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Friday, March 06, 2009

Hardly anything great to Talk about...or maybe

When I used to read Naresh's blog while he was doing MBA I always thought it is surely something which I will enjoy. Talking about things which we {include DAIICT E-Wing, Bangalore BakarBandhooze} had made a habit of was about to find its glorious destiny at a b-school.

At almost of the end of three trims it has been,

- a fight for marks, dirty one at times, me being a party to this constant usage of rand() function...
- my database of facts eroding, that too eroding badly. Desipedia is history :((
- Lack of attention, lack of focus, a future prospect for me becoming a Ghajini hero someday :) (atleast I will get Asin ;))
- horrible writing skills (blogs, reports, I cant write anything properly now)
- lack of movie gyan and watching very few movies
- a whole lot of keywords, but everything is in air. I first thought Fin was grounded, but slowly as I understand it in a better way, that too is highly Airy (financial crisis was bound to happen)
- loosing touch with zillions of my friends back across India...
- less sleep
- no more following news and random data and discussing it over ...
- no more roaming around half the hostel block and doing bakk...
- no time and no money-> (-5.5 lakhs) and further drain of cash :)

Overall the first year has been a bit disappointing for me, or maybe I expected a bit too much... but there were good moments, and they came in company of my nice of no-brainers like me here. They have been together in all the great fun here...

Memories from my Div although didn't make me that senti and all today, but they would linger around.

Maybe I talk about thing in extreme extremes, maybe its not that bad.

Just this internship in Himachal and then I am BACK :)

Although the long term plan or Strategy ( as me and my roomie recall, the most used/abused word this year) remains to minimize my un-learning and maximize sleeping time :)

Situation: Studying Convertibles and Business Law before that, have exams tomorrow
Song: Pardesi, Toshi, Dev-D...the one with 3 dancers and abhay deol drinking, right now my While(1) song :D

This movie would have surely triggered a discussion on nihilistic intentions of Dev back in Bangalore... right now they talk only about the music which is good, but something else missing


TheQuark said...

when life throws a lemon at you, dont make a lemonade, ask for salt and a shot of tequila ;)

my only grouse with most of the MBA junta is they do not know there own aptitude and they take MBA to be a neat transformation function something like

MBA(bozo)={smartness,money earning job}

I seriously believe you are not the ones.

Appu......Apeksha Patel said...

Hey desu.......

Don't know about ppl in other b schools but yes here quite a lot of us especially I am going through the same phase.... once upon a time was so desperate to be here and now I really doubt ... did I actually want this?? I mean THIS???

hehehe..... lets celebrate after end terms... IVY... ;)

desh said...

even I believe :)


i knw tht u didnt, it shows :)

Ivy it will be :) post end terms :)

Sunil said...

Nice one Desi...

Cant agree more on most of your comment esp the Fin one :)

Debojit said...

Good Blog...

But yeh bhi to gas hi tha..

Aadmi kisi cheez se satisfy nahi hota..

Actually hum sab andar se lay hain n we blame it on the surroundings..

Anyway..likhte rehna...

Its what u do quite well..

Prateek said...

Came to comment here but saw WORD VERIFICATION (CAPTCHA)

ask you to remove it last time also, but you didn't.

I am not commenting !

But then what better to do?
Read LAW?

What the hell is happening...was this the thing prevailing all these years here or is it just we who are facing it...

Dhairya Parikh said...

Acha likha hai..dont think ur blog writing skills have worsened. Dont worry. next year apun sab discuss karenge..random stuff, newspapers etc etc :)

Supriya Narang said...

Hope your b-law and convertibles papers were good :D it always happens the last night before exam , u want to just do everything apart from what u're supposed to :D

Supriya Narang said...

Guess this is a common feeling across Bschools