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Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Children's Day ...!!!

It's 14th November. It's Chacha Nehru's Birthday.


14 years back in history me as a standard 2 student would have been receiving chocolates packed along with Poppins, a Lollipop and Kismi all wrapped with a Parle-G at school. And there would have been a function celebrating the same.
Nowadays don't know what is happening with kids. I mean media covers everyday as some big thing but me completely out of sync with what happens in school on Children's Day now. Radio stations cribbing on it all day along with all the news channels.

Being a kid is not so easy anymore maybe. Right from peer-pressure (don't know when that thing originated in India), padhai likhai ka pressure, affairs in school(things like stupid MMS DPS RKP scandal put us down) and the much talked about super-kid syndrome.

But this is the story of kids who can afford to be super, for so many kids across the country it's still a struggle for livelihood, making a living, saving themselves from crime, selling chai, working at homes or in factories. The recent bill on banning the use of Child Labour at Domestic and commercial establishments is a step in the right direction but it is more or less a Vicious Circle which I discussed here,
Vicious Circle of Social Reforms

Whatever be it there is nothing better in life than being in your childhood. I had a stupid discussion couple of days back with my friend on this and almost all seem to agree. Anyway its Children's Day so all the baccha log enjoy.

I am putting one of my favourite song's up here for the occasion, from the 50's Nehuvian style Raj Kapoor classic. Even Nehru loved the movie very much.


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mast gaana hai be

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sahi main
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