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Friday, September 15, 2006

Do I talk too much?

I don’t think so. But still last week I realized that I do talk too much. I mean knowing about things is OK but burbling everything out is not so OK at times. Sometimes you may put off people. My father has warned me against doing so in Companies. And I agree in some sense.

I mean staying quite can be regularity for someone but it’s a rare thing for me. And may be its time I try to practice it, because sometimes it’s necessary. You may think you are acting smart but you may be incomprehendible with all the crap you omitting out of your system.

At times it good because talking so much and about so many things helps you striking a chord with new people. Last week while talking to the German visitor to my company we talked about Cricket, Football, Bollywood, Vineyards in Nashik, Beer in Germany, FOOD, SEZ boom in India and China, Middle-East peace process, terrorism, German history, India History, Gandhiji, Schumacher, Stefi Graf and blah blah blah. OK. So it’s kind off ok till a point. And he enjoyed it. But so much of information causes pollution which can happen while talking to some other person. It would backfire on you which I observed in one of my other conversations. Talking sense all the times is surely not possible.

Right now may be I need to find a middle path. For that may be a MAUN VRAT(not talking for a day) is required. But that’s impossible.

Leave this crap it’s better to talk and bug people rather than to keep silent and bug them. People who talk less are boring So I will continue talking.

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