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Sunday, April 08, 2007

It was IIT time again...

Yesterday was IITJEE day. This time 2.5 lakh people appeared for it compared to 1.5 lakh which sat for screening when I gave it. Nice to read that they gave a Multiple Choice questions based easier exam. Now its time when people will start searching for IITJEE 2007 solutions everywhere and start comparing them with what they have put up in papers. In my days there were two phases, now its one which takes away a bit of pressure from the students. Screening sorted out some 25K people for mains. But giving the final main exam was quite an affair.

I still remember the day, 5th May 2002. Me and niddu had lodged up in a nice hotel at Sitabardi, Nagpur. Both of us back from a month long Crash Course at Delhi, quite tired of studies. Actually we both were with quite less expectations but still there is always that hope.

Niddu left for his centre in morning, I guess it was LNIT. Mine was CP Berrar College, and as I heard it was quite far. Amol Kaka, my dad's cousin bro came to pick me up in the morning. It was quite hot, I had a really short haircut that time and I still remember my head burning. My kaka left me with some stuff to eat(chips, a coke and biscuits) at that was quite a remote place. Ok now it was exam time.

So it started with Chemistry, giving the paper I was feeling lie god, I could solve almost all the stuff in paper and felt like GOD!!! You know those days solving everything really meant that. All the 12 questions, I think I did well with 10 of them. The thing was the first half was marred by Band-Baaja waalahs and as people in Nagpur told me later CP Berrar was there area. In middle of first paper I asked the invigilator for telling them to stop. They stopped after sometime but when you are playing well nothing matters.

When I came out of the hall, I heard that everyone has done well, I shouldn't say I was disappointed but I felt a bit foolish and becoming so happy and all. Ok, next was Physics, Ok Physics, now here was a subject I never really understood quite well, I mean for 2 years I had done mostly mathematics and neglected Physics quite a lot. Before that I munched through biscuits, chips and a boiling Coke or maybe it was Pepsi. Ok then Physics started and it was horrible, I looked around and saw 3-4 guys even sleeping, I thought its OK you will make it, no thermodynamics, OMG then what will I do, a simple lab experiment based question, yes done, at least one done. Somehow I managed to crack a question on Mechanics which surprised me. I was sweating heavily and it was getting quite hot, sweat fell on the answer sheet and rubbed off a bit of ink from one of the answers I had put, the bench was Ok as compared to other exams I have given but they started feeling uncomfortable. You see I quite literally put my sweat in IITJEE. It was the longest time I had spent thinking useless things and seeing around and solving something here and there but I knew this was over. But I saw 5-6 guys sleeping around me in the hall this time and I thought maybe I am doing not so bad, you know that hope never dis in an Indian Brain.

Amol Kaka brought me lunch in the break and asked how did it go? I said ok, there were a few people I knew around, mostly my school seniors but I avoided talking to people that day, quite unlike me. Also my Kaka told me that the temperature was something like 48-49 C that day. God! I thought maybe it was not that bad and I was sweating due to the heat only. The last paper was Mathematics which I enjoyed as much as the Chemistry paper, the difference being that there wasn’t much noise this time round. Also the first half was damn hot, when I thought the temperature was around 50 and I was sweating again, the second hour hot wind started blowing and all the doors and windows of CP Berrar started banging themselves like stupid Rock show headbangers. Someone’s answer sheet also flew across the room and all.

It ended, I went back to hotel, had a chat with Niddu and we both knew it was over. We had to leave for Bangalore the next day and needless to say we were both a bit disappointed. A month later I think they sent me a report card which said rank something 7050. Anyway it ended but it was quite a nice experience. Those were the last days when I enjoyed studying a bit.

Anyway I hope all the students enjoyed giving exams, and not everyone will get in, but for those who don’t still giving the JEE will remain a good memory stored somewhere in there brains.

Caught one blogger putting up the experience of JEE 2007

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anasuya said...

so where have you studied from? and what work are you doing currently?

desh said...

da-iict...maybe heard of it?
doin some stupid software engg kinda work

MC said...

nice man!

I was there too, the IIT-2002 paper .. remember everything u have written ..

Nice blog ... yaadein taaja ho gaayi

desh said...

hey thts nice?
wht happened later though, i mean aftr th exam n all

Pingu said...

u actually remember d details of a day tht hapnd 5 yrs bck...
some flashbck tht!

nd new blog luk is reeeeeeeely kewl..d essence of blk n wite cums thru

desh said...

thnq :)
n i u knw i have a good enuff memory

MC said...

I fortunately cleared it, got AIR 1001 and went to IIT Guwahati for my Bachelors in Computer Science .....

so which company are u working in currently ?

desh said...

n wht bout u?
wht u doin nwdays?

desh said...

atleast leave ur blog address next time u visit

MC said...

dont have a blog :-)!

I am doing my Masters in Berkeley , California rite now ..

u can reach me at . Send me a email so that I have ur id as well ..

justrohin said...

Hey Abhishek, nice post man.. I was much more horrible than u at my IIT JEE Exam, I had slipped out watched yes Boss and came in midway for second exam. that day I was sure Id never go into the famed corridors of any of the IITs but destiny as u know had thought something otherwise.. probably somewhere for u too IIT, IIM or MIT.

desh said...

hehe, yes boss was a good movie so u can be pardoned for th same
neway chkd out ur blog too few days back and came to knw it existed :-)
n also everythng on th lady love issue ;)