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Friday, December 01, 2006

Back to DADAGiri!!!

Sourav Ganguly is back. But how can a person who was dropped on charges of underperforming, come back to Indian team. His recall is strange but still an expected event. Presence of Vengsarkar in the selection panel means there are now more power centers in the Indian cricket team other than the captain and coach.

It must be a strange feeling for Mr. Chappell as of now, with Ganguly back in the side and the so called experiments going to back to where it all started. The return of Laxman, Zaheer and Kumble was a precursor to the main event.

Although I am still skeptical about how things will work out between Chappell and Ganguly, only assuring factor being the presence of Dravid. He as a captain faces one of his biggest task now, a rollback of everything he tried to do in one year and prepare the team for World cup next year. As of now he should better concentrate though on playing full 50 overs in a game.

But all this can’t take away anything from the Man of the Moment Sourav Ganguly. If he makes it possible it would be promoted as the biggest comeback in Indian sporting history. The Kyon Hua Kaise Hua ad campaign generated a lot of sympathy for Dada in the days the other Cricketers were also not clicking.

Sourav has a big challenge on his hand, if he fails people can pardon him as person who fought for a year to get back into the team and made it, but the bigger challenge lies ahead for the Dravid and the Indian team. What if they fail again? It is sure that if Indians don’t play well in Test Series everyone won’t play well, and Ganguly will be the one giving all his effort (atleast it is presumed that way). Even if there is 10 times more pressure on him than the others to perform, I think finally Ganguly emerges as a winner of this unwanted battle.

A battle never fought on Cricket ground, but went across all the way from streets of Kolkata to the Indian Parliament, to a Cola commercial. And what more is on cards, a one day berth for Ganguly or even more a return to Captaincy (I may be dreaming…). But Indian cricket seems to learning from its neighbours Pakistan in making things complicated.

As of now everyone is praying whatever happens India atleast draw one match in the test match series. Winning what’s that!!!

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Nitesh said...

make or break chance for dada
hope he clicks
laxman also

write some on your other blog also :D

desh said...

busy boss time milte hi likhenge