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Monday, September 18, 2006

Ek se Bhali Doosri...woh bhi do-do baar

It was beautiful, it was emotional, it was fun, it was enlightening, it was difficult to get into first but when you get in you have to get in twice, it was good to see Bapu getting more importance than Mamu, it was something which everyone enjoyed, it was MunnaBhai at last.

Somehow managed to see it finally after 3 attempts of getting a ticket, the final attempt was relatively easy to get a Rs. 45 ticket in nearby normal theatre, and again on Sunday for Rs. 35.

At the end of movie everyone went Mamu again at Munna and Circuit’s performance. The new edition delivered much more than it promised. Only occasionally sequels have been better than the first movies (with a few exceptions being Godfather and Shrek series, but again my personal opinion). And to get it right was important, so was important to communicate Bapu using a populist medium.

If RDB earlier this year connected with the Young Junta to drive it to success and more importantly occupy a special space among viewers mind, Munnabhai cuts across all sections. With the main protagonists as BHAI's it is much more reachable than RDB which had a domain restricted to the educated mind or the padhi-likhi junta. With only 65% of Junta being Literate a social movie with such a protagonist is the best thing to happen to Indian Cinema. RDB preaches pop-patriotism but MunnaBhai throws a goody goody social message like the Aam-Aadmi movies of Raj Kapoor.

Though one thing I have been rather angry about nowadays has been the ticket prices, I mean they are quite high in cities and for movies like this families and the aam junta don't get a place to see it.

Everything forgotten now with all the scenes from the movie still playing in my mind it’s good to be among Munna and Circuit again. Though circuit with his comical expressions was much more bole to solid than ever before but Munna was great too as the Bhai with a Chemical Locha in his head that he sees Gandhiji.

It’s good to be practising Gandhi-giri nowadays it seems, as Gandhiji has been around all newspapers and media after the movie. I am sure even he would have enjoyed the movie. Now me desperately praying that the team comes up with third so that I can watch it three times. First one once in theatre, second one twice and third thrice. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


meTaL said...

chalo koi to blogging kar raha hai abhi bhi. keep up the good work!

btw enjoyable movie :)

Sandy said...

are badhiya likha hai
petals pe bhi daal de ise