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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Next week Kabhi alvida ... is coming out. For a change me planning to go to PVR this time rather than my favourite hall in Bangalore ( Kamkhya @Rs 35). One thing I need to do is take one of my buddies to the movie. Last shahrukh movie he saw was DDLJ. Anyway DDLJ; I wrote this thing few months back, thought I would push it here. A review for DDLJ...

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge aka DDLJ....landmark would be too petty a word to use for it. In first look it looked a follow up to the previous year 1994 Super Duper hit Hum Aapkein Hain Kaun. But its predecessor could at best be titled an extended shaadi video this remains a classic. Well 1995 remains a landmark year also another trendsetter and one of my all time favourites Rangeela took to screen. But so strong were the winds of change that DDLJ brought that swept all.
Economically DDLJ is right up there but what it did was the opening up of now prevalent (and sometimes the only existing) NRI markets for movie. This movie tapped a market the second third generation Indian in foreign countries. They hungry for DeshPrem(not loving me:P) and our movies getting the much needed globalization push.

Now coming to the movie. In true sense story remains the same old one...the boy girl affair with the girl’s dad as the tingling factor. But what was different was the packaging. Girl loves boy but not in the age old silly gardens of Mumbai but those of Europe. Love on travel was a concept which was new to Indian cinema and so was the coming back to India and all the melodrama associated with it.

The director sure did milk Punjab the most showing the great and shining India (please some one remind the Chopra’s that this is the state with the most skewed sex ratio in India) and thus evoking the melodramatic intensity necessary for such a big movie.

More than anything the movie belonged to Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. This was one of the best from the pairings whom we loved in Baazigar and after DDLJ in KKHH,KKK...blah blah blah....Supporting casts was great especially Amrish Puri, Anupam Kher(as the father of RAJ) and Mandira Bedi(without her noodle straps ;))...hehe

Raj and Simran are unforgettable and so is the music of the movie. Though I should mention that out of the 13 which DDLJ won (filmfares) they didn't win the one for best music which went to Rangeela instead. But music remains as good as it can get with each song a super hit.

Also this began the start of marketing skills being put into the movie. I mean this was the first one of which we saw "the making of"...never before we did hear of anything similar.

Boss none can argue its presence among the best in Indian Cinema. I have watched it 40 odd times....still not bored of it...still very much DDLJ...And a change that DDLJ brought that every time a get onto a train I stand on the door and wait so that a nice girl comes running up to me and I extend my arm and.......obviously nothing would happen. If I am lucky enough she would rather miss me and don’t misunderstand me for a beggar or something :)

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Prasoon said...

I am not watching KANK after watching the making of it on NDTV.. the crappiest one it'll be for sure n wait, u need to reconsider ur idea of watchin this one at PVR.. it simply doesnt deserve a software engineer's hard earned money at PVr - at ur Rs.35 ticket, its fine for that but PVR - no way da !!

desh said...

Watching a shahrukh movie at 35 is insult to Shahrukh:)

better watch it in a multiplex...half the NRIs will be crying for this one

Pingu said...

Glad to see dis one put up here Desh! :)

I think u shud rite more reviews..esp fer old forgotten movies ..let me suggest Guru Dutt Saab's movies for starters or HrishiDa's :P

desh said...

dekhta hun...i mean time kaha hai
rite now me churning out all old stuff

TheQuark said...

There was a stark change in the stance Raj took with Simran. Amongst stereotypes this was a hero hell bent on taking the girl with buji's (father's) permission.

DDLJ and HAHK got the family audience back in theatre

It had hit the nerve on the right spot by the portrayal of alienated father clinging to his roots, daughter brought up in west [Though further elements from East is East could have been taken]

Foreign locations where always present (Love in Tokyo etc i guess) but it was made a routine by DDLJ.