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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Short and Sweet Holi :)

10-11:15 Am on 11th Mar'09

Shortest Holi ever for me, it started and ended pretty soon. But we won.

We won over the Kala Bandar of exams, quizzes, tension of assignments of the two end terms tomorrow.

But still Kala Bandar managed to win over a few... :(

Still BH and GH celebrated a quick, nice, rangeen, kichad bhari Holi. As always we have had maximum fun when the batch has been together.

Last year was a classic Holi, rooftop in Bangalore, sipping Kailasa made Thandai, Mithai and then drinking beer basking in sunlight, ekdum Shawshank Redemption ishtyle :)

Wishing a Happy Holi to everyone visiting the Blog.


Parul said...

Happy Holi to you too... Personally, somehow I could never enjoy this felicitation of colors...But that doesn't stop me from taking the plunge on the day every now and then... :)

P.S. Seems I've missed a lot of action here!

Devil's Advocate said...

An award is waiting for you on my blogpage. Cheers. :-)

Anonymous said...

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