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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bye-Bye Gilly

India Won just 10 mins back, something which overshadowed completely the last match of Gilchrist, one of my favorite cricketer. It has been a great career, too much has been said about it, I found this awesome presentation on Gilchrist somewhere, do have a look with headphones on.
I will always remember Gilly as someone who stood out from the rest of the Australian bunch, due to his honesty, his sportsman spirit and the way he played his game, and I always say, truly a Mahaan cricketer. He along with Brett Lee are the only current Aussie cricketers whom I like and respect and the respect Gilchrist has is truly deserved. An awesome Batsman who played wonderful knocks such as the Last Year World Cup Final, which Australia won or the then Fastest double century against a South African attack few years back.

Gilchrist on crease has always been an exciting prospect, even today I was praying that he gets a farewell 100, but somehow Australia loose at the same time :-). I was really disappointed when Praveen Kumar rolled him over, lucky guy, the last one to take Gilly's wicket in international cricket. These were his words today post-match, just goes to show his modesty,

"Thank You very much for this acknowledgement. Its probably going on too long(the farewell). Well done india..they outplayed us. Thanks to my family, and friends, and fans all over the world. And finally, to Ricky and the team and the support staff, it's been a magic ride, its not been a fairytale ending but it's been a fairytale career. Thank you so much."
Definitely a fairytale.

The pic I have put up here shows Gilchrist hitting the mid-wicket pull, something which has been his signature shot, as slog-sweep for Steve Waugh or shuffled leg-flick for Tendulkar, and its a very exciting shot.

Enough of words, despite India's victory(an awesome one), I am very sad that it's Game Over for Gilchrist in Aussie colours. Although IPL will give me another chance still everyone will surely miss Adam Gilchrist.

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Naresh said...

I can never imagine anyone behind the wickets when Australia is playing. He is leaving behind large boots tht probly no one cud ever easily fill...

Jaine said...

Imagine desi .. only 2 player u liked in aussie team and one of them is gone ...
Am sure aussies would stoop to newer levels - as I know that they are overconfident superiority complex suffering team!!

~Amod~ said...

All good things come to an end. I felt the same pain when my favourite cricketer Brian Lara retired(no fairytale for him). I totally agree with you- Gilly and Billy are only two good Australian cricketers (although M.Johnson and S.Clark are gentlemen as well). Goodbye Gilly, Thanks for the memories!!

Sur said...

Ya, Gilly certainly stands out considering the behaviour of the rest of the Aussie team! One of the few players who believe in walking back to the pavillion without waiting for the umpire's decision.Good luck to him!

desh said...


was off blogging for a while :-)

all the best gilly, we will see him playing for chargers though :D