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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Received this one as a forward today. Nice picture.

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Pingu said...

y dus dis pic remind me of ur squinting up at d sun photu?? :P

maine phir se blog karna shuru kar diya hai...visit karte rehna aur kuch encouraging comments dena :P
ab ki baar..lets c how long it will last longer than ur resolushuns pakka :P

PS: i hav becum obsessed wid emoticons,particularly dis one -- :P

desh said...

jo bhi hai mast fotu hai
sahi hai bloggin shoggin hai rabba :P
my resolushions wr meant to b broken...lets c atleast if i can crack al of them :)

obsesshions with emoticons...i mean they r free but tht doesnt mean u abuse thm by overusing them :P

Pingu said...

crack all of thm..? u mean only d Don'ts or d Do's also?? ;)

i chkd out ur desidabba..kewl site nd u never told me abt it :@
but it needs a gud editor...tune itne saare gram' aur spelling errors kiye hain..for smthg as profeshunul lukng as tht such errors shud b OUT! :P

got ur mail..For complete info on TICF check dis one :P

desh said...

nahi i wrote th last one in a bit of hurry...will edit tht for shure now