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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Influencing People and all the other things...

It can be an extremely simple act, you want people to do what you want, to induce yourself in them. All of you which is Good, Bad or Ugly tries to penetrate them. We need a mirror everywhere, we want to see self in everyone.

And the preys, well they are freely available, vulnerable souls waiting for someone to take control.

I sometimes wish I could be a prey, but I am not at all that types, I sometimes tend to be blatantly expectant and try to be the hunter.

Leave me though, I am not relevant. I see the few influenced ones around me, and just wish that they were better off. Changing patterns in their life keeps them away from normal, way away.

Let things be simple and normal. Again.

Simplicity would be the way to happiness, maybe not eternal bliss, but just to keep things normal.

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