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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Going crazy about Ganguly's comeback

Dada is back to international stage too with a 50, with all others batsmen failing its Dada , the only one to show some good batting(leave Tendulkar the god out) ...
It seems all my predictions coming true, with Dada back in team Dada's boy zaheer in great touch too and South Africa 37/5 it seems too surreal.
Anyway lately finding less time too blog and this seemed to have turned into a ilovedada blog...'s 38/6 as I write...

Stupid people who created this stupid website, they should change it's name to what I suggested, ok I am talking about this

May they get something good to think about Dada now.

Yesterday it was like each ball bowled to Dada me n my pals were messaging each other. It is crazy but good.

Let's hope India can win this test match, thats what every Dada supporter and every not so supporter of his wants.

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Siddhesh said...

I'm a HUGE DADA FAN too! And just like you, I am going crazy about his comeback too! :)

Would love to hear your comments on that!

And yes, there have been some cool articles on Dada, which are also up on my other blog,

Naveen Chinthakunta said...

Indeed it was a splendid comeback by Dada... he had a lot of grit and determination in his eyes.

Read thru and comment on dada's comeback at my post

desh said...

Dada fans are everywhere, thanks for dropping in, offlate not finding anytime for anything, will get back to Dada posts on ur blog asap