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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bangalore and my Belly

I was instructed by my favourite professor at college before leaving. Abhishek better look at your weight. Well I have been following him and looking after it.

First few days into Bangalore and I felt that Cauvery Water Supply for Bangalore has got parallel connections for Sambhar and Chutney. Anyway I have always loved South Indian food or for that matter any kind of food but excess of anything is not so good. But I still tend to manage it.

Chapter-1 Prasiddhi and Annakuteera

Former was better but I have been more loyal to the second one. Prasiddhi taught me that Banglorians are as addicted to Gobhi Manchurian as they are to Idli/Vadas. Both have fed me with Idli, Vada, n number of Baths (as it is written on menu), Ice Creams and Juices.

Chapter-2 Chandni Chowk and The Village

So after my initial tryst with Sambhar, Chutney's, Vadas, idlis and dosas Chandni Chowk was something good. I mean had Tandoori food there and better I didnt pay for it my friend did. So did he when we visited Village at Indiranagar. Nice food, anyway I have realised that from time I have started making moneyI have started noticing things like ambhience service quality and all that crap. They kind of looked Phoney in the good world of food but I dont know how they have crept in.

Chapter-3 Chinese...

Chung, Beijing bites, Rice Bowl, Gobhi Manchurian and Chinese movies have been really nice to me in Bangalore. Leave Chung where me and Vaibhav were fooled by a unusual sounding dish which turned out to be an omelet or Rice Bowl where food sucked somehow and Beijing bites which has been ok I feel more Chinese now. Suppose I could start working in a Chinese Restaurant now.

Chapter-4 Corner House

This has been my favourite part of Bangalore till now roaming on MG, Brigade and then going to Corner House. DBC and Hot Choco Fudge are awesome and I am glad Happa took me there that day. I have been there three times and feel like going there every weekend.

Chapter-5 Liquor oops...

I would better not say anything about it but from all my experiences I will never drink beer or whiskey sort off drinks. Vodka suits me so that’s ok. No more on that.

Anyway all these chapters close reminding me of DTC. Anyway I should better try to be a non-member now. Me living life now the Bangalorian way but I don’t think they must be eating such diverse food as me. Anyway now another career eludes me; a person writing Food Reviews. I mean I can earn money and eat too. Food has kept me involved in Bangalore, sometimes though my brain thinks that do I think from my belly???

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Hiren said...

Nice to know about Bangalore. Hope to be there someday.My trader friends are all there.

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