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Sunday, August 20, 2006

KANK, Narayan Murthy and CAT

All the three entities are quite disjoint but predictably they come from me, I mean as always confusing and quite blurb.


Most of the people me have been so against this movie. Leave the people all the critics (I hate this concept of a critic; a personal view polluting other views), the media everyone has sort of slammed the movies. I kind of liked the movie. Anyway what do you expect of KJo movie. People say Shahrukh does the same things again and again I would say all Superstars are meant to be that way, Amitabh did uncountable movies of the same Comedy-Lost and found- Nirupa Roy Genre. Infact People love to see superstars in their way always. Leaving the 1.4 Million $ weekend collection in US apart even Bangalore all halls for KANK are full despite 3 parallel runs in multiplexes.

Last week I have seen around 30 shows on TV, 2 discussions in CCD, 1 at Purple Haze, 4 on phone, 5 at workplace, 3-4 on emails, 1 Economic times etc etc on KANK, Karan Johar and SHAHRUKH KHAN.

Narayan Murthy

Great guy looks that typical well-oiled IITian with typical specs; entrepreneurship was nowhere in the Indian corporate market some 20 years back, this guy made the term synonymous with everyone something different from those regular family owned company; I remember one of his statements “It is very easy to loose hope in this country but you have to stand and something it went like….” But he is good. I mean too good for a person who likes to read only Physics books. Sometimes he looks to me a like an angry school teacher or something but what he has done he has instilled so much faith in us Indians about so many things (that’s quite loose I should be specific). Surprisingly one of India’s brightest Capitalists sorry he is not one but sort of successful businessman or something comes from communist background with only hobbies including that of listening to Radio. From pushing simplicity and showcasing it to world in the midst of success to having a tango with politicians his has been quite a cool journey. Good he will get some time to have fun after 60 as he retires now.


Every week on the auto to Rani Sarla Devi School were me giving my Mock CAT test series I just get the same feelings that this year will also turn out to be a Dud. Though the reservation issue is completely out of everyone’s hand right now but it doesn’t matter at all now. I know that I can never make it to CAT. Though I am clearing Quant cut-offs this time (last time I hit a 20 with Quant something like a Lara 400 or a Rooney Hat-Trick) but still that oomph feeling about BILLI missing. Boss it seems it is high time I start preparing now or I will die again. Running stupid CAT threads on mail and Pagalguy don’t solve much of the issue.

P.S: Though all these three things are not related but they have a common trait. That being that they are completely hogging all the visible spaces around me. Last two months in Bangalore newspapers and radios, and other than that television Mr. Murthy has been all around first because of 25 year celebration and then his retirement. Karan Johar is omnipresent on Music and Business channels and economic times also along with Shahrukh Khan. CAT I won’t talk much on that but that discussion eats up most of my time here and the Reservation issues are most read by me in the newspaper.

P.S.T.P.S: That was the longest P.S ever written and this acronym stands for P.S to a P.S.


enginerd said...

Hey, doesn't there exist a pps (post postscriptum)???

desh said...

if it does i dont know
me damn frustu today anyway :X