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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dhoom 2oo Good

Half way into the movie my friend suggests best GUI ever, I agree. Movie ends, a sneezing coughing already choked for air me, comes out of the theatre into the crappy Bangalore street traffic, I thought I will suffer an Asthma attack. This movie should carry a warning that it can leave you breathless. My obvious expression after every scene, “yaar saans hi nahi lene de rahe”, referring to the alternate switching scenes between icantseehercontinouslyotherwisemewillgoblind(a new adjective soon to be compiled by Webstar) Bipasha and a dunnawhattosaygaspingmouthbreathlesslungs( a new adjective soon to be compiled by Oksford) Aishwarya.

Dhoom-2 marks the return of the Great Masala Movie to Bollywood, though this time round it’s packed in Silver-foil rather than green shabby polythene covers. Infact Masala entertainers are what everyone wants after years of crappy NRI pleasing glycerine overdosed K-JO genre movies.

Hide Uday Chopra’s face and you get the most beautiful starcast assembled in modern times. Though Uday Chopra was one the biggest surprises for me in the movie as he walked away with the best lines and was the perfect thing a sidekick could ever dream of becoming. Doesn’t matter.

Abhishek Bachchan known to add the cool factor in movies like Bluffmaster etc is perfectly in compliance with the norms. He was the perfect thanda in the movie which had not much for him anyway. Doesn’t matter.

Bipasha hmm, throughout my life I have stuck to the fact that Bengali gals are the most beautiful in the country, the moment when Bipasha appears in the orange colored costume for the Touch Me number , that made orange my favourite fruit, orange my favourite colour and Holland my favourite football team for life. Second half's much talked about bikni sequence is a gracefully executed sequence which would otherwise have been turned crappy by other filmmakers. She looks athletically sexy, oozing and oomphing all kind of gasps possible. But she was close to crap in the second half. Doesn’t matter.

People say that she isn’t that great as she is talked about, agree. People say she can be dumb as an actress agree. But what you want to see you get it. Agree? Aish as Sunahari is a tribute to the beautiful Aishwarya as we have never seen before. Awesomely toned body, great dances, nicely executed graceful ishtyle. Acting, role. Doesn’t matter.

In my highly biased opinion Hrithik is the next best thingy after Amitabh and Shahrukh. I think though many flow along
this bias positively. After years we have got a Hero who does all with a soothing halo of sincerity around him, and with such panache which will put the best thinking and puzzled. Even I am puzzled how to create sentences as of now but Hrithik is sometimes too graceful to be a Bollywood hero, maybe that’s what puts him apart from the rest. Maybe he can’t act, he overacts or whatever crap people come up with, but there is hardly anyone at the moment who can challenge his screen presence. And that’s what matters maybe.

And the Hrithik-Ash pair is something to look out for, they click like anything together, leave the kissh out but the scenes together even Hrithik and Ash coming together gives you that feeling that someone has put smoldering embers under you on the seat. Looking forward to much more from the pair, it's definitely better than she gets along with the Baccha Bachchan.

Anyway nice watch, it’s time we realize that those critics cribbing about good stories are mostly wrong, one can create great entertainers even without a story.

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Prasoon said...

nice review dude - too good..

I'd wanna make 'orange' by fav color, fruit etc etc etc but then I need to watch the movie first :P

Abe atleast put Dhoom 2 as a technorati tag da - let the rating for that rise as well.

desh said...

arr to watch it soon re...
neway tag thngy done...:)

Nitesh said...

will watch this week
nice review
orange color ............ :D

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