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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Inflation and Inhalation

Inflation for me was rise of prices before. Now it’s like rise of prices when I have started earning. This is not dad’s money anymore. New definition can be put as increasing prices with decreasing salaries.

With all that crap about software people being paid more and all that I can’t understand where that came from. Infact salaries seem to me as going down every week. I mean adding to the frustration was my 3 attempts at viewing Munnabhai, all of which went bust.

First one was the Rs. 35 charging good old hall in the neighborhood that couldn’t show the movie because of high exhibition prices which have been put by the distributors. Second hit was at Urvashi another hall in Bangalore where the ticket prices are now 70 but still after standing behind 400 people for an hour my friends couldn’t get a ticket. Then I checked out the prices at INOX in Garuda. At that was a shock. I mean a real shock. Rs. 220 for a single movie. And that crappy guy told me,” sir you can go for 550 ones 220 ones are sold out”. I felt like hitting him. I mean can you believe 220 for a movie. No movie deserves that much. And for a movie being touted as new generation social movie isn’t it ironic that someone can’t spend so much. I could have spent the amount. But something stopped me. Just think suppose a person takes his four member family for a movie today, he has to spend 1500 for four member family minimum (including the costly Pepsi, popcorn and parking). Anyway inflation is not only restricted to halls. Places you eat, places you shop anything doesn’t come cheap nowadays. Yesterday also encountered Cool Joint increasing rates. This joint in Jayanagar, Bangalore famous for its sandwiches and ice creams boasted itself of not increasing rates for 8 years. Finally they also gave in. Even the good old college canteen has also increased rates as my college mates told me.

Inflation is a serious problem; I mean all the rising shining India is crap. If salaries and spending power is increasing everything is going up. For a country habituated so long to a socialist dead economy globalization has brought many goods but it has hit us. And hit us hard. May be not everyone realizes it. But everyone will soon. People who have been spending 20 Rs. For last 20 years on movies are now easily spending 220. I can’t get it.

Anyway if inflation is a problem in Bangalore so is inhalation. I mean not the pollution, but the Cold (Zukaam) you get in Bangalore is awful. I have been living last couple of days on Sinarest and paracetamol’s add to that heavy rubbing of Vicks Vapourab. The pollution adds to the anger of your nose and with all this frustration of not seeing the movie my nose is pumping even harder.

May I get well soon…I mean every way possible.

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Pingu said...

nice post!
Lage Raho Deshpande! :P

aajkal 'crap' wrd ka prayog yeh s/w mazdoors(nd tht includes me too)kuch zyaada kar rahe hain na...all d crap tht we hav to put up wid..Sigh!