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Thursday, October 22, 2009

मदन - कहानी एक Pub की

***Starring ***

( I have decided to write a book on the life and times of this guy)



***Friendly Appearance***

Anit Pacob Jillpose

***Scene-1 ***

Somewhere on quite nice crowded street on Bangalore (crowd is implicit in Bangalore), ambling around are three stupid looking individuals, quite visibly mistaking the road as a Bird Sanctuary. ( For people in Bangalore I am referring the set of perpendicular roads connecting from Jyoti Nivas College-Koramangala 4th Block side to Forum-100ft road connection).

But enough of birds, these guys have never got them, one of them although carries the distinction of breaking eggs :), lot of them :D. Who's interested, Chipu, Rattu and Bhussu just want some beer, and they will get it at Madan Pub. Small shabby looking place where evil ideas thrive, men with rotten faces, dirty lungis and unbrushed moustaches laugh like Ashok Vatika Sita Kidnappers, light is dim, TV always throws a classic Rajkumar Classic (the same one always where he plays a Rajkumar) and waiters serve with uncut nails filled with smudge..yuk

But beer is cheap and thats Ok, for us :)

This place was discovered by Fake Kannada speaking Bho-Bho-ti, patronised by the wide assed king of bangalore, Pat-Rick & made popular by rattu. Anit Pacob Jillpose lived in Pune but he dreamt of going to madan, and Khakre cracked up as we muttered him stories of Madan.

Madan Rocks, no... Madan Mahaan hai :)

In an area full of beautiful chiks and chikkis, this is the place, where Men can be Men, and not those spiked hairs, loose jeans, jockey showing lean kids, they can hold their drink with pride and drink and bask in the glory of the super dim lights which make you look, evil.

I dont remember whether Mimpy visited it, but this is a place liked by 3 of us who came here tonight, me, Bhussu, Chipu. Bhussu loves drinking, and following it up with Hyderabadi Biryani, Drinking loves Chipu, and will always love him. As for me, I can walk downstairs to pick up Mysore Pak off Adayar anand bhavan :)

But as Mimpy says, yeh ek Mahaan jagah hai, so ashtumaadi

Kahani starts when Nippu comes to Bangalore... till then wait maadi


TheQuark said...

Bawaaal par apni Deepak wines ka bhi jawab nahi tha dost.

Looks like you are getting your creative mojo back! The post was quintessential desi :D

desh said...


Deepak Wines bhi ek shaandaar jagah, lekin waha kirdaar alag, daastaan alag

waha ek romantic comedy set kar sakte hai :)

TheQuark said...

@desh: Deepak wines and romantic comedy! I am all eyes to read it.

Me said...

loved 'madan mahaan hai'.. lol.. mysore pak.. none of the courier guys here were ready to bring it to you desi boy.. with the ghee dripping and it puchak pichak texture, they kicked me out.. hahaha.. i need to fly on 17th morning to get fresh ones for you ;)..

desh said...

no worries nags, sunil kaafi saari le aaya :)

having it now also :)

and goto to madan once in bangalore, very nice place, nr. to jyoti nivas :)

sourav said...

when is the next episode coming up??