billi.. hallowed halls of IIMs await the great desi! :)

desh said...

behosh mat ho yaar, padhai kar sakta hun main :)

thts bcoz it stays in wet conditions whch fastens th process of rusting :P

padhai shud be thought bout, as an escape route only though :)

sounds too khatarnak tht one
btw it wud b an honour bcoming ur junior too:)

Supriya said...