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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ghajini-isation of my once famous memory

It pays to do an MBA, but we part with things to do it too. Money, Sleep and now memory top the list of my key take-aways from this course.

Once called DesiPedia I still am doing well with my strategic memory (so called long term memory, the junk facts and figures, although doing bad with names), but I tend to forget small regular items ( read tactical memory loss).

My story might be similar to a not upgraded computer which boasted of a 20GB hard disk 4 years back (or that of Chacha Chaudhary: His brain used to work faster than a computer, but those were the days of the great 386, and maybe thats why this generation of Kids moved away from him).

My memory tools: a small spiral pad which helps me remember tasks and followup with them. Most of the people who tend to be busy around me are found with that item nowadays. And it helps.

I know it can get worse than this, but still I will never ever go for tattoos :) or that haircut.

Strangely all this happened without Asin in my life ;), wonder if it would have made things much worse or better?

My playlist plays Guzarish from Ghajini :D


apeksha said...

It is not about memory loss but it is about getting or doing things done at right time which are too many to do in today's scene for you and that's why you need that spiral diary..... Just to keep everything on time...... so don't worry ... nothing has become worse.... you are and will be still the same.. :)

Vaibhav said...

Time for ghazini ishtyle 8-pack body dude!! :P

Prasoon said...

All hail the desipedia - it'll be bigger and it'll be back. Time to upgrade that storage Desh :)

I have always been like how you are now - without that spiral pad though. Makes me wonder that if I do an MBA, what'll be my take away - memoryloss n sleeploss I already have :)

Anonymous said...

Desh TB ki memory aur GB ka data flow hua karta tha :D

TheQuark said...

6 pack ab nahi 6 pack flab banao :P

wo memory tricks wali kitaab khareedo, dabur shankhpushpi piyo aur roj bheege hue baadaam khao (aur itna khane ke liye paise bhi kamao)

[ye sab bhi nahi hota hai to hakeem usmani ko mile ya likhe]

Parul said...

at least you remembered your blog! :D

desh said...

@prasoon- never do it

@vaibhav- i am sitting right now without my tshirt on and i hardly see anything like that :)

@apeksha- thnks :)

desh said...

ji barve ji :)

@quark- hakeem usmani to nahi badaam thik rahenge :)

@parul- :)

Anonymous said...

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