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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The year That was...

I dunno what churns out posts in retrospect but as it is surely lot of things happen which need to be remembered.
Last sem in college, lots of timepass, getting fat, fatter, fattest...(i exagarate at times), BTech Project, presentations(ufff...), between that blogging, loads of movies- infact I could write a beautiful journal on movies of 2006, the trip to Farakka, the journey from a dull okish college student to a bourgeois profession, the journey to Bangalore(or Bengaluru), the good days in company, the bad days in company(very few...), the CAT kaand(surely whatever I say it still haunts me with sleepless, coughfull nights), lots of book read, the year when I got drunk a lot especially after moving to Bangalore, the year when I went to Coorg, the year of failed ideas, the year of failed dreams, the year I am still confused what really are my dreams, the year that the fevistick dominated my life more than food, food -good year for that always, the year to meet back school pals again after 2-3 years, ok getting thin, thinner...(its ok sort as of now), writing infact lots of it at times, thinking about quitting it, I am so confused a soul at times butI surely see a way forward.

To Do's for 2007
  • Get a girlfriend, no sign of desperation but of existence.
  • Start playing football again in company, atleast start dong anything else than the regular office bore-tuff. In short get fitter and think better.
  • Decide on What to do in life, MBA and all seem a pass-away but really identify the niche.
  • Try to look for options in non-technology related areas, seriously work towards them rather than just talking and keeping things in muddle.
  • Try to get a laptop and net connection by mid-year or by March, borrow money from Dad obviously.
  • Try to calm down and be focused better than being fussy dipping into every thing and then chucking out half of it, infact all of it.
  • Meet a few people who I am longing to meet...
  • Chuck alcohol completely, it should be over as anything, its allergic and harming desh so better leave it completely.
List is somewhat empty would try to complete it before 2007 starts, any IDEAS???

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