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Monday, November 06, 2006

Shiv Visvanathan goes on and on and on...

My four years in college were nothing without the presence of my favourite profs, one of the most influential members of that list being Prof. Shiv Visvanthan. Seeing him on Headlines Today 2-3 days back, when Shiv had his Way on Sex and Single Men brought back memories of the amazingly stupendous discussions and lectures we went through in college along with the countless afternoons we spent with him in his room sipping coffee and glaring at his amazing collection of Chocolate and Cookie boxes.

I suppose we were the only Engineering College let alone a college in India discussing Playboy Posters and pornography in classroom. Add to that the amazing series of lecture we went through in the Cinema and Modernity course ripping apart Picasso and Duchamp and then going through lengthy discussions on Apocalypse Now, Citizen Kane, German movies of Leni Riefenstahl, the Indian Anti-Hero from Amitabh to Shahrukh and lots of it. No one would ever forget the lecture given by him on Urban Planning in one of the sessions on Environment Science.

Recently with his articles on Gandhi as a Management Guru neither has he once again echoed his thoughts on me but connected me back to my college that I miss so much. He is one person of whom I will tell my Grandchildren about, don't know whether they will be able to connect to a person of such a different epoch, but then Shiv is much much ahead of our times.

Check this by enginerd If you have missed it,

Sex and Single Men

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