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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year Party'07

Ok finally some time to blog. A party to remember for sure, simply much more than its alcoholic content in Character and night full of regular stuff we did in college but stuff we had been alienated from for a while.
All started with Happa and me discussing a possibility of a party where we would be sitting with couple of gals in a nice pub sipping taazi beer (draught as we know it) and getting cozy with a dash of bullshit. Don't ask me what it meant but but getting cozy and talking bullshit was meant to be the theme. But that still remains a dream...huh
Anyway in our quest to have a good pardy this is where we reached...

Brigade and MG was nice that day, but too nice when it came to rates. 750/- for getting into our favourite hangout places Purple Haze and so we didn't enter. Next we got no sasta places to enter so somehow someone found a place which I forced everyone to get out off. Now with nothing to do we entered McDonald's chewed a few burgers and off we went to DVD's house. Oh I forgot the cast,

DVD the Designer
Amar DVD's room-mate and school pal
Enginerd because he doesn't like to be named maybe...
Chotu the aaramdayak ladka
KD ...he is KD
Happa... decalred the most eligible bacheolar from our college batch by Anand that day...
Vinamra urff Tidda
Akshay the experienced drinker...
Me, desi, pattu, desh wahtever and sometimes Abhishek as Chetan called me that day...
And then there was Chetan the star of the day...:)

So we went to DVD's house
and we had this--->

For the last time I QUIT NOW

Afterwards it was speeches, gaana, naachna, rona dhona, hasna, ulti karna and what dung next day office jaana. (No more pics will be shared due to reasons beyond explaination)
Though it was great fun but I won't write much about it. Those who were there enjoyed it. Next year same party maybe a few gals would be around as some said.
It would better be somewhere other than Bangalore but I am stuck here in Bangalore like this, dunno what to do...

But wherever I go I can't have it alone, so it better be anywhere loads of my friends around me...

BTW all the pics courtsey tidda's camera, meet Vinamra :)


enginerd said...

BTW all the pics courtsey tidda's camera, meet Vinamra :)

And what about the photographer, whos missing in all these snaps :O

desh said...

koi pic hi nahi available for enginerd bhai :)