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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I wanted to be here...

Last to last week I had a reunion at my place with all my college ke friends (40 of them) having a great time. But somehow I miss my school ki junta too much. Last week three of them niddu(Swapnil), rippu(Ripunjai) and Abhishek(Sona, quite ironically me listening to oh mere sona re...) had a reunion at IIM indore(IIM-I hate that word now...huh) followed by Abhishek's home. It must have been great. All throughout my college lives I have missed these guys too much. Anyway me planning to go to Hyderabad with Pratik and there I hope to catch a few but I really hope next time I am a part of these pictures,

Rippu, Abhishek and Niddu

At niddu's room I presume

At Rock show

Next time I will be there pakka.

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