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Monday, September 11, 2006

Bye Bye Schumi...

Yesterday he told everyone that he will quit at the end of this season. Enough to get my attention back to a sport which I had stopped following like crazy (obviously I keep in touch with the results and stats). For the 37 year old it was the ride of lifetime in his home country. For this 21 year old writing this, he has got to learn from Schumi that life can be a ride.

I have been following Formula One from the days when I thought racing was all about two guys- one named "DIAMOND" Hill in his blue car and the other some SHOEMaker in the red car. Actually I related much more because earlier when I was a kid, I had two Hot Wheels- One red another blue. Though those were the days when all of European Football was ManU for me and the only player from Brazil was Ronaldo. It was maybe sometime around 98-99.

My Grandfather once asked me what excites you about some silly cars going round and round for 70 laps (this is what actually the F-1 fans instead ask to the NASCAR guys). I said most of them watching don’t know it why they are watching it for. But as I know it most of it throughout the last decade watched it for Schumi.

Just today I was discussing it one of the German guys visiting my company and he said that no one at least in Germany will watch it now, don’t know about the rest. Rest will be chucking it soon now I think. It’s another case of the sport loosing its importance vis-à-vis the sportsman. I read somewhere that F-1 will die when Bernie Eccelstone dies (he is some 93-94 may be). But for half the world F-1 is almost over now. Anyway it was never a sport in any sense, and things like these needs icons like Senna first (poor guy died in '94 at Imola Grand Prix) and later Schumi to put some sense into it.

Germany has always given the world Sports Icons to look up to. 70’s was Beckenbaur era and in 80's and parts of 90's we witnessed Boom-Boom Becker. The bestest Tennis player ever on this planet Steffi Graf came from Germany and then came Schumi. Nowadays the Germans are running into a deficit it seems, with no one to look up to now as a sporting icon (though there Chancellor is quite something, as President Bush should everyone by giving her a backrub.)

While I college I lost touch with F-1 but now I will definitely see the last races. I want him to win. Infact everyone wants him to win. And everyone knows he will do it.

Anyway remember the one sided schumi domination from 2000 to the 2004 season. Only Coulthard came anywhere close to beating him occasionaly. Have a look at what all did Coulthard try to beat schumi.


Pingu said...

I don't c any reason to watch it ney more either...cant imagine Kimi takng his place...

desh said...

i have left it already...but will watch the final 3...

enginerd said...

They say that no man is bigger than the sport itself. I am not sure if that'll be the case with Schumi and F1.

gordonzone said...

w00t!!Bernie 93-94...lawlz!!

hez 76 dude...

legends never die...

Shuey ist Weltmeister!!!


desh said...

he looks like hez 100 or something :)

dint get ur last line though???

gordonzone said...

r u rlly schuey fan??

i doubt it...lawlz

desh said...

why do u say???

u aint havin a blog???

gordonzone said...

cuz u dunno watz da meanin of it

neway itz german Schuey is worldchampion.

Schumi Uber Alles!! :D

i cr8ed blog to cmnt here

desh said...

I aint familiar with german

but I know a bit of french :)

wht about u???
u from whr

so u do only commentin no blogging

whr u from?

gordonzone said...

if u hve closely followed him then u wud hve hrd deze terms

I'm frm city17 before tht i was workin in Nevada for Black Mesa research facility...lawlz!!

hve u played Half Life??

desh said...

dont u have a mail id or somethng

this place getting crappy

come onto tht

or a yahoo or msn id???

desh said...

n dont throw th gaming lingo on me

though me not an addict but aware of a few thngs

gordonzone said...

Conceal me what I am, and be my aid
For such disguise as haply shall become
The form of my intent.

desh said...

good one but aid u for wht

me pathetic at shootin games

me good at fifa though :)

gordonzone said...

aid me by nt askin my whereabouts n troo identity ;-)

its nt tht hard

desh said...

okie me havin work nw
cya later

gordonzone said...

farethee well

Moron said...

Undoubtedly Schumi has been a great champion but if you go through his biography, you will find enough incidents where his selfishness took over sportsmanship. This is not what true blue champions are.. he has near perfect record but not a great sportsman.

Further, people like Alonso and Kimi will definitely keep F1 going. F1 minus Schumacher needs more marketing and needs to come to places like India, where there are lot of growing F1 fans..!

Kitchy.... said...

Its true that many will miss schumi... but thts not goin to be the end !! Its quite possible that another schumi will arise :)...and im sure many wont agree with me on tht !! No one thought tht a sachin wud arise when don bradman retired :) .... But he did... dint he ??? :)

desh said...

everyone misses ur gospel
come back:(
as far as alonso is considered those doing bakbak never usually succed, its the calm and the lil quiter persons who generally are the superstars
by tht regards Kimi is the next succesor but dont know

may the next F1 champ be from india
mayb even sachin's son...:)
anyway F1 as such is not a sport, its more of a technological warfare kinda...